Gabriel and the Apocalypse

Gabriel and the Apocalypse

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Longevity comes from doing something different and having artistic integrity. We are here to surprise and inspire. Gabriel and the Apocalypse- creative, original, visual, artistic, strong and here!


Gabriel and the Apocalypse released "Into the Afterglow" a full length album in 2009, to much acclaim. Their single, "Hey You" was voted #7 song of 2009 on Minnesota's 93X "Loud and Local". "Hey You" was also published for use on MTV/Microsoft's Rock Band Network.

In 2010 the band continued to play and expand their fan base playing shows throughout the midwest with National Acts such as Flyleaf, Otep, American Head Charge, Mushroomhead, Combichrist, We are the Fallen, Soil, Lords of Acid, Ventana, Pearl, Thrill Kill Kult and many more. In addition, the band has recently been featured on the Jesse James Off Road DVD series and in 2010,

GATA signed with Artist Devolopment and Management Firm, The Inner Light Agency. Damon Moreno of iLA says "Gabriel and theApocalyspe has real originality and unique sound. They've proven they are ready to work hard and that music is they're life. Still, the best is yet to come! This band has so much to give and it's truly awesome.

Most recently GATA has finalized a distribution deal with In Grooves/UMG.. The band recently released their third full length record entitled "new World disAsteR". The first single released was entitled "LIKE GoD" featuring Rick "ST1TCH" Thomas of Mushroomhead/Ventana. GATA launched the album in Fall 2011 with a fullscale midwest tour alongside American Head Charge. 2011 was proven to be a giant step froward for GATA which landed them the title of BAND OF THE YEAR through the MN rock station, Rockin 101.


new World disAsteR (2011)

Into the Afterglow (2009)

Self-Titled (2005)