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Southend-on-Sea, England, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Southend-on-Sea, England, United Kingdom
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Rock Gothic


FyreSky @ Chinnerys

England, United Kingdom

England, United Kingdom

FyreSky @ Three Wise Monkeys

England, United Kingdom

England, United Kingdom

FyreSky @ Amersham Arms

New Cross, England, United Kingdom

New Cross, England, United Kingdom

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Fyre Sky probably had the most charisma and obvious imagery tonight. The bassist was adorned in crazy and artistic corpse paint, whilst the guitarist was more measured and clinical with her face paint. The singer was stage centre and as eccentric as the others in the band, yet in a more classic, understated style. The anthems being exposed to us tonight were comprehensive and robust and each layered in their styles. Each member of the band were more than competent and it’s obvious that each was loving every second of sharing their craft and art with us. The mix was good and each track was robust and delicate in the deliverance, yet they hit your timpani’s like a sledgehammer wrecking through the walls of a derelict mansion -


Brendan – It seems like a long time ago that I first saw Fyresky play in the Metal to the Masses Essex competition. I thought they were good then, but it is seriously heart warming and exciting to see how much they have grown in less than a year. They were absolutely brilliant. Absolutely amazing. The front man is a truly unique vocalist and the band, costumed up, are eye catching and exciting. The band’s gothic undertones blend brilliantly with their hard rocking beats and grooves and, like so many band’s here today, you feel like you could watch them play for much, much longer.

Carl – What on earth? Fyresky impressed us in the Metal 2 the Masses Essex events earlier this year but this was a seriously advanced beast. They have come along leaps and bounds in a short amount of time and I absolutely loved -

"Uber Rock"

FyreSky have just released their first album entitled ‘The Grand Illusion’, and what a debut album it is! I make no excuses, I really rate this band, they are so talented. Gabriel Valentine’s vocals are bordering on spiritual and it is no surprise that he has been asked by Aonia to guest in the past. In fact Gabriel’s vocals are so good it is easy to forget how good a guitarist he is.As they display their distinctive dark Gothic but beautifully melodic songs it is not hard to see why they have been given so many shining accolades. They have had to bring in a new guitarist, Nicole, this year, due to work commitments of their usual guitarist. They reckon she had one practice before the gig. I don’t believe them, she’s too good. With stage presence in abundance from all members of the band they have quickly built a solid following in the North. FyreSky are a band that I tip for greatness. Superb song writing and genius arrangements they redefine the term a great little rock and rollar band and really stand out from the crowd. They finish with an unbelievably fantastic version of ‘Ashes’. If you have never seen them live, then you have never witnessed the true greatness that is FyreSky. -

"Black Phoenix Rising"

WOW WEE, What we have here is a well thought out varied debut album by this hard working popular band. We have on offer here plenty of varied flavoured songs to taste and relish. FYRESKY'S main musical ingredient is Gothic hard rock, but they have plenty of other stuff for you to absorb, like going into psychedelic mode with 'INVOCATION' which is a very strange unexpected experience and a total mind-fuck, there are loads of melodic touches, with the band showing a real softer and subtle side in the songs 'LOST TO THE LIGHT' and 'ECHOES OF THE SUN' both are a delightful listen, then of course as one would expect we have plenty of top notch shredding, and heavy riffs throughout the album. This debut offering is raw and earthy, nothing fancy just great honest rock. The band have worked hard over the last year or so to get this album done, and they have delivered everything in fine style. This is definitely one of the best debut albums I have heard for a long time and will certainly be in my top ten releases for this year. Go grab a copy of this album. For me this is a MASSIVE 10/1 -


Carpe Noctem might be the best track on the album though. A track that screams ‘crowd sing-along’ with wonderful Gothic melody and one of the catchiest choruses of the album. The old-school rock solo is to die for, a proper ‘lighters out’ moment. -

"Down The Front Media"

Gothic hard rockers FYRESKY straddle the territory of an interesting mix of genres within this, their new release that sees not just the expected elements but also touches of prog, glam and even a bit of folk in what they do. Fans of Sisters of Mercy and Fields of the Nephilim will find much to enjoy here but it’s these other elements that add extra layers and sees the band come into their own.

The vocals are forceful and keening, the guitars, like tanks, rolling over any and all opposition and the drums and bass lock in to provide the solid ground on which everything can stand. Of the eleven tracks, ‘Spectre’ and ‘Lost in the Light’ are the two highpoints of the release and show the different facets of the band perfectly, the former being a great bit of huge and filthy glam rock whilst the latter is an atmosphere laden ballad that is never overcooked. This is the album that Marilyn Manson would make if he had a bit more imagination, soul and class. -


“Carpe Noctem is a haunting rock track with lightning riffs, gutsy vocals and charged with supernatural splendor. Forget Twilight, if you want some proper Gothic romance then look no further than FyreSky’s anthem for night owls everywhere. -

"Balstock Festival"

Equal parts Mysticism, Rock, Synths, and Poetry. South East England based foursome with a mission to create music that speaks to both body and soul. Bringing darkness back to rock. -


Songs like their ferocious “Spectre” boast foofaraw drums, insistent bass rhythms, catapulting vocals and blistering hot guitars. This band provided a dazzling evocation and were a great launch pad for a seriously passionate day of dramatic rock. -


17/11/2016 - Debut EP The Circle - recorded 'live lounge style' and limited to 100 copies - sold out

8/7/2017 - StarChaser Single - First studio recording - limited to 100 copies - sold out

31/10/17 - Carpe Noctem Single - released with acoustic b side

31/05/19 - The Grand Illusion - Debut album 



FyreSky are a hard rock band with Gothic twists from Southend-On-Sea, Essex and Ramsgate, Kent. Their live shows are a fully immersive experience; the vision of the band has always been to deliver more; quality original material, and an in your face Gothic/Rock show that plays with all your senses to bring you into their dark and beautiful world.

FyreSky were founded in late 2015, they immediately got to work creating their own original gothic tinged rock anthems. After a very productive first few months they hit the live scene in Spring of 2016 as well as releasing their debut EP 'The Circle'.

Whilst continuing to build momentum into 2017 FyreSky competed in and won the Essex 'Undiscovered Live Music Project' and released 2 more singles 'StarChaser' and 'Carpe Noctem. 2017 was a busy year of gigging and starting to bring their high-energy live performance to further a field in the UK. They performed at Southend's open air festival 'Village Green' and opened the main-stage setting a high standard for the day. Summer 2017 FyreSky also started to put their stamp on the 'female rock/metal' community when they were the first ever male-fronted band to be invited to play 'The Dames of Darkness Festival' After an incredible show and a sell out on merch and CDs their performance at this event led them to be invited to play more festivals in 2018 'Quinphonic Festival and Aonia Fest II.

2019 saw the release of FyreSky's debut album 'The Grand Illusion' having been well received by press, fans and radio. Through self-promotion FyreSky have received airplay across the world including on Planet Rock Radio, Total Rock Radio and Hard Rock Hell Radio. Some highlight this year were performing at AoniaFest III in Sheffield and being invited to perform on the main-stage of Balstock 2019. A change in personal circumstances led to the departure of original member 'Sam Layzell'; having stepped up to provide dep duties guitarist 'Nicole Lastauskas' is now a permanent member.

FyreSky are excited to move forward into 2020 with the line-up and with being invited to play Hard Rock Hell 14 and a busy year of gigging and creating new music.

Members -

Gabriel J Valentine: Main vocals, guitars

EvilKris 13: Bass & backing vocals

Ryaan Sandham: Drums & backing vocals

Nicole Lastauskas: Guitars & backing vocals

Contact - fyreskyuk@gmail.com

FyreSky are endorsed by Cloven Hoof Rum, Vocalzone, Optyk Rozmus, Blackstar Amps, Collision Drumsticks & DR Strings.  

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