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"They Call Him, Little Gabe"

Press Releases;

-A Blues Prodigy-

Little Gabe is 13-year old Gabriel Lambirth, who only picked up the guitar and started playing about three years ago and started performing live about a year ago. At the tender age of 13, Gabriel Lambirth is being requested to play and sing at Blues Festivals and clubs around the Bay Area and even out of state. And at this tender age he is playing and singing well beyond his years--at Saturday's Vallejo Blues Festival he sang, "They Call it Stormy Monday," a song way beyond his years. But he sang and played not for children but with the authority and conviction of an adult. Yet at Little Gabe's tender age his parents must accompany him to his concerts.
On a soft autumn day, in a park near the bay in Old Vallejo, I caught up with Little Gabe as he was performing last Saturday at the Vallejo Blues & Heritage Festival. Amidst vendor booths and an integrated audience, they cheered to a music genre that is so much a part of black people and the black experience in this nation. That music genre is the Blues!
Little Gabe stands about 5'8", 110lbs; so he is not exactly little, but he is still a young boy with braces on his teeth, a voice that is still changing, and clearly a young boy in his personal demeanor and appearance. Yet when on stage with his guitar, he shows great potential--he has no stage fright or nervousness that even some older and well-experienced musicians often have; his composure is uncommon for young talents his age. And part of his act is his developing Jimi Hendrix showmanship: as he plays his guitar behind his back and walks off stage, playing to the seated and standing audience.
Black Diamond Blues Festival
The City of Pittsburg, California and the Bay Area Blues Society sponsored the Black Diamond Blues Festival on Memorial Day weekend. The two-day festival was held on a downtown street and featured local groups and nationally known headliners. Although attendance was sparse, the weather cooperated with comfortable temperatures both days. Since funding was a problem for the past several years, the festival organizers were hampered by a lack of publicity for this rejuvenated effort dubbed "The Return Of The Blues." Fans were treated to some wonderful performances and it was definitely a success for those of us fortunate enough to be there.
“twelve-year old Gabriel Lambirth on guitar who is amazingly proficient and definitely someone to watch as a future star on the blues scene”

see the article in its entirety at
- Frank Jones

"Hayward Russell City Blues Festival"

July 14, 2005
2nd Day 7/10/05
Little Gabe and the Visionz of
Tomorrow. Gabriel Lambirth is Thirdteen and in the eighth. He plays guitar like a dream. Playing with him was 16 year old Travis McGee on bass. The announcer did say that the drummer was twenty-six. This was a power trio of the Freddie King kind. Gabe covered himself with glory and hot licks.
- Dorthy Hill

"2005 Point Richmond Music"

The 2005 Point Richmond Music season is behind us. We had a great year of music by some outstanding performers. The September 10 music and art festival drew several thousand attendees for a full day of sunshine, a wide array of art and crafts, and the music of nine bands. Legendary bluesman, Jimmy McCracklin brought the crowd to their feet at the close of the show. Jimmy not only drew blues lovers from around the bay area, but also his good friend Bonnie Raitt who came to surprise him.

"The Globe "Little Gabe trying to fill some big shoes in blues""

The Globe
Little Gabe trying to fill some big shoes in blues
By Eldridge “Big Cat” Tolefree

Gabriel Lambirth, known around these parts as Little Gabe, isn’t sure why folks call him that, because he’s not little at 5’8”. In any case, the young man has the potential to become an extraordinary guitarist in many genres of music.

The 14-year-old blues prodigy has been well groomed by his parents, (mom, a medical doctor, and dad, an IT engineer). They deserve most, if not all the credit for creating such a prize gem.
Little Gabe is a tremendous young talent, but he needs to play for a couple of more years. He’s got some developing and growing up to do before I can crown him the next B.B. King.
I saw Gabriel on stage with blues legend Jimmy McCracklin a little while back, and the kid definitely has the physical tools to become a superstar in music or television. He looked at home on stage at the festival in Richmond.
I hope his label allows him time to grow as a student of blues, because in time, everything Little Gabe touches will turn platinum or gold. If he hangs around long enough in the fickle music industry, he’ll have no choice but to experience the low-down dirty blues. To play blues is one thing, but to understand it makes it real.
If you get a chance, go see Little Gabe perform live and see what all the fuss is about. His new Raindrops album will be released this summer.
Please support our young people and all forms of expression. Art does matter. For more information visit
- Eldridge “Big Cat” Tolefree


Still working on that hot first release.



Gabriel Lambirth was born in Oakland California 1992, 11 years later he started playing guitar but before the guitar he had a few other ambitions. First he was heavily into the visual arts and piano. He didn’t practice too much on piano though. When he turned 11 that’s when he got a guitar. After one year of playing he learned how to play “purple haze” by Jimi Hendrix. A bassist named Ted Wysinger heard him playing in Guitar Center and invited him to a gig in Lake Merritt. This was Gabriel’s first gig where he played purple haze and made 25 dollars tips. After that he started performing normally with Lacey Baker and the Black Diamond Band. After about a year and half he started performing with various artists. The second group he played with was in a bar called Ricky’s. The group’s name was RaiderHead. They are hardcore raider fans. He performed voodoo child and purple haze. The second time he performed with them was when he really became a performer. When he played purple haze, he played with his teeth, behind his head, and on his knees. The crowd went wild that night. After these two club gigs he finally performed a festival. At this festival he played in back of Bobby Rush and still did a great performance. While this was all going on he was also doing frequent clubs gigs at a club called Coaches located in Pinole. He still frequently performs there. Then once again he was heard at Guitar Center and was asked to join Visionz of Tomorrow, a young R&B group from Richmond California. The group won the first annual youth talent show. The next festival he performed was at Hayward “Russell City Blues Festival”. He formed his own group this time and sung for the first time to a large crowd. He played Smokestack Lightnin’ by Howlin’ Wolf, Driving Wheel by Junior Parker, Red house by Jimi Hendrix, and an instrumental version of Hoochie Coochie Man by Muddy Waters. At this festival he opened for Guitar Shorty, an extreme influence on both Jimi Hendrix and Gabriel. He had now been playing guitar for about two years now and had been performing at Coaches a whole lot. Ted Wysinger then arranged a rehearsal with legendary Jimmy Mckracklin a member of the rock ‘n’ roll hall and fame. Gabriel’s first gig with him was at Biscuits and blues. The second gig with Jimmy was The 2005 Point Richmond Day Long Summer Music Festival . At this gig he met Bonnie Raitt who was totally impressed with his playing style. After this he was once again asked to join another group at guitar center. The group was Dahrio Wonder and Oblivion bass player Dewey Tucker invited Gabriel to a rehearsal. Gabriel quickly jumped on to the songs. The type of music they play is R&B/ Neo-soul with a lot of lead guitar on top of it. Because of Gabriel’s thick blues background he created great music with the group. The group performed a very nice gig for Valentines Day and their performance was great. Lately Gabriel has been working on an album and preparing for his future gigs. Gabriel has been playing for two and a half years.

At the 2005 33rd Annual San Francisco Blues Festival had chance of a lifetime meeting the great Hubert Sumlin back stage. Gabe brought his axe; Hubert had Gabe play for him. There was another band playing on the stage and you could hear the music in the background so Gabe soloed on top of their song for Hubert. Hubert was very impressed and wanted to let Gabe on the stage with him but his management wouldn’t let him. Hubert said he’d look forward to playing with him one day.

The future for Gabriel looks bright; he’s currently working in the studio on his new album Raindrops that will be released this summer. The Bay Area Blues Society will award Gabe with "The best new Blues Artist" at it annual awards show.