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Fuzzy Empire

Dublin, Leinster, Ireland | INDIE

Dublin, Leinster, Ireland | INDIE
Band Rock EDM




"Video: Contraband by Fuzzy Empire"

A spunky mish-mash of a tune from Fuzzy Empire. I know very very little about this lot but I do know that this is a TUNE! - Unplug the Jukebox


Continuing the theme of immaculately-produced electropop, FUZZY EMPIRE consist of Irishman Emmet (a rocker) and Englishman Tim (a raver). They met in 2009 while on the same sound engineering course in Dublin and formed a duo in late 2010. Hil, a frequent collaborator on bass and guitar, subsequently joined the band full-time in late 2011. ” We don’t know” they say “if we’re an electronic band writing live rock music or a traditional band with lots of modern toys, but that doesn’t really matter. All that counts for us is The Song.” The writing on Chroma is certainly forthright and strong but, as you might expect from Tim and Emmet’s background, the arrangement is creatively adventurous while the recording itself positively leaps out of the speakers. - Fresh on the Net

"A criminally under-rated group"

In my review of the last single by Dublin based trio Fuzzy Empire, I indicated that "Contraband" could act as a new 'Ground Zero' for the electronica group. Little did I know that the band, now signed to Swedish label Substeam, would do a complete u-turn from the latter's electro-punk styles, and release a song that's more R.E.M than LCD Soundsystem.

Their latest song release, "Chroma" still has the hallmarks of a Fuzzy Empire song, with interesting uses of electronic noodling (the main keyboard riff is taken from manipulated samples of guitar harmonics), and an intense, driving rhythm. Other aspects of their sound have changed, with the structure of the song being a lot more 'traditional' than their other songs, and the vocals of Emmet, which have a Michael Stipe-esque quality to them, take centre stage for the first time. Fuzzy Empire are a criminally under-rated group who seem to completely confound my expectations with each one of their releases, which can only make their upcoming releases a joy to behold.

"Chroma" will feature on their upcoming E.P, which will be released in September on Substream Records. - Metaphorical Boat

"Interview feature with Fuzzy Empire on Phantom FM"

After receiving regular airplay on the station (something that continues to be true) we were the subject of an interview feature on the station's I-con show. - Phantom FM

"Reviiew by the "Metaphorical Boat" blog"

Our tracks were reviewed by the "Metaphorical Boat" blog - The Metaphorical Boat

"Article discussing our inclusion in the ERIC mixtape"

An article mentioning our involvement in the Electronic Rock Ireland Collective's mixtape - Harmless Noise

"Video for "The Rolling Hours" featured on Harmless Noise"

The video for "The Rolling Hours" was featured on the Harmless Noise blog which forms part of the entertainment.ie site - Harmless Noise

"Included on the Music Week "Sounds of Ireland 2011 Playlist""

Fuzzy Empire were included on the "Music Week" sounds of Ireland playlist 2011 (Track 13) - Music Week


EP due for release in Nov 12' through substream records.



Fuzzy Empire formed in late 2010 as a two-piece side project for Emmet (vocals) and Tim (keyboards/programming) who met on a sound engineering course at The Academy of Sound in Dublin. Hil (Bass/Guitar), a frequent collaborator, joined the band full-time in late 2011.We try to mesh a wide variety of influences, ranging from Kraftwerk to Nirvana, in a cohesive manner while (hopefully) underpinning the whole thing with good songwriting. We don't know if we're an electronic band writing live rock music or a traditional band with lots of modern toys, but that doesn't really matter. All that counts for us is The Song.