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Goodyear, Arizona, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Goodyear, Arizona, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Solo Pop Indie




"Gabe Kubanda's Video Don't Be Lying is a realistic look into future of music"

Acoustic pop newcomer Gabe Kubanda just released the music video for his new single “Don’t Be Lying,” and the entire concept is a shockingly realistic interpretation of how we will interact with music in the near future. We called the rising star to learn more about his vision.

In the video (above), young adult women are shown in modern day environments watching Gabe perform the track on their smartphones. It’s not immediately clear that the events in the video are set in the future, and for good reason: the future isn’t that far away.

“The video is set in the near future, maybe just a few years away,” Gabe said. “I wanted the dresses to be a little unique and the colors to really stand out in a way.”

The most futuristic element of the video and Gabe’s concept is how smart devices display his performance. Rather than on a screen, the girls are watching Gabe as a hologram.

“What are music videos and concerts going to look like in a few years? Is it going to be crazy different? I was thinking that people will want to have a more personal relationship with the band or artist,” he said. “What if they could have this hologram of you pop up on their screen so you can actually be singing directly to them, wherever they’re at? It’s a one-on-one connection.”

While Gabe thinks holographic phones becoming customary may be a few years away, we’d like to think even less time than that. In fact, there’s at least one holographic phone already on the market (for only $850) from a Chinese firm called Takee. Check out the video below to learn more about how it works.
Does the future look promising, or what?! Leave a comment below and let us know how you feel about someday watching concerts as holographs.

Gabe Kubanda’s new album Flow Fail Prevail is available on iTunes here, and it’s definitely not one you want to miss if you loved “Don’t Be Lying.”

Keep connected with POPULOVE for more updates on Gabe and his music. - PopULove

"Gabe Kubanda"

Solo artist and owner of Epic Proportions Tour Gabe Kubanda marshals his considerable abilities for these solo tunes, which he has deftly arranged and produced for maximum effect. Best of the lot is “Ready For The Letdown,” whose positive message, catchy beat and overall electric energy (nice singalong potential) add up to a winner. Not as strong, but just as imaginatively rendered, are “Don’t Be Lying” with its “angel” chorale and the R&B-infused “You Got It,” both of which are beyond solid. Yes, Kubanda’s voice, while strong, does not have a one-of-a-kind tone, but it is perfectly suited to his material. Film and televison peeps will take to this artist’s sparkling, kinetic brand of pop-rock and his encouraging, boldly observational lyrics.

Read More: Epic Proportions Tour: Not Just Another ‘Buy On’ Tour

To view Kubanda’s music video for “Don’t Be Lying” released in late May, click HERE. - Music Connection Magazine

"Gabe Kubanda - Voice On The Rise"

Buckley, WA’s Gabe Kubanda is a voice on the rise, specializing in acoustic indie pop and smiles. As a former founding member of Letters Burning, the singer is taking bands out on road with him on his very own Epic Proportions Tour and has appeared on VH1 Classic’s Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp. We got to chat with Kubanda on reality TV, upcoming projects and of course, his favorite tracks at the moment.

Introduce yourself to our readers! What would people be surprised to know about you?
Hmm, well, I was home-schooled, my friends say, “that explains a lot!” haha :) I didn’t go to public school till halfway through my freshman year, which was pretty tough as an introverted kid. I also really love broccoli.
You were a cast member on VH1 Classic’s Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp. Tell us what that was like. Would you ever venture down the reality TV route again in the future?
That experience was amazing. We’d shoot for 15 hrs a day for a week straight, practice old rock songs all day, try to write our own songs, and play all of them in a venue that night. Then we’d go home, and learn more cover songs for the next day. It really gave me confidence in my musical ear, and playing with legends like Sammy Hagar and Paul Stanley, and recording live at East West Studios, made me realize that I could hold my own with the big dogs :) I would definitely love to do more reality TV, and we’ve actually been talking about filming a reality around our crazy little tour, and all the insane things that we go through on the road. It would be pretty “epic”. :)
You were recently in a band for 7 years. How has the solo life treated you and is there anything you miss about being a part of a band?
Man, I love the freedom that the solo life affords me. I can make quick decisions, I don’t have to wait for a vote, and I don’t have band members dragging their feet and weighing the entire band down. But I do miss the musical collaboration, the creativity, and the vibe that magically happens when you put a few musicians in a room and turn your amps up to 11.
Tell us about any upcoming projects you have in the works! What can fans look forward to?
I’m really glad that this new album is being so well received, it’s pretty much the culmination of all the songs I wrote on the road over the last few years on tour. I’ll be releasing more music videos, more cover songs, more collaborations with songwriters, and will be be touring overseas for the first time next year! I’ll be releasing more details on that soon.
Give us your Top 5 favorite songs at the moment!
That’s so tough! I try to listen to entire albums instead of just singles, and I love interludes too, but OK, here goes:
The entire Twenty One Pilots album Blurryface is REALLY good.
The new Failure album is really good
Kendrick Lamar’s new album is insane!
FKA Twigs has been in my top 5 for a while
D’Angelo – “Black Messiah”
Beartooth – “One More”
This list could go on forever… - The Daily Listening

"Interview with Indie Pop Gabe Kubanda"

Growing up in a musical family, it was inevitable that Phoenix-based singer-songwriter Gabe Kubanda would end up pursuing music. Armed with his guitar and a fervent passion for music, Kubanda single-handedly launched his own music tour, posted over 40 Youtube videos of covers and originals, and released his debut record, Flow Fail Prevail, just a few months ago.

The album, which was a few years in the making, is a pulsating, pop dream, full of sing-alongs and alternative anthems that leave listeners desperate for more of Kubanda’s youthful, steady voice and addictive rhythms. Luckily, his music video for “Don’t Be Lying” off his latest album has answered our prayers.

Playing with the hologram concert idea that has made waves in the past, the video features Kubanda slamming away on his guitar and singing our favorite catchy refrain from the song, “Don’t be lying if your heart is saying otherwise/Don’t be lying, don’t be lying, oh oh oh”, alongside fashionable female counterparts enjoying their own personal concert from a holographic Kubanda. With eye-catching geometric filters, simple shapes, wide shots, and perfect pops of colors, the “Don’t Be Lying” music video encapsulates the track perfectly: it is concise, creative, and charming. “Don’t Be Lying” is a sweet indie-pop dance-along with fun hooks, hoppy rhythms, and relatable lyrics; here’s hoping Gabe Kubanda will continue banging out this candy-coated alt-pop talent.
Check out Buzz Artist’s exclusive interview with Gabe below and connect with him on Facebook, Youtube and his website:
Buzz Artist: First, can you tell Buzz Artist a little about yourself and your music?
Gabe Kubanda: Sure! I’ve been in a number of rock bands, and only have been a solo performer for less than 4 years. I call my music indie-pop, because I am an independent artist, and I think it’s pretty catchy, but really I have no idea (laughs).
BA: How have your hometown of Buckley, WA and your current location in Arizona influenced your music at all? What are the music scenes like there?
GK: Buckley was really formative. My dad taught me a few things on drums, my mom taught me some guitar chords. I got involved in the high school jazz band and had some church bands. I lived for 12 years in Los Angeles, and I got a lot of experience there on the business side, and the musical side. Phoenix has a really great local music scene which has been awesome. I think I’ve gotten to work with some of the most amazing Phoenix bands on my tours.
BA: How did you begin the Epic Proportions Tour? Can you tell us a little about that?
GK: I had just left my old band of seven years in LA and had wrapped the filming of a reality show for VH1, and had literally no idea of what I was going to do next, but I knew I wanted to keep writing and performing music. I was so burnt out on band politics, and the negative side of the industry, and I just kept thinking that there has got to be a better way to get my music heard. I had met an artist manager who wanted to manage me, and he had an old beat-up school bus that ran on used vegetable oil. It was nasty… but we decided to band together and use our strengths and contacts to put together a really cool tour that helps out unsigned bands, puts music back in schools, and we get to play for the troops. It’s really amazing and it’s also amazing to see the progress after 12 tours so far, and the bands I’ve gotten to work with. It’s literally the hardest working tour, but the most fun I’ve ever had.
BA: What was the production process like for your very first music video for “Don’t Be Lying”?
GK: I found a brilliant local director, Matty Steinkamp, through my buddies in Captain Squeegee. I had the initial concept of the slightly futuristic “personal hologram concert”, but he took it to a whole new level. I loved working with him, and seeing how his brain worked with visuals, kind of like how my brain works with audio and lyrics. I loved shooting the greenscreen bits. The models were local talent and friends of mine, and that was really fun to shoot as well. It’s also the first time I’ve worn a total fitted custom suit. It felt weird but I liked the way it made me feel. It was so hot, and the sun was shining so hard, that I had to wear sunglasses for the outdoor shots, because I was squinting so much!
BA: Can you talk about your latest record Flow Fail Prevail?
GK: The title reflects the sequence that my musical career (and my life in general) tends to take. And I’m sure it happens to all of us. You get going with your life, making progress, everything is full steam ahead, and then BAM! You’re knocked on your ass, nowhere to go, lose everything, and have to start from scratch. But what do you do? You pick yourself up, try to move forward, and get back to that place of “flow”. I’ve also known friends and fans who haven’t been strong enough, or able (for whatever reason) to get to the third step in the cycle, or who struggle with those feelings, who just want to give up, and so it’s also a challenge to others to just “keep going”, “don’t give up”, etc… I think there’s enough people in this world trying to tear down others, or tell others that they aren’t worth anything, and it’s important to fight to get back up there, and to prevail against those odds.
BA: How has your music evolved since doing cover songs on Youtube to also producing original songs for the public?
GK: I started out playing in church worship bands, jazz band and small rock bands, so all of that had an effect on what I do now. I really don’t listen to much “acoustic” or solo artist music. So any cover song, I try to do in my own way and do something just a little bit different with it. Make it interesting for myself. It’s funny, most of the songs that are on this album originated from weird little melodies or thoughts I’ve had while driving on tour for the last three-ish years. I’d record these little bits on my iPhone voice memos while driving the van or the tour bus, and they eventually turned into full songs! Some I kept almost the same, like some of the interludes. Very short; I said all that I wanted to say in 30 seconds. Why bloat it out, and manufacture innate feelings or meaningless lyrics just to fill a 3 minute song? Maybe I’m just weird like that.
BA: If you could collaborate with one musician, who would it be and why?
GK: I can’t choose just one! ARRGH!! It’d have to be someone super different than what I do, like FKA Twigs (I loved her latest album), or Coheed And Cambria, or Muse, Justin Timberlake, Kendrick Lamar, David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. I listen to a lot of progressive experimental music, which is weird I guess from the songs that I write.
BA: What has been your most memorable moment of being a musician so far?
GK: I’ve been blessed to have had some really amazing moments, jam with my idols, meet celebrities and stuff. One of my all time favorites was getting to record with Eddie Kramer, who worked with Hendrix, Zeppelin, the Beatles, you name it. He was responsible for the recordings at Woodstock! Insane! But I think the most personal and humbling moment was earlier on this year, where a blind student asked to play the drums after our set at a college show. We didn’t know he could play, but we had some time before teardown, so we set him up, he felt his way around the toms, and he just started jamming! Then we taught him some songs, and it just turned into this magical moment that none of us on that tour will ever forget.
Buzz Artist: Finally, what’s next for Gabe Kubanda?
Gabe Kubanda: Well, we’ll be launching overseas next year, but I can’t tell you where just yet! I’ll be doing more music videos, more covers, and I really want to expand this unique tour so that other bands and artists can get out of their hometown. It’s so much fun, we all work really hard, and it’s so rewarding. At the end of the day, I get to play music for a living, work for myself, and that’s the most rewarding thing of all. - Buzz Artist

"Gabe Kubanda - Flow Fail Prevail and Don't Be Lying Music Video"

Acoustic Indie Pop artist Gabe Kubanda has released his "Don't By Lying" music video from his new album "Flow Fail Prevail" which is available for purchase now on iTunes. The video, which includes Gabe's friends Cassie Aguiar, Alexis Ayala, & Helena Debrot, was directed by Matty Steinkamp of Sundawg Media and filmed entirely in Phoenix, Arizona.

This was my first real music video, and I had a blast filming, especially the green screen "hologram" scenes. The premise of the video is that in the near hypothetical future, fans would crave a more personal connection to the artist/musician, and personal hologram videos that they could interact with would become "all the rage"! haha. It was just a fun video idea, and really fun to film.

Don't Be Lying is about how we tend to either hype up our lives and stories to others and then believe how "great" we are, or how we downplay our worth, telling ourselves that we can't go on, or can't make a difference, and start to believe that as well. Two sides of the coin I guess. But we all do it. We convince ourselves to give up, that life is too hard, or the exact opposite. I do it sometimes, and it's just a great reminder to me to be humble and stay honest with myself. Sometimes our minds are the easiest things to trick. :)

Easter Egg: Some fans may notice that I'm playing 2 different guitars in the video. Halfway through filming, I gave my Martin away to a fan who had pledged on my crowdfunding campaign for this new album, Flow Fail Prevail. At Namm, an amazingly generous fan heard about that story, and actually gave me his Gibson Hummingbird to play. Hence the 2 guitars in the video. :) - Gabe Kubanda

You can catch Gabe Kubanda's "Flow Fail Prevail" CD release show at FiftyOneWest in Tempe, Arizona on July 31st, and his fall tour starts on August 24th. More info and updates can be found on Gabe's Facebook page. - Top 40 Charts

"Epic Proportions Tour and Gabe Kubanda"

The Epic Proportions Tour is launching another round of college concerts this year and bringing their unique stage show and tour bus to campuses all across the country.

“What’s the Epic Proportions Tour?” I had the same question so I reached out to them and got to talk with one of their artists, Gabe Kubanda (who happens to be the owner too!) Gabe worked with me to bring the show to my school. He even introduced me to the hot lead singer of Halocene and I got to hang with the bands. It was such a cool experience and now I’m friends with all of them! The bands were so nice and they would take photos with me, sign the cds, and give out free merchandise. They actually spent time talking to me after the show, which was beyond nice. Talk about real, down-to-earth rockstars and a memory for life!

I can’t speak highly enough about their performances. You definitely want this show at your own college campus!

After I came back from hanging out at the show, I stalked them a bit (#sorrynotsorry) and found out that they’re actually pretty popular! They’ve been on Vans Warped Tour, several TV shows that I know you’ve probably seen on VH1, MTV, and NBC. They’ve performed with some of my idols like Blink 182, Fall Out Boy, Flogging Molly and Jimmy Eat World. The best part is, even though they’ve accomplished so much they still let me hang out with them on their tour bus!

My school had a lame budget for live entertainment but the EPT show is super affordable. When I approached my student programming board they actually were surprised at how inexpensive the show was even though they bring 3 bands, a full sound system, and crew!

Before I knew it, I had the tour booked at my school. It was so easy to do and you can too!

Just email: and you’ll have a rocking concert at your school! - College News

"Kubanda stops at BC while on tour"

The sounds of Sam Smith’s song “Stay with me” could be heard around campus on April 13 just outside of the Campus Center.
But it wasn’t coming from a CD over the speakers that were set up, it was coming from solo artist Gabe Kubanda who had his equipment set up to perform for Bakersfield College students.
Kubanda is currently on tour with Epic Proportions Tour alongside two other bands, Far Away Stables and Captain Squeegee.
“Every tour, we email all the schools and let them know who the new band is that will be touring with me that year, and whichever school calls back, gets the show,” Kubanda said.
Before realizing the guitar was the right instrument to play, Kubanda tried the piano and the drums first, but like many, he found they weren’t the right fit for him.
When he picked up his guitar and started to sing, that’s when it clicked it was the right fit for him.
Kubanda commented, “It just clicked, and I loved it!”
With four days left of the current tour, Kubanda comments that he never saw himself being where he is now when he started singing, performing, and writing his own songs at the age of 16.
“I was hoping that I’d join a band in high school, and myself and three buddies would rock the world. Like the Beatles or the Rolling Stones, or even U2,” said Kubanda.
Being on the tour has been easier with the bands because of how driven and talented each of them are according to Kubanda. Despite the hard work each band goes through to perform, everyone still manages to be laid back with one another.
“Both of the bands have also been acting as my backing band, so it’s been really fun jamming with all of them,” commented Kubanda.
The tour will make its way back through California in the fall and Kubanda hopes to see some of the people he has met during the spring tour, at his fall tour.
If you want to check out any of Gabe Kubanda’s music, see where he will be performing next, or to purchase any of his merchandise you can follow him on Facebook or go to - Renegade Rip

"Gabe Kubanda - Crazy Tour Stories"

This new Crazy Tour Stories segment was written by the acoustic pop artist, Gabe Kubanda. You can check out his wild story from the road, after the break.

“Last year, on our Spring Tour, our tour bus was rammed off the road by a semi truck, which basically flipped our 40 foot bus off the road and into the soft dirt median between the I-5 freeway near Bakersfield, CA. I was sleeping in my bunk, but I remember being woken up by a sudden impact, then feeling our bus speed up, then a moment where we were just suspended in mid air, then pitch black, then chaos erupting around us. Miraculously, all 10 of us on the bus escaped with minimal to moderate injuries, however our bus and all our gear was completely destroyed. We are so thankful to be alive!

The driver of the semi truck told the police that he was reaching down for some beef jerky when he swerved and hit us, but they didn’t buy that. They figured out that he fell asleep at the wheel, gunned it, rammed our bus, continued to accelerate until we were forced off the road, at which point, we went airborne, flipped twice through the air before crashing down on it’s side. Needless to say, we had to cancel the tour, but our summer tour started up 3 weeks later! What doesn’t kill ya definitely makes you stronger. :)” - Digital Tour Bus

"Honest Reviews with Gabe Kubanda"

Gabe is a solo indie pop music artist. He recently co-founded the Epic Proportions Tour, a tour whose mission statement is: “committed to providing high quality, high energy, and family friendly entertainment to high schools, colleges, and our nation’s military”. Check out our interview with Gabe below. We discuss EPT, Vh1′s ‘Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp’, and Warped Tour. ‘Like’ Gabe on Facebook, and follow him on Twitter. You can also ‘Like’ EPT on Facebook, and follow EPT on Twitter.
How has your EPT Spring Tour been going?
“It’s been so much fun. We’ve had highs and lows though. The bus broke down, the A.C. went out and made us all really hot, another night the heater broke and made us all freeze. We’ve been in snowy conditions, and warm conditions. We’ve played in front of small and big crowds. The whole experience has been crazy, and amazing.”
That sounds like quite the adventure! How did you come up with the Epic Proportions Tour?
“A business partner and I came up with the idea. The EPT Spring Tour obviously helps my career as a solo artist, but it also helps out the other bands we’re bringing on tour (Lost In Atlantis and Halocene). We wanted to present a packaged deal to colleges, high schools and the military. We were able to offer them a full concert experience at a very cheap price (compared to other tours). College’s budgets are so cut for entertainment we wanted to help out, and we play the high school shows for free. We want to help out the education system, and prove how important the arts are. We want to help the arts get their funding back!”
Since you’ve been playing a lot of high schools recently, do you remember what your favorite concert was that you saw while in HS?
“Oh man. I don’t know. I saw U2, and P.O.D as a kid. Those were both great shows. We didn’t have any concerts come and play at our high school, and that was the same situation for a lot of these kids. So the EPT Spring Tour gets to be the first concert a bunch of these kids see. It makes it really memorable.”
We know this is a super personal question, but what’s the personal connection between you and breast cancer?
“My mom passed away from breast cancer two and a half years ago. I was really involved in trying to research cures and any information I could get. The grieving process was a really difficult time for me. When I started up the EPT Spring Tour I reached out to Keep A Breast. I first noticed them about two years ago. They’re so passionate about cancer, and we’ve been working together. We support each other in whatever endeavor we’re doing. Check them out here.”
On a lighter note. What city are you most excited to play on Warped Tour this summer?
“I’m super excited to play Vegas! I’m also really excited to play in Pomona, because I’ve played Warped Tour there so many times. It will be great to be on a bigger stage than the Ernie Ball Stage!”
Which band playing Warped are you most excited to see?
“I’m a huge Chiodos fan, and I can’t wait to see Sleeping With Sirens. I’ll have to look at the list again, I know there’s a bunch of bands I’m really excited to see actually.”
You were just featured in AP Magazine. How many copies did you end up buying?
“[Laughs]. Actually, when the edition came out, our bus had just broke down, so I didn’t get to buy a copy until today. I finally have my first copy!”
What music are you currently working on?
“I just put out my new single “Bring the Fire Down” on my birthday in March. It goes in a very different direction than my “Let’s See What Happens…” EP. They’re both available on iTunes. I’m currently working on a new EP. I want to record this EP with a full band. I think it will give it a more rounded sound. I hope to record it at the end of the year. I have a lot of material I’ve been waiting to release on you guys! “
Can you tell us a bit about your time on ‘Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp’?
“I had just left my band, because of internal stuff, and I got a call from a friend asking me to do a blind audition for a VH1 reality show. I nailed my audition and made it onto ‘Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp’. We shot for about 15 hours each day on a central stage. It lasted about seven days. I got to learn from old school rockstars like Paul Stanley, Sammy Hagar, and Phil Collen. It was a blast. I was able to use that experience to promote my solo career. I’ve only been a solo artist for about a year and a half. It’s still all new to me!”
Speaking of TV, what’s your favorite TV show?
“Right now there are so many! I love ‘True Blood‘, ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Community’, ‘Modern Family’, etc!” - Honest Reviews Corner

"An Interview with Gabe Kubanda"

Have you heard of up-and-coming pop musician, Gabe Kubanda? Gabe is a singer and guitarist,
formerly of the group Letters Burning. Gabe, who was on tour last fall, was also featured on VH1's
Rock'n'Roll Fantasy Camp 2. He released a solo EP in 2011, titled "Let's See What Happens...".
Fans know Gabe not only for his musical skills, but also for his sense of humor. If you find a recent
picture of Gabe, he is probably making a funny face in it. And in a recent video chat, a fan asked Gabe to do the Hokey Pokey. Those who are familiar with Gabe can already guess what happened next...Gabe did the Hokey Pokey. I was able to interview Gabe recently about his musical career.

Q - Would you say your solo sound differs from the Letters Burning sound?

A - I classify my solo sound as Acoustic Pop, whereas my old Letters Burning days were more rock stuff. I love playing both styles, but this style is what's coming out of me these days. I like to grow as an artist, and not be stuck to a particular style for too long. Or at least change it up to stay fresh.

Q - You were in the studio recently, was this to record a single? Or do you have a new EP planned?

A - Yes, I was tracking at Tallcat Studios for a brand new single called "Someone", that will initially only be available to fans who come to the dates on this upcoming Epic Proportions Tour. This song will be bundled with a few songs from the other two bands I'm touring with, and will be exclusive to this tour. I do plan on releasing more singles throughout the year, and also want to release a full-length album later in the year.

Q - I really like your song writing, did you write all the songs on "Let's See What Happens..."?

A - Yes, I wrote all the songs and lyrics, however my engineer/producer Cory Barker co-wrote one of my favorite songs on the EP, "Without You".

Q - Do you have an idea how many shows you will get to do on your new tour?

A - I'll be playing approximately 28 shows, with a week of shows at SXSW in March.

Q - I wanted to ask you about the 2012 NAMM show also. How were you able to get into the party where Seether played?

A - NAMM was super fun, got to meet up with a lot of old friends and acquaintances. The Schecter party (with Seether and Filter) was really fun, and my good friends at Schecter and Planet LA hooked me up with some invites.

If you live in the Southwestern states, you will soon be able to see Gabe live! The Epic Proportions tour will run from March 1 - April 5 of this year. Gabe will be touring with two other acts, Thomas King, and Lost in Atlantis. They will be performing at colleges, high schools and military bases in the Southwest. For more information, please consult the Epic Proportions website: - Sarah Parke

"Gabe Kubanda - Founder, Epic Proportions Tour"

“Don’t try to imitate other bands that you love,” Kubanda said, “be yourself and really really work hard at crafting your own unique sound.”

As a founding member of Letters Burning, Gabe Kubanda released 3 EPs and was featured on Vans Warped Tour while playing with the band from 2003-2011. After his experience on VH1’s Rock N’ Roll Fantasy Camp in 2011, Kubanda decided to leave the band behind and try his hand at a solo career playing his own brand of “Acoustic Pop.” Kubanda released his solo debut EP, Let’s See What Happens..., that same year. Since then, he has co-founded Epic Proportions Tour and brings unsigned bands with him on tour. Kubanda is currently playing on Vans Warped Tour for his first time as a solo artist. - Grammy Pro


2015: Flow Fail Prevail (LP)

2015: Don't Be Lying (Single)

2013: Bring The Fire Down (Single)

2012: Someone (Single)

2011: Let's See What Happens... (EP)

Former Bands:

Attracted To Disaster (EP)

Simple Thoughts and Tragedy (EP)

Almost Midnight (EP)



Current Tour Dates @

Gabe is one of those rarities in the music industry – self-made, entrepreneurial, stays out of the red tape and lets his music and his actions speak for himself, and keeps on going.  Since leaving his former band of 7 years, being a featured castmember on Season 2 of VH1 Classic’s: Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp, creating the Epic Proportions Tour, and taking other bands with him on the road, he’s performed over 500 concerts, on 18 tours, played for our nations military, is an industry panelist at major music conferences, has performed on Vans Warped Tour, Summerfest, SXSW, CMJ Festival, NAMM and many more. The sophomore followup to his first EP “Let’s See What Happens…”, Flow Fail Prevail features 15 songs, including interludes, remixes, and a one-of-a-kind track featuring vocals from his fans, friends and bands. Look for Gabe and his Epic Proportions Tour in your city!


2015:  "FlowFailPrevail" (15 Song Album)

2015   "Don't Be Lying" (Single)

2013:  "Bring The Fire Down" (Single)

2012:  "Someone" (Single)

2011:  "Let's See What Happens..."  (5 Song EP)

Past Tours:

EPT Spring 2017 w Bristol To Memory

EPT Fall 2016 w Awake At Last, Bristol To Memory

EPT Summer 2016 w Captain Squeegee. Halocene
EPT Spring 2016 w Racing On The Sun, Empra
EPT Australia 2016: w Far Away Stables
EPT Fall 2015: w LUXXE, Luna Aura
EPT Summer 2015: w Halocene and Hour 24
EPT Spring 2015: w Captain Squeegee and Far Away Stables
EPT Fall 2014: w UFN and Hour 24
EPT Summer 2014: w Hour 24 and Halocene
EPT Spring 2014: w Halocene and Statues of Cats
EPT Fall 2013: - w Halocene, Cheating Daylight and Eclipses For Eyes
VANS WARPED TOUR 2013: Kevin Says Stage
EPT Spring 2013: - w Lost In Atlantis, Halocene, Take Me To The Pilot
EPT Fall 2012: - with Lost In Atlantis
EPT Summer 2012: - with School Boy Humor (Beneath The Sun) and Lost In Atlantis
EPT Spring 2012: - Thomas King and Lost In Atlantis 
EPT Fall 2011: - with Shiloh's Mantra

Sept 2011 - Present:  Solo Artist and Epic Proportions Tour Owner

May - Sept 2011:  

Musician/Castmember on Season 2 of VH1 Classic's Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp, with Paul Stanley (KISS), Duff McKagen and Matt Sorum (Guns N Roses, Velvet Revolver), Mark Hudson (Songwriter/producer for Ringo Starr, Aerosmith, etc), Eddie Kramer, Markey Ramone, Phil Collen (Def Leppard), and Sammy Hagar.

February 2005 - April 2011:

Founding member of Letters Burning, songwriter, lead guitarist, backing vocals, band manager, booking agent.
Released 3 EP's:
Almost Midnight: 2007
Simple Thoughts and Tragedy: 2008
Attracted To Disaster: 2009
Valley (Single): 2010
Won the Ernie Ball Battle Of The Bands twice for 2 Warped Tour slots (2008, 2010)
Won the Discmakers IMWS Awards
Won the Taco Bell "Feed The Beat" award
Booked and toured over 50 Hot Topic stores on the West Coast "Attracted To Disaster Tour"
Created, and booked the 40 date "Rock Your School Tour" with Alternative Press Magazine and YMI Jeans

April 2003 - 2004:  Noisefall

Feb 2001 - 2003:  Love Electric

March 1998 - 2001:  Seventh Gear

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