Fuzzy Shrapnel

Fuzzy Shrapnel

 New York City, New York, USA

Fuzzy Shrapnel has a wide musical range, from pop-friendly rock songs (You Made Me Feel So), to dramatic instrumentals (Resistance), to heavy, industrial rock/electronica (All That I Can't Have).


Fuzzy Shrapnel is a Brooklyn-based alternative rock band formed by two brothers in 2005, under the influence of Nine Inch Nails, Soulwax, and The Dandy Warhols.

In 2008 they remixed Zoot Sanchez’s "The Ballad of Douche Quadbike (Drizzt Remix)", which has since been viewed over 15,000 times on YouTube.

Their song "Resistance" has been licensed to appear in the upcoming indie film The Octagon Man.

Fuzzy Shrapnel has performed in various NYC venues, including Lit Lounge, as well as warehouse parties in Williamsburg and house parties in New Haven, CT.


The band is putting the final touches on their debut, self-titled LP

Set List

Enemy Combatant Blues
You Don't Feel It
Space Monkey
You Made Me Feel So
Mad World
Pandora's Box
All That I Can't Have
Shooting Star
7 ± 2