General Gypsy Carns (a.k.a. G2C)
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General Gypsy Carns (a.k.a. G2C)


Band Blues Christian


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"Gypsy Carns - the Blues Preacher"

“Like a modern street preacher Gypsy invokes his musical sermons with the intensity and lyrical passion of Blind Willie Johnson.” - IL Blues – (Milano, Italy)

"General Gypsy Carns"

“In effect, armed not only with a Gibson double-neck, this soldier of Christ plays an OAI Dobro, with a harmonica and stompbox - in other words Gypsy comes ready for battle.” - Guitar & Bass (Paris, France)

"Gypsy carns - The Blues Preacher"

“The Blues Preacher, Gypsy Carns, without copying the influences it is Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit meet Howlin’ Wolf and Blind Willie Johnson. - Le CRI Du Coyote (Paris, France):

"Gypsy Carns - The Blues Preacher"

“Check out Gypsy and his modern day Blind Willie Johnson meets Howlin’ Wolf approach to authentic blues..powerfully passionate, prophetic, music.” - Cross Rhythms (London, England)

"General Gypsy Carns"

“Giving thanks to Jesus for his inspiration, Carns’ sings in a dynamic, gravelly voice, truly laying it all on the line.” - Blues Access

"Gypsy Carns the Blues Preacher"

Mr Carns is a one man blues band who has previously been swooned about in Cross Rhythms with his albums 'Revelation Blues' and 'G Force' bringing forth fulsome praise from Mike Rimmer, who nailed this CCM maverick's gravel-voiced vocal style as "a modern day Blind Willie Johnson meets Howlin' Wolf." Clearly Rimmer's enthusiasm was appreciated; there's a song here dedicated to Mike, or as he's called on the sleevenotes. Michael 'Memphis' Rimmer! Perhaps this bias is why Rimmer didn't get this review? This man's passion, grit, authentic blues, power and gorgeously guttural voice take no prisoners. Like good rock, this recording is packed with emotion, power and intensity. Unlike rock, Gypsy achieves this simply through his dobros (guitar) and his voice. It would seem that this gospel journeyman has been sticking to this brilliantly basic formula for quite some time and the experience is reaping dividends musically and spiritually. He may just be as important and as influential to this generation as his predecessor Blind Willie Johnson was to his, so let's make sure he gets heard!

- Cross Rhythms (London, England)

"Gypsy Carns the Blues Preacher"

After his European experience, exactly in Paris, France, where he recorded under the name of ‘The General’ with band and amplified guitar, now he has decided to return to his countryside rural natural origins, with this cd recorded for his own independent label Musark. Gypsy Carns has selected thirteen new poetical beautiful acoustic own compositions that perfectly reflect what he has always played. His powerful intense bright voice is only backed by dobro, harmonica and ‘stompbox’. All lyrics have a deep meaning and, as he usually does, they give us a message inspired on the Holy Bible, with peace, calm, love, faith, and hope thoughts and the most important thing: body and soul salvation thanks to Jesus…. Amen! VERY GOOD.
Barcelona - Spain
- Radio PICA / La Hora del Blues

"General Gypsy Carns"

"The Festival of San Pietro Castle presented "General" Gypsy Carns in his first appearance in Italy and Europe, and who was first spoken about in our reviews concerning his two CD's in issue numbers 74 and 86. He is a one man band with dobro, harmonica, and stomp box and he expresses with fervor and impetus the conjugation of sacred music with blues. His concert was a fusion of spirituality and truth, he sang with conviction and played with passion, drawing continuously from the pieces on his last CD (including the gesture of offering it to the public free of charge) as well as his cover of "God Don't Never Change" by Blind Willie Johnson, "It's a Dirty Job" from the repertory of Koko Taylor and "Little Red Rooster", all spaced among small "sermons" where he thanked God, the organizers, the public, and this review."
Silvano Brambilla & Matteo Bossi
- IL Blues (Italy)


2005 - G2C - Wailin' Wall / Jerusalem In Ruins
2004 - Gypsy Carns the Blues Preacher - Raw Word
2003 - Gypsy Carns the Blues Preacher - Paris Feel Good
2002 - General Gypsy Carns - G Force
2001 - The General - Revelation Blues
2000 - The General - Beale Street Swing
1999 - Rollin' & Tumblin' - Prayin' Blues
1993 - The Smashers - Loud Confident & Wrong



Gypsy Carns The Blues Preacher started performing in clubs in 1963 and making records in ‘66. He has anointed the United States, Japan, France, England, and Germany with his vocals, percussion, and 12-string Dobro bottleneck prowess. Carns is also known as a blues songwriter, co-penning a Koko Taylor tune that garnered 2 GRAMMY nominations. Blues Revue states: “Gypsy Carns, A one-man wrecking crew who plays a “stompbox” tambourine / kick drum combination, harp, 12-string resonator guitar….this is hammering, powerful stuff, driven by Carns’ energy and rough-hewn vocals”. Using the delta-blues musical format, Gypsy combines Messianic lyrics for a unique blend of authentic American music. His energy and commitment are evidenced through his powerful live performances.

His current spiritual solo career began in 1992 in the coffee houses of Hollywood, CA. After the major earthquake in ‘94, he moved to Nashville, TN and carried out his vision of spreading the Word regarding Yeshua and God's Kingdom, using the delta-blues as his musical format. In a referral from a local music store, Rock Block Guitars, Gypsy met Tabby “zeb” Crabb who owns and operates Flatwood Studio. Tabby has become not only The Blues Preacher’s producer and engineer but his best friend and musical companion as well. Their first recordings began in ’95 and by ’99 they’d secured Gypsy’s first record deal in the Gospel Blues vein. Simply titled "Prayin Blues" on TTM Records the CD received excellent reviews. Gypsy's next album "Beale Street Swing" was released in the summer of 2000 and is currently being played on radio stations in 35 countries around the world. This album too received excellent reviews in the United States and abroad. Blues Access magazine states: “Giving thanks to Jesus for his inspiration, Carns’ sings in a dynamic, gravelly voice, truly laying it all on the line….whatever Carns sets out to say, he does it with admirable force and integrity…the tunes range from fine and fun blues originals to spiritual and metaphysical pieces that expose Carns’ zealous faith and his take on political events.”

Gypsy’s next release, in 2001, "Revelation Blues" is currently being played on radio in the US and as far away as Peru, Spain, Indonesia, and Russia. In 2002 "G FoRcE" was released and is again receiving excellent airplay around the world and has been reviewed in "Cross Rhythms" magazine - the foremost Christian music magazine in Europe. 2003 saw the release of FEEL GOOD! Gypsy ventured to Paris, France where he performed with his trio (Zizou “The Boss” Sadki - bass and Stephane “Taz D”Cavanez – drums) and recorded the powerful electric live release - "Feel Good!" at the legendary House Of Live. The single “Searchin’” has been featured on 3 magazine compilation CD’s across the globe; Guitar & Basse - France, Cross Rhythms – England, and Blues Revue-USA. The Blues Preacher has been nominated for "Acoustic Artist of the Year" in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004 by The Music City Blues Society. Get ready to rock with 13 new songs on the all-acoustic, high-energy, foot-stompin’ CD “RAW WORD."