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**Currently looking for new drummer and keyboardist** Homegrown Tulsa Alternative Rock We have been working on material for about 6 months and are ready to hit the studio. We have recorded a 3 song demo, but have progressed much since then and are excited about hitting the Tulsa scene.


Hungry for the Tulsa music scene.

FYN formed in 2007 and has just completed material for their first album. We will be in the studio soon and hope to have a completed album by March 09. Justin owns Tulsa Guitar School and met Michael and Ben at TU. Both Justin and Jacob met from being in various Tulsa bands such as Local Transit, 13, and Dilly-Dally.


Scratch the Itch

Written By: Jacob Leon

Baby can you hear it?
Does it draw you near it?
It's the simple sound
of the drums pound
Have you ever even read the plot?
It's a simple invitation,
to just hang around
and listen to the music play
Maybe we could watch the sun go down
I wouldn't have it any other way

Without any hesitation
or any further reservations
I introduce to you
what you've been looking for
someone you can trust to hold the door
when you must squeeze through

Wading in excessive excrement I still can detect the scent of your sweet fragrance
I started wondering, how far I'd wandered in
but when I saw your face, I knew that I was in the right place

Dear Lady can you feel it?
Laden with bass to heal the spirit
It's the sweetend sound
of the drums pound
You can't avoid but to be influenced
it fits to well to be coincidence
and I assure you
it was meant to be this way
otherwise it wouldn't be
and that's enough for me

So with your full cooperation
we can attempt to change a nation
one soul at a time
starting with yours and mine
No age, religion, race, or sex defines who we are

Empty my cup so you can fill it up
don't stop until it's full
my thirsts insatiable
I started wondering,
how far I'd wandered in
but when I saw your face
I knew that I was in the right place

And it feels so right


FYN - Self Titled Demo - Streamed on www.cheesefactoryradio.com

Set List

We are currently in the process of building our set list