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Gaba a reggaeton artist that has been to the top and has traveled the worl his music is different his style of performing is unique he has a passion for what he does and that passion reflects on his music.


“Gaba” El De La Vieja Escuela

Gavino Arias better known as Gaba was born on March 17, 1980. For the first ten years of his life Gaba lived in Cupey Alto, Puerto Rico where a vast amount of cultural music was played, such as Bomba yPlena, Salsa and of course for the younger crowd underground Latin Hip-Hop. Latin Hip-Hop started in the mid 80’s, approximately between 1984 & 1985. Just as the Latin Hip-Hop movement became stronger, Gaba had to leave PR to follow his family. In New York the music had a different style and flavor from what he listened to in P.R. In no time at all Gaba listened and enjoyed the “N.Y” music, he especially took a liking to reggae music in which he soon had his own tape collection of Bob Marley. Entering into Jr. High School the love of music only became more intense for Gaba, he would even Dj for all the school parties, anything to keep him connected to the music. After finally deciding that music was his passion, Gaba searched for schools and programs that would teach him different aspects of the music business, but no luck. Sometime later Gaba was introduced to his now long time friend and owner of Sound Rite Productions, Mr. Rahm Robinson. Rahm took Gaba under his wing and taught him the in’s and out’s of music production and engineering.
When Gaba wasn’t with Rahm editing music he could usually be found in the nearest talent show performing. After graduating High School Gaba surrounded himself with music and spent every moment in the studio. One night while in the recording studio with Rahm, Gaba decided to combine the Latin flavor he grew up listening to with the music he had grown to love. He shared this idea with his friends and they loved it. Days later another one of Gaba’s friends came into the studio with an original reggae beat and that afternoon Gaba added his Spanish lyrics. After listening to the final outcome of this new idea he decided that from there on he would dedicate him self to bringing something new to the world. In May of ‘97 Gaba started a music group who went by the name “Boricuas con Orgullo”, the group consisted of three guys who brought their different styles which combined to make the group Gaba envisioned. “Boricuas con Orgullo” did shows every where they could and enjoyed each experience the same. Gaba went on to record his album with his group which featured a few underground artist from NY and PR. The album was soon picked up by Atlantic Records which was released in the middle of 1999.With the help of many performances, one of which was along side DLG in the well known Madison Square Garden the album went gold in Latin America. Gaba has fulfilled many of his musical goals and graced his presence on many stages around the world. Since then Gaba has stayed behind the music scene and is currently making a come back in the music industry and reclaiming his title as one of the first reggaeton artist signed to a major label out of NY.


first album went gold in latin america
La Revolucion vol.1 released 8-21-99
La Revolucion Del Reggaeton released 6-2003

Set List

3-5 songs per show
mi isla,sacude,el de la vieja escuela,zona de candela,party en el bloque