G2 Bluegrass Band

G2 Bluegrass Band


G2 Bluegrass Band is the absolute best bluegrass band in Europe, (#1 at EWOB, Holland 2007) and right now G2 is getting a lot of attention from the US, from where their musical influences comes from. G2 is playing modern bluegrass for the younger generation of bluegras fans.


G2 is a new, young and modern band that, within two years, has accomplished results that can only be described as successful. During these two years G2 has worked hard and now their debut album “Where The Tall Grass Grows” is ready to be released to the world.
G2 received the title #1 European Bluegrass Band when they competed against 45 European Bluegrass bands in Holland, May 2007 at the EWOB. In October 2008 G2 will represent Europe at IBMA in Nashville.


"Where The Tall Grass Grows" Dec -2007