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G8 is big band hip-hop. Elements of jazz, funk, and soul make up the musical framework for lyrics that span the worlds of the personal and political. G8 is looking towards the future of music and is committed to the creation of music that makes you nod your head and shake your ass at the same time



Back in the fall of 2003 G8 had an image of a live band that could fuse the styles of hip-hop, jazz and soul into a single cohesive unit. Consisting of seven musicians that perform with the top University of Minnesota brass and jazz ensembles and one of the hottest MCs around the Twin Cities, G8 officially began playing shows in the winter of 2004. With a supreme dedication to music and people, we play music that moves your feet, head, and heart. This is the music of the new revolution and through the music we hope to produce positive social change in our communities and throughout the world.


G8 has already performed at some of the most well-known and respected musical venues in the Twin Cities including: The Varsity Theater, The Fine Line, The Uptown Bar, O’Gara’s, The Whole Music Club at The University of Minnesota. In addition, G8 has opened up for some of Minnesota’s top local bands such as Heiruspecs, Leroy Smokes, Root City Band, and The Blend.


G8 just finished the recording of our first official album Run With It. While recording is a necessity, we pride ourselves on the energy of our live shows. As our reputation around the Twin Cities has grown we have found ourselves consistently performing in front of an ever-increasing audience of 200+ fans. Currently, we’re in the process of creating an aggressive touring schedule that will follow the October release of our album.


Run With It (2006)

Set List

Our typical sets run anywhere from 45 min. to 90 min. depending on the occasion. We perform all orginal music. The following is a list of our original songs:

Sidewalk To Somewhere
If It's Something You Can Do
Front Porch
From The Basement
Silence Is A Coward
Where To?
An Anthem For Your Absence
Social Debt
Cup With A Handle
10:36 PM
When Tomorrow's A Day Late
Over The Desk
Cold Queen