F. Woods

F. Woods

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

F. Woods fuses folklore and surf-punk as a bed for his old-timey, end-timey tales. His classical technique makes his reverb-strewn guitar sound like it came from another world. Channeling the oddity of his characters while hurling his entire body into his performance is a spectacle not to be missed.


F. Woods is a Philadelphian who cut his teeth on The Monkees, Abba, The Dead Milkmen, and any 1960s surf he could get his hands on.
Starting with the mind-control-based, instrumental, surf-punk trio Farquar Muckenfuss, Woods learned how to give the guitar a voice and, at times, make it sound very un-guitar-like.
He went on to play with another Philly surf band Mercury Radio Theater who, in September of 2011, released their third album entitled "Kilroy" which tells the story of a geriatric werewolf residing in a nursing home who befriends a little girl with a gun.
Woods' songwriting has stayed very instrumental over the years, but when he became interested in discussing alternate realities, post-apocalyptic coping methods, and society's bizarre underculture, he began delving into the world of lyric writing.
Since 2006, he's been honing and compiling his arsenal of work for his inevitable debut entitled "Found On Road Dead" scheduled to release in February 2012.


Farquar Muckenfuss
- Grade E (but Edible) -1999

Mercury Radio Theater
- The Death and Life of the Undead Boy - 2003
- The Blue Eyed Model - 2005
- Kilroy - 2011

F. Woods
- Found On Road Dead - 2012