12th & Vine w/Fysah Thomas

12th & Vine w/Fysah Thomas


A unique blend of traditional Soul, Blues and jazz with a contemporary groove. The sultry yet powerful voice of Fysah Thomas combined with superb instrumentation is like no other. Watch out for Fysah Thomas as she swell in the hearts of seattles music lovers.


Raised in the small town of Ardmore Oklahoma Fysah Thomas was blessed with the gift of a dynamic and powerful singing voice. With a sound remenisent of many jazz and blues greats but unique enough to stand without comparison. Fysah has just began to make her mark in the Seattle area but has become a sought after vocalist for many independent recording projects. For the last 4 years Fysah has been the lead singer for the blues/soul/rock band 12th & Vine and has cultivated her graceful yet powerful voice with smokey blues and soul ballads. Fysah has played and collaborated with many bands including seattles own Too Slim and the Taildraggers, The Presidents of the United States of America, Goodie Bagg, and the DJ Rockafela. Fysah continues to grow as a vocalist but posseses a sound and stage performance far beyond her years. Keep and eye out for this vocalist as she makes room in the heart of seattles music scene


Debut Ablum "Satisfied" 04

Set List

Fysah set consist of I hour of solid original music with two or three covers. Cover selections are classic tunes that will leave your head bobbing and your body movin.