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New York City, New York, United States
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The best kept secret in music


"Essence: Comedienne to Watch"

If anyone had told me I'd make a living warming up audiences, I'd have thought they were joking. Growing up in Temple Hills, Maryland, I enjoyed watching classic television shows like Good Times, What's Happening!! and That's My Mama, and cracking up at Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor and Paul Mooney. And in school, I was always the funny one.

"After earning a degree in radio, television and film from the University of Maryland, I relocated to Los Angeles with the goal of creating TV sitcoms. But breaking into the industry is no joke (pun intended). Until I could learn the dynamics of writing for television, I worked as a producer on several talk shows, including BET's Oh Drama! While there, I was asked to perform--my first televised comedy gig--and afterward was hooked. From that point on, I studied other comics, developed a routine, and hit stages for open-mic nights. I also networked with TV executives and landed a writer's training position on The Parkers. When a warm-up comic canceled, one of the producers asked me to step in. This led to more work on Girlfriends, Wanda at Large and BET's Comic View. As a warm-up comedian, I keep live studio audiences entertained between takes and wardrobe changes. Comedy may look easy, but after bombing a few times, I learned that timing is crucial, connecting with the audience is key and constant performing is essential. Sometimes, the challenge is keeping audiences engaged when tapings go on for hours. But there's nothing like the feeling that comes from hearing big laughs.

"Unfortunately, not many African-American women do warm-up. Perhaps it's because comedy is still an old-boys network; women aren't typically viewed as funny, and late-night hours can take a toll. There's also the uncertainty of hustling for the next gig. When stand-up work is tight, I supplement my income by writing material for other comics and working other industry jobs. But I wouldn't change a thing about my career. There's nothing like the feeling of a great night onstage. Some day I hope to join greats like Bill Cosby, Chris Rock, Bernie Mac and Roseanne, who parlayed their humor into successful television and film careers. Then I'll have the biggest laugh of all."



LEARN THE BASICS Comedian Greg Dean's book Step by Step to Stand-Up Comedy (Heinemann Publishing) has everything you need to know about stand-up comedy. You can order it at gregdean.com.

TAKE A CLASS Los Angeles-based motivational humorist Judy Carter teaches an eight-week stand-up class (comedyworkshops.com or [800] 4-COMICS). Manhattan Comedy School offers a six-weak stand up comedy course ($379) that culminates with a performance at New York City's Gotham Comedy Club ([212] 774-4277 or manhattancomedyschool.net).

YAK IT UP Hit your local comedy club stage as much as possible to perfect your routine, and get to know other comics and club owners. Create a demo tape that lets potential employers see you in action.

KNOW WHO YOU ARE Are you edgy like Pryor, observational like Seinfeld, brash like Rock? Comics like George Lopez, Bill Cosby and Roseanne all have a perspective. What's yours?

REACH OUT Line producers hire warm-up comedians. Call the show you want to work on and ask if you can send your tape and resume. You should also find out the shoot days of shows and attend tapings to see how other comedians do it.

WORK THE FESTIVALS Comedian Mo'Nique landed her deal by performing at Just for Laughs, The Montreal International Comedy Festival (hahaha.com).

ENTER COMPETITIONS BET's Coming to the Stage and NBC's Last Comic Standing are televised competitions where winners can walk away with lucrative contracts. Check network Web sites for information.

CREATE A BUZZ Cooper (alyciacooper.com) produced a showcase, "Chicks Layin' Jokes"; she got comics to perform at Hollywood's Comedy Store and invited industry execs.--S.A.M.

COPYRIGHT 2004 Essence Communications, Inc.
COPYRIGHT 2004 Gale Group

- Essence Magazine

"Spirit of Comedy"


Like the call of Abraham, “The Spirit of Comedy” is a call given to four comedians who put humor in our lives with God’s message using stand-up comedy as the vehicle. Knowing that “God is doing a new thang…” through the gift of laughter, “The Spirit of Comedy” takes an edgy, urban, somewhat hip-hop approach at today’s issues through God’s words.

Hilarious and totally outrageous, funnyman and host Christopher Richards (MTV’s “Burned.” “Chatroom” and the gospel play: Tell Hell I Ain’t Coming”) is The Reverend, The Doctor and The Bishop who takes his (congregation) audience on an extremely funny yet spiritual hour of laughter, preaching, teaching and giving up the Lord’s real 411. Christopher talks about being single, his mother, and provides us with a visit from the “Nutty Professor” himself, who is now saved.

Alycia L. Cooper (BET’s “Comicview,” writer for “The Parkers” UPN Network and Co-Anchor for “Real Sports”) shares some of the female side of things in this madcap show. Alycia presents issues of dating, dieting, and wearing raggedy underwear. Dannon Green (“The Luau,” “Baby Boy” and BET’s “Comicview”) will cause you to bust your gut as he rips the seams on relationships, tithing and flying.

Keeping it real as she gives us the church gossip is Christina Lyons (“Malibooty”) as Ms. Ida Mae Jenkins. Cantankerous, pushy and old school, Ms. Ida Mae Jenkins is the grandmother we all recognize. Ida Mae pokes fun of her grandchildren, getting a job, and almost no one in the audience is off limits to her. And when she and the Reverend get together there is a sidesplitting outcome of spiritual humor!

“The Spirit of Comedy” will fill your life with non-stop laughter and love at the same time.


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Catalog# DVD: MAV-5046
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Other Information:
Parental Warning: Humor
Selling Points: “The Spirit of Comedy” is a call given to four comedians who put humor in our lives with God’s message using stand-up comedy as the vehicle. Knowing that “God is doing a new thang…” through the gift of laughter, “The Spirit of Comedy” takes an edgy, urban, somewhat hip-hop approach at today’s issues through God’s words.

- Maverick Entertainment

"Only the funniest survives Improv audience"

Author: La Rue V. BaberStaff Writer Section: Theater Reviews

First there was "Survivor." Then came "American Idol." Now, there's "Comedy Survivor," a three-week contest held on Tuesday nights at the Ontario Improv.Twenty-five competitors are competing for a one-night paid spot as an Improv host. But first they must survive the scrutiny of Ontario audiences.

Eleven men and two women performed last week for their chance to advance. The second group of challengers will take the stage Tuesday, with the survivor meeting last week's winner in the final competition, the Championship Cage Match, on May 28. Last week, contestants lined the red brick wall adorned with the shiny, signature Improv logo. They sat in chairs facing the audience. One by one, the comedians took center-stage and attempted to rock the house for three minutes. The others stared at the floor, some biting their lips, most likely rehearsing their jokes in their heads, or peered into the audience. A handful actually watched! and laughed at the comedian holding the microphone.

Before the contest began, host Brenna Kelly asked the comedic hopefuls why they were there.Scott Wood, who later described himself as the outcome if Gov. Gray Davis and Gary Busey were to have a son, said he was there to represent Caucasians. The diverse group of contestants included Asian, African-American and Latino contestants, and they all employed racial slurs and jokes in their routines.For example, challenger Ray Lazano said Mexicans' cars are always on empty."That's why you never see car chases with Mexicans," he joked. His energy and enthusiasm exuding and his routine flowing, he continued with more stabs at Latino stereotypes.Wood, who stood somewhat rigid and hunched over, joked about how his wife makes fun of him for not matching his clothes."Look at you. Nothing matches," he recalled her saying to him one time. "It made me mad too, 'cause I was naked."The audience clapped and roared with laughter.

Many of the a mature comedians were quite hilarious, keeping the audience in stitches. A couple were embarrassingly bad, unable to get their timing down, nervousness dripping from their brows.The first round completed, Kelly asked the audience via their applause to vote off seven contestants. Then two guest comedians took turns entertaining the audience while the remaining challengers took a break.

Next round. Each comedian had to select a piece of paper from a glass bowl. Each scrap had one word on it. The comic had to rant for 90 seconds about that word. Bruce Jingles got "toenail" and slipped easily into a rant about women with long, jagged toenails shredding men's sheets and making shoe salesmen's lives miserable. Other words included "dog," "bird cage" and "beer."At the end of the round, the audience again voted via applause and shouts which ones they wanted to eliminate, narrowing the contestants down to three finalists. And here, the audience mess! ed up. They voted off Jingles, who was one of the best performers.

After an amazing performance by New York resident and guest comedian P.J. Walsh, who was hands down the best entertainer there that evening, the three finalists -- Alycia Cooper, Sharon Barragon and Steve Wood -- took their places on stage to perform another three-minute set. Barragon ranted with fat-girl jokes and Cooper talked about what a better reality show would be.

"Let a 400-pound sumo wrestler with a vile of crack run through Whitney Houston's house. If he gets out, he's a real survivor," she joked.In the end, however, Wood received the loudest audience approval.On Tuesday, 12 new contestants will compete. Wood and this week's winner will appear at the Ontario Improv on May 28 for the Championship Cage Match.La Rue V. Baber can be reached by e-mail l_baber@dailybulletin.com or by phone at (909) 483-9328.

Tickets are $10 and the show starts at 8! :30 p.m. Call the Improv at (909) 484-5411 for more information. (c) 2003 The Sun. All rights reserved. Reproduced with the permission of Media NewsGroup, Inc. by NewsBank, Inc. Record Number: 1398079

- Orange County Times

"Hollywood Producers Brett Hudson and Eric Cohen Put the Spotlight on Gospel/Chrisitan Comedy"

December 21, 2005
You may not know them by name but you have seen plenty of their work. They have written and produced TV shows such as Welcome Back Kotter, Laverne and Shirley, Amen, Everybody Loves Raymond, The Tonight Show and other highly rated shows. Cohen and Hudson will produce, write and film The 1st Gospel/Christian Comedy Conference & Showcase held in Nashville, TN, at the Gibson Showcase, January 19, 2006 at midnight. It will include interviews, behind the scenes, the main event, and a showcase of comedians. A full hour of laughter for the whole family to enjoy. The conference will be taped and nationally televised, network pending.

This years conference will include classes, test your talent, and a VIP Panel Discussion that is designed to assist comedians with every aspect of the industry, with nationally known artists and respected professionals as such Troy Sneed, CEO of Emtro Gospel, LaVerna Saunders, Executive Producer of TrueVine Communications, Stellar Award Winning Tracy Morgan Radio Personality, Bill Carpenter, CEO of Capital Entertainment, Terry Woods, Director of Distribution Central South Distribution, Inc. Join us for fun, workshops, and education as we bring Christian comedians to the forefront to let it be known there is a such thing as “Clean Comedy”. Performances by nationally known comedians Robert Duckworth, Sean Sarvis, Alycia Cooper, Sister Cantaloupe, Chinnitta Morris formally known as “Chocolate”, Hamburger, Mother Bakker, Small Fire formally known as “Small Frie” and many more. For more information log onto www.officialchristiancomedy.com.

Brett Hudson is an influential force in television, film and music as a producer, writer and performer. He was executive producer and co-creator of the cable series, Garage Sale; produced and developed Miramaxs™ The Best Money Can Buy; wrote, produced and developed Fox Television's Bizarre Moments and Hidden Videos specials; created and executive produced Fox's Your American Pop Quiz; co-executive produced a pilot for Paramount and legendary film director, Richard Donner called, "Who Knew?"; created, wrote, executive produced and performed in King World's Offshore Television; wrote and produced for the Fox Video Hour, ABC Late Night Comedy, sitcoms for Disney and Paramount, and scripts for Ruddy-Morgan, Catalina and Hemdale Films, and developed and produced The Holly Robinson Show daytime pilot for Fox Circle Productions. In the 1970s, he was a star and writer of the CBS prime-time series, The Hudson Brothers Comedy Hour and CBS Saturday morning children™ series, The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Hour. He co-wrote and starred in the 1980 film, Hysterical, scripted Showtime™ series A Family Tree; and wrote, produced and performed in the hit international TV series, Bonkers. Hudson is producer of the proposed sitcom, Formerly Famous, and produced, created and developed (for the ABC Family Channel) America's Funniest Game Show. Hudson also co-wrote and produced the motion picture, Cloud 9, with Albert S. Ruddy, Ruddy won Best Picture Oscars for The Godfather and Million Dollar Baby. Executive producer Gray Frederickson is the Academy Award-winning producer of The Godfather, Part II. 20th Century Fox will release Cloud 9 January 3, 2006. The film stars Hollywood legend Burt Reynolds, DL Hughley, Paul Rodriguez, Angie Everhart and Gabrielle Reece.

Eric Cohen the writer of many television series, co-creator So Little Time (Olsen Twins) Dualstar/Fox Family: creative consultant Gregory Hines Show Sony/CBSP/CBS; Fired Up Paramount/NBC; Supervisor Producer Mr. Rhodes, The Nanny, Café American, Golden Girls Col.Tri-Star Television/CBS, WB Television/NBC Witt/Thomas/NBC. Cohen is the co-creator/producerStockard Channing Show, Welcome Back Kotter ABC and CBS; developed/executive producer Revenge of the Nerds FBC; and producer of Laverne & Shirley Paramount. Cohen’s recent episodic script assignments include Becker Paramount/CBS; Everybody Loves Raymond HBO Indep. Prod./CBS; and Unhappily Ever After Touchstone TV/WB. Cohen’s additional credits are head monologue writer for The Tonight Show a Johnny Carson Production; multiple Emmy nominee Welcome Back Kotter, Golden Girls; Humanitas award finalist Everybody loves Raymond.

- Gospel City.Com


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