The Jalapeno Express

The Jalapeno Express


Country music with traditional warmth and drive. Additionally, given my Hispanic background several songs have spanish lyrics and putting Jalapeno in you Coleslaw!



Gabe was born and raised in the small farming town of Las Cruces, New Mexico. Gabe spent most of his adolescent life building adobe homes with his grandfather, brother, and cousins along the Rio Grande River. It was during this time that he started taking a true interest in music. Gabe remembers his grandfather dancing around the job site with a shovel, to a combination of traditional Mexican Rancheras and country music blaring from his cement spattered portable radio. Since those days, he dreamed of a day when his voice would be on the radio, and his grandfather could dance to his music.

Getting Started:

As time went on, Gabe would sing at weddings, fiestas, and family gatherings, but was fearful that his hopes of being a true performer were quickly passing him by. Never being one to give up, Gabe entered the 1992 TNN television “Be a Star” contest, where he was chosen over many contestants to be a top finalist. This was Gabe’s first brush with success in the music world, and the fuel he needed to launch his exciting career.

Awards and Radio Play:

After hearing Gabe on a home-recorded tape, Allen and David Frizzell encouraged Gabe to participate in the Gibson Guitar Road to Nashville Championships at the First Annual Lefty Frizzell Day in Corsicana, Texas. Gabe eagerly agreed and head out for Texas to compete against some of the nations finest. When the dust settled and local radio and television personalities tallied up the votes, Gabe was the clear winner! He was presented with an EJ-200 Epiphone Guitar, recording time, and an appearance on TNN Music City Tonight with Crook and Chase.

While in the studio, Gabe decided to record a remake of Lefty Frizzell’s hit song, “Love you a Thousand Ways”. The twist was, that Gabe would make it an up tempo version, with bilingual lyrics! In order to accomplish this, Gabe brought in long-time friend and music icon Little Richie Johnson, who produced and promoted numerous hits with Farron Young, Willie Nelson, and George Jones. Little Richie called in top musicians from Nashville, and blended them with authentic mariachis from New Mexico. This unique sound sent Gabe’s song charging up the international charts, and landed him his first top ten hit on the Independent Country charts. As a result of his rapid exposure and radio acceptance, Gabe was named Airplay International Male Rising Star at the King Eagle Radio Awards in Nashville, TN. Gabe’s single was heard in Denmark, Sweden, France, Australia, Germany and Spain. This marked the first time a Hispanic had ever won this award.

Gabe’s next single “Moonlight, Roses and Wine” went all the way to number one on the independent country charts, and quickly branded Gabe’s style as “putting a little jalapeno in your coleslaw”! The demand for copies of this single, sent Gabe into the studio to record his current album bearing the same title as this successful song. Little Richie has since past away, but Gabe dedicates this album and every live appearance to Richie and his dream of taking Gabe to the top.

Recently, Gabe was selected as the only country-act on the Hispanic Compilation CD “The Chicano Alliance”. This CD will target the Hispanic consumer and raise monies for the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. Gabe will be featured with such Spanish icons as Little Joe y La Familia, Malo, Tierra, and El Chicano.

Shows, Tours and Appearances:

Along with Gabe’s radio success in the independent world, he has also been the opening act for some pretty well known names, such as: Patty Loveless, Holly Dunn, Rhett Akins, Ken Mellons, Joe Diffie, The Dixie Chicks, Baker and Myers, America, and Rick Springfield.

Gabe has also been the headline act for some pretty high exposure promotions and shows as well. In 1996 Gabe was selected by Sonic Restaurants and Dr Pepper to be their honorary spokesperson for a program to help students stay in school. Gabe went on tour across the states of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, putting on concerts for high schools with the highest overall attendance for the year. The two sponsors provided Gabe with a tour bus, radio and television support, and a commercial that took a Silver Medal in the Houston Film Festival.

Next Gabe was selected to be the main act at the US Olympic Torch Ceremony held in Huntsville, AL at the US Space and Rocket Center. The event was sponsored by Coca-Cola simulcast across the southeast, and viewed by over 30 thousand people in the live Huntsville audience.

Gabe was selected for both the Dr Pepper tour and the Coca-Cola Olympic Torch Ceremony, as the result of his Hispanic heritage, and his ability to sing in both English and Spanish.

Gabe has also headlined the Whole Enchilada Fiesta in Las Cruces, NM, and the Albuquerque Balloon Festival. Both of these events have been previously headlined by such names as Selena, Brooks and Dunn, and Tejano legend Little Joe. Gabe’s October appearance there wa


Cowboy Up

Written By: Gabe Nieto

Cowboy Up
Written By: Gabe Nieto- GN Publishing SESAC

Rollin from town to town with winning on your mind
All you know is rodeo eight seconds at a time
Will you take the glory, or will you take the spill
All that really matters is, you’ve got to feed that thrill

Cowboy Up, Cowboy Up
Take the bull by the horns
Life as it comes
Cowboy Up, Cowboy Up

Throw your cards out on the table
It’s time to play the game
Buckle down and stand your ground
Tonight they’ll know your name

Cowboy Up, Cowboy Up
Take the bull by the horns
Life as it comes
Cowboy Up, Cowboy Up

When push comes to shove you’ve gotta stand tall
No matter what rank you’ve drawn
There’s no turning back and no compromise
Get up in that saddle and ride, ride, ride

Every Eyes upon you, you don’t have long to wait
So gather up your courage
And open up that gate, and

Cowboy Up, Cowboy Up
Take the bull by the horns
Life as it comes
Cowboy Up, Cowboy Up


Moonlight, Roses and Wine, Love on the Border.

Set List

Most stuff is original:
Cowboy Up
Moonlight, Roses and Wine
She's Been Known to Throw a Cowboy
Love You Too Much
Ride Cowboy Ride
Hombres No Deben Llorrar
Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero
Latin Lady
Love You a Thousand Ways
Another Loneley Road Song
La Bamba
It's Gonna Take Forever
El Paso Skyline
Sets range from 30 minutes to 2 hours