I'd say if you like it loud but you're into melody and harmonies you should check my shit out!!


I grew up on The Beatles, The Who, Zepplin and Floyd and later discovered bands like Black Flag, Minor Threat, D.R.I. and anything else I could get my hands on. My Dad was a musician so I was able to catch alot of live shows since the age of 7. By 13 I was in my own band and kicking ass without taking names, I've been in many bands since (always as the front man) and have played at least a thousand shows including S.C.E.N.E. which is an annual festival that goes on in my city. (St. Catharines) Theres nothing I love more than beating the shit out of my guitar and hearing a crowd go wild. What sets me apart from most bands is that Im honest, I don't try to impress, I just give everything I have. I feel lucky to know and be able to play music.


I've only ever sold C.D's at shows. I do production and sing chorus for a band called "Dirty Martinis" (myspace.com/kid0) and have my own stuff under "Fyght" (fight) at Myspace.com/Fyght.

Set List

If Im lucky Im usually on stage for a good 45 minutes to an hour playing anywhere from 10 to 15 songs: 1. Actually, I do MInd. 2. The Morning After. 3. My best enemy. 4. Off the mirror. 5. Held up. 6. Raise your Glass. 7. Son of a gun. 8. Ten lies. 9. Panic. 10. Careful she bites. 11. See, now you know what can happen. 12. slumber. Thats usually all the time I get. I've done covers like "Spank Thru" by Nirvana, or maybe something by "THE WHO"