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With a voice like crystal Gabby’s song really moved me. Her voice just grabs you and you are drawn to the velvet notes. Her backing is spot on. She reminds me a little of Joni Mitchell. A folky feel to this number it is pleasant and simple. Some really nice lyrics and the production is slick and very pro.
John Ash, Live Music Magazine -

"Ken Deville"

Friday, August 05, 2005 KENNETH DEVILLE

CD Review: Gabby Young,
Free Second Memory

(Young & Bright)

England is home to some of the greatest voices in rock music, amongst those being Marillion’s Steve Hogarth and my all time favorite “Voice of Rock” Glenn Hughes, from Trapeze, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, and many projects outside of his solo material. There was a shock to the system in the month of June,

In the middle of my vacation, I got word of a young, vibrant musician from England that would be performing in my small, blue collar Texas town of Beaumont. Of course, my interest was piqued. What would be in store, and should I just venture out from my night of already planned craziness? Sure, I decided. I knew there would be no cowboy hats, and it would be something fresh and new; something to energize the system. So I put on my Wednesday best (what the hell is that?) and traveled to the venue. That’s where I would meet Gabby Young.

We exchanged ‘hellos’ and short conversation, for she and Jamie Bright of Silent Mind were getting ready to take the stage. I ordered an ice cold beer (it was a hot Texas night) and took a seat. As the evening progressed to night, I would be thunderstruck.

Out of her petite frame, Gabby’s vocal ability has that of a lioness. Hearing Gabby Young sing is like to watch the tide ebb and flow at sunset: peaceful and calm, yet strong and solid. Her heart-melting, expressive vocals are so full of soul it leaves you wondering where she will go next: soft and melodic, to a bold and domineering range. As I watched the performance, I was left in a trance.

For being her first time in America, touring has been good for her. From coast to coast, the people have been very supportive.

“Touring has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I have met so many wonderful, welcoming people and have seen sights I had only dreamed of in places I thought I would never be. I have learnt a lot in every way and am still in shock that I am actually here, doing this,” Young explains. “Three of us have been cooped up in a little red Saturn and so any chance we get to be out of the car we all jump at. We visited so many amazing places in such a short time, seeing the sights of America. I have loved getting to know and hanging out with the locals. “

Free Second Memory is Young’s debut recording, and yet an amazing, expressive debut at that! Jamie Bright, of Silent Mind, did a magnificent job programming and producing this album. Containing nine cuts, she shows her diversity in a potent, flowing manner.

The opening track, Buttons, is a great introduction to Gabby’s enchanting mysticism. It starts off slow, soft, and soulful, then igniting into a progress, psychedelic sound reminiscent of Marillion. Composing a feat such as this can be challenging, and she conquers it.

Sour provides a light and flowing musical background with dominant vocals. This one should be in the dictionary to show the definition of “contrast”, and how it works. The song really stands out, and I asked Gabby what she would think if I compared her to the styling of the late Jeff Buckley.

“I would say ‘thank you’ and blush. I have been hearing that comparison a lot recently,” she replies. “Which is almost scary to me as that is a heavy weight to have on your shoulders and creates instant pressure that I try to avoid. But mostly, it is the biggest compliment I could ever get, as I owe the fact that I am singing and writing ultimately, to Jeff as he has inspired me in more ways than anyone. “

A little darker than other tracks, the mellow music of Numb is quite outstanding. It was the first song I heard Gabby perform, and from then on I was hooked. Further down the CD she hooks me again on Icy Reputation where she totally captivates your senses. Like I said, this CD just flows; the transitions are wonderful. But how does she describe this castle called music?

“I am no good at describing my sound. I have said stoner opera folk rock. But again, I am changing my mind every day so it is hard to categorize. Especially since I am so keen to broaden my style. I am influenced by everything about life and each time I write I feel it is from a different vein and a new perspective. I love to say ‘something for everyone’ and I hope that I can succeed in doing that.”

Free Second Memory by Gabby Young can be purchased at any of the Gabby Young/Silent Mind: Who Are They? shows, as well as But hurry, for now she is on the East Coast before heading to her homeland.

Janis Joplin would be proud.

I’ll send you a Lone Star Texas flag to fly next to the Union Jack.
- independant

"Gabby Young Live@ The Thirsty Scholar , Manchester"

It isn't very often that an open mic night produces something brilliant, so when someone like Gabby Young appears, people need to take notice. Her voice is similar to that of any classically trained singer although the way she uses it to make her voice sound more like a female version of Jeff Buckley is astounding. The highest orgasmic notes followed by growling viciousness are spellbinding, although lyrically it is quite idealistically female in a way that she is bitchy, stereotypically and sadly unsurprisingly not very unique. The lyrics could have come from a Joan Jet, Janis Joplin, or Alanis Morrisette handbook, yet the way Gabby Young sings them makes it irrelevant, leaving mouths open and both men and women eager to hear more. Gabby's image is that of a rough diamond, beautiful but scruffy and archetypical student. Again that isn't really what matters here and what really matters is that people who have never seen her before are going absolutely mad for someone that played four songs and made a packed pub audience turn into rabid music-loving groupie types. Amazing. - Craig Mather-


24th December - THE FLAMING SAMBUCAS, supported by GABBY YOUNG & THE COLLECTIVE. @ The Red Lion
I missed Gabby’s gig at ‘Youngbloods Night’ a couple of weeks ago. I won’t make that mistake again, and neither should you.
Like the rest of the audience, I was very impressed by both her singing AND her songs, which were all originals. This young singer/songwriter has a great voice, and sings her songs with real feeling and energy.
‘The Collective’ also proved to be a very good band.
Combined, this young group of musicians really have something which should appeal to a wider audience, once they get better known.
They will be back at The Red Lion very soon, SO DON’T MISS THEM.
They might even be my ‘Gig Of The Week’!


In a kind of 10,000 Maniacs meets Annie Lennox and Kate Bush songfest, with more than a little Joan Baez sprinkled to measured effect, Gabby Young set about her latest conquest of the English market at Marlborough College Wednesday 23rd.

In spite of some initial sound difficulties, largely I suspect due to a very late change of venue and gig time, the 70 minutes that followed were a pioneering mix of the eclectic best of the above artists, delivered by Gabby using her own material, in a challenging way for other contemporary popular divas who may well have cause to look over their shoulders in the coming months. Free Second Memory, her debut album, puts down a significant marker for a very bright future.

However, put this artist in a genre box at your peril. When she rocks, she rocks. That said, not only did I feel more comfortable personally, but I felt she shone brighter, without the heavy electric backing she chose to use for 50% of the set. This classically trained vocal sensation will be eventually acclaimed in folk/rock circles, but would be at home as much with her own acoustic guitar duo and a double bass/drum combo in a jazz club.

Gabby leads from the front – and needs to. She presents a confident, articulate, and educated “front” personality, and dresses to announce her arrival. She promotes the cause of “clean & tidy” and this is where I would expect her to modify her band’s presentation over time. There is also a risk that, visually, the Neanderthal stage profile of the bass player could either negatively dominate the collective, or worse reduce the impact through appearance.

That said it is small criticism of what looks to be a tight bunch of musical competents.
The lead electric guitar is apparently new to the band, and on this evidence is a welcome addition, particularly in the blues/slide delivery. Gabby’s acoustic guitar partner is a gem and the combination twin tracks presented in the middle of the set owed much to his picking, setting off Gabby’s vocal melody.

This band is going places. News came from Burlington VT that these guys were a breath of fresh air. Fact - enough said.

- Mike James




Feeling a bit camera shy


A Wiltshire lass, born and bred, 21 year old Gabby Young has just returned to
her roots from a successful tour of the US.

Her unique singing voice was discovered at an early age. Indeed she was one of
the youngest singers to be invited to join the prestigious Nation Youth Choir of
Great Britain.

Her incredible breadth of musical talent encompasses composing, playing many
instruments, being in college choirs, playing in college orchestras, singing in
rock, jazz and funk bands, recording house music for discos in Italy, and
performing operative arias for concerts, weddings and funerals.

After studying at music college in London, Gabby returned to her family home in
Wiltshire and started writing songs. A chance meeting on the internet with an
amazingly talented American musician called Jamie Bright turned everything

He generously gave up his life in the US to live in the UK with Gabby and to
plan a summer US tour together. (The Silent Mind and Gabby Young Who Are They?
Tour) After 6 months gigging in the UK and Europe, they recorded Gabby's debut
album "Free Second Memory" in just a week, before putting on 40 shows in some 25
US states. As a result, Gabby has a huge fan base in the US, and is now going
to embark on her UK Tour, in April 2006.

In October, she was invited to support Al "The Cat" Stewart at three of his UK
gigs, culminating in his 60th Birthday concert in front of 2,000 at the
Barbican. She has now gained a collective of musicians to back her and they are taking London and Wiltshire by storm as 'The Gabby Young Collective'.

This is someone with personality to burn and a great joie de vivre - you will
hear it in her songs. Her voice is an eclectic mix of Janis Joplin, Joan Baez,
Joni Mitchell and Jeff Buckley and Marc Bolan. Her soulful, shimmering voice
is so powerful it will leave you breathless, whilst her starkly original lyrics
conjure up images that will remain long after her show is over.

"if ani difranco had sex with jeff buckley in 1920 while on acid listening to ella fitzgerald...that would be the wonderful music of gabby young..."