Gabe Vitek and The Ivory

Gabe Vitek and The Ivory


Gabe Vitek and the Ivory put a fresh twist on "pop". The band is doing things that the the listener can't turn down. Gabe's writing is far ahead of his time for his young age. With melodies and lyrics that are sure to move you forward. The Ivory's live show takes showmanship to another level.


As the lights dim, a new light takes presence on stage. Full of energy and captivating. Moving and powerful. Another contribution is made in hopes of spreading love and positive energy in new forms to the audience. For Gabe Vitek and the Ivory, it’s not about the spotlight or the glory of being performers. It is about sharing emotions and ideas along with a love for rhythm, melody and energy through music. Gabe Vitek and the Ivory truly explores new avenues to share the messages of hope and love to their audience. Growing up in a small town, Gabe was somewhat disconnected from commercial pop culture, allowing him to create music untainted by superfluous vices. Gabe seems to be creating a commercial genre that contains a bit more edge, intricacy, honestly and reality. Songs like Simple Complexity and Frozen in Time sum up real human emotions in a way that is easy for listeners to connect and sympathize with. Catchy piano riffs and beautifully selected lyrics fit together better than puzzle pieces and take listeners to familiar places as Gabe chronicles important times in his life that have shaped who he has become. Gabe and his band have spent a lot of time in the studio perfecting their craft and striving to become better performers with each day, but playing to an audience will always be Gabe’s true muse. Music remains a fine art for the artist and does not become diluted with politics or ego. Gabe Vitek and the Ivory is truly passionate about music and always “fights the good fight”. -Athens Journalist, James Rice

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On August 1st, Gabe Vitek and The Ivory released their first EP, Self Titled, on iTunes.

Currently, the single "Bourbon Street" is playing on Nashville's "Lightning 100"

Set List

Gabe Vitek and The Ivory's typical set list last around an hour and fifteen minutes. They play ten to twelve songs, most if not all originals. Occasionally, they will play a couple of covers such as "Fifty Ways To Lose Your Lover" by Paul Simon or "Roxanne" by The Police.