Gabe Rosen and the Good Enough Band

Gabe Rosen and the Good Enough Band


Gabe Rosen and The Good Enough Band blend Country, Folk, and Modern Rock to create a pleasing musical mix.


Chicago-based singer/songwriter Gabe Rosen has been writing and recording his own blend of country ballads and ramblin' acoustic numbers since he began performing acoustically in 2003.

'Long Time Away,' the debut full-length from Gabe Rosen and The Good Enough Band ( represents the culmination of a shared vision.

When Rosen and Drummer Jim Landeck combined their talents in early 2005, they began performing in the Chicago area as a duo. In early 2006 they were joined by Vocalist/Keyboardist Eric Chase and Bassist Scott Myers.

As the band continued performing regularly in the Chicago area, in October of 2006 they began work on their first full length CD at Shantyville Recording with Producer/Engineer Nick Eipers at the helm.

Beginning with the raucous hoedown rocker 'Since Arizona' and punctuated by the haunting melody of 'Strange,' Long Time Away winds its way through lonely highways and small town bars, all the while reveling in the journey itself.


2007 - Long Time Away

Set List

The following is a typical set-list for us:

Black Rose
Since Arizona
Long Time Away
Rotten Apple
Rockin In The Free World
Whatever Happened To You
Be A River
Sad Song
This Town
Good For Nothing
Last Call

This set is about 45-55 minutes, we often base it on how long each venue would like us to perform but are always prepared to play multiple sets.