Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
SoloHip HopR&B

Independent Rap artist has a down south sound mixed with variety of other rap greats.


North Carolina has been playing the customary role of being an untapped market in the music industry. Well Fero-City Records is about to change all of that enter G-NICE. This past July the 26 year old rapper release his third mixtape Stupid Bigg Kid, featuring the local street single Got Dem Bandz featuring Kayo DaLambo. A female oriented getting money anthem, which has became a local favorite in the strip clubs. Born in Statesville, NC G-NICE took up resides in Mooresville, Davidson, Huntersville, Charlotte & Atlanta, GA before relocating back to Charlotte. Having moved around to a bunch of locations has its advantages in this industry, you get to explore a lot of different sounds of music.. Says G-NICE.
During his high school years he was playing sports and racing BMX bikes, but as senior year approached, his career options began to change. After his cousin CODE RED, also a label mate expressed his interest in rapping and recording music, G-NICE being a business minded type of person created the indie label Fero-City Records after graduating in 03. Mainly my label was created by my father and I to manage and sign CODE RED as the flagship artist to our label. We released an indie album from CODE RED in 05, but towards the end of the promo tour for the project CODE RED had gotten himself into some legal trouble. Having a label and no artist to depend on at the time, G-NICE figured he had to make a power play and put the label on his back and started rapping himself.
After working on his craft for a year, G-NICE admittedly dropped his unpolished first mixtape, SEX, Weed & Money in 2007, followed by Streetz Iz Talken in 2008. Not releasing any material for the next two years, the young up & coming spitter went back to the lab to create an official sound. G-NICE released his third mixtape Stupid Bigg Kid on his 26 birthday on July 15th hosted by DJ Strategy. Streetz Iz Talken is what got people to notice me but Stupid Bigg Kid has gotten them to pay attention to me.Says G-NICE. With hot underground singles like Got Dem Bandz and Got Em Pissed ft...CODE RED & Kayo DaLambo once again, not only shows that G-NICE is on his way to being an artist to watch in the future, but it also shows Fero-City Records as a premier indie label to watch for.


Singles: Got Dem Bandz, Please You Ft..Kayo DaLambo
Mixtapes: Streets Iz Talken(2009), Stupid Bigg Kid(2011)
Albums: StupidMinded Ep(2012)

Set List

1. Swagger Right Check
2. Ice Truck
3. Booty Like Ooh
4. Got Em Pissed
5. Got Dem Bandz
6. Make it RainFreestyle
7. Im Goin In
8. Tell Her Go
9. Bring A Cigar
10. Put It Down
11. Dey Sayen
12. Please You
13. Dats Whats up
14. One -Sixty