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"Review Compliation of Wishful Thinking"

Quirky pleasant 60s style folk song that reminds me of The Mammas and Poppas mixed with Eddie Brickell or something...

You've got such a beautiful,honey-toned smooth voice reminiscent of Karen Carpenter tho,you could probarbly sing anything and make it sound good..

Lyrics are well written and well delivered. You have a marketable sound.

Interesting mix of instruments on the intro. Love the chimes. Your vocals are reminiscent of Karen Carpenter. Harmonies are very nice.... VERY nice!

Attractive, sophisticated vocal.
Same applies to the lyrics. I liked it very much, this is an act I would go to see. Only negative, if you can call it that, is that their emphasis has to be on live work because radio seems to have little interest in material like this, unless it was written thirty years ago by Judy Collins or Carole King.

- Garageband.com

"A Nice Flow (Review of Dreams)"

If I could write a revue under fifteen words for this song it would have been much easier.

Plain and simple, it is a beautiful song. It's almost a shame to go into why it's so good, but I will anyway!

The mood of the song is superb. It's like a sad old Vaudville song, caught in the rain with a broken heart and shoes that are way too big. And every other part of this song just adds to that.

Vocally it is beautiful, with the melody tripping over itself and tumbling along, the piano making me think of run-down ragtime playing, and all these beautifully written and put together sounds add up to a great, great track.

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Drums, Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Production, Lyrics, Melody, Beat, Mood, Originality, Coolest Chill-Out Track.

Reviewed by: Ben Larson Albany/Perth, Western Australia, Australia
- Garageband.com

"Serious Pop (Review of Dreams)"

I really enjoyed this recording. From the refreshing opening piano instrumental to the lushly orchestrated chorus, the instruments build a nice foundation for dynamite vocals and harmonies. If I were to compare another artist to you, I would say you remind me a bit of Aimee Mann...quite nice
Reviewed by: LegsLarry from Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Garageband.com

"Sign me up, I'm a fan! (Review of Whale Song)"

The vibe of the music is incredible. Bass is dark and moody, guitar is tense and minimialistic. Piano is a good call and answer approach to vocals. Tambourine drives the chorus section. Vocalist delivers the goods, strong voice and hooky melody. New instruments and sounds are introduced as the song progresses, keeps it fresh. The melody is incredible (I know I already said that, but I needed to say it again). Most interesting song I've reviewed in a long time.

Reviewed by: Todd Best from Dearborn Heights, Michigan - Garageband.com

"Splendid! (Review of Wide Open)"

I was taken away to another place and told a story which was very dramatic in both vocal content and the arrangement of this wonderful piano and orchestra... It was a very touching song. Reminded me of Tori Amos or someone. I really dug this song. The whole production was great. I appreciate some solid piano work, especially in the middle section where it slows somewhat... Splendid!

Reviewed by: Snev from Bathurst, Nsw, Australia
- Garageband.com


Into Orbit - 2005, Michelle Dumond
Fuzzminko- 2004, Don Kline Jr and Michelle Dumond


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Changes.

3 beings celebrating life, creating and relating.

"...dynamite vocals and harmonies...great storyline...kicks a steady beat with the drums and keys...the vibe of the music is incredible!"
- Review Compilation, Garageband.com