gabriel galvin

gabriel galvin


lush and colorfull orchestration, a refreshing blend of pop and poetry embellishing Classic pop structure with melodic rhythmic phrasing. Gabriel Galvin creates empathic sing along vocals in a marriage of melancholy lyrics creating a defined and coherent musical statement uniquely gabriel galvin.


Song is craft again, and we meet Gabe Galvin. His new work, "Songs for a Red Haired Girl", is proof that one man can do it all: write, perform, record, engineer, produce, and master. Galvin is a pop - pusher to the core and he sits quite comfortably driving through this cavernous and malleable medium. The arrangements lush orchestration is brimming with color and scope, set against a warm, rich baritone that spurns melancholy lyrics to complete an aural weave reminiscent of Bacharach or Specter. Sorrow and fragility are treated with candor and insight rather than declarations of defeat which create an uplifting quality that echos the music's pop sensibility. Galvin's personality permeates through each song giving form and purpose to every note.



Written By: gabriel scotto

oh, life has been fine so far, ive taken it with a stride. thats not to say, that there hasn't been times i've cried. there's been times i've fallen into my own arms and thought that i had died, but i'm doing fine, fine enough for goodbye, goodbye.
never looked for love before, but love found me and beat me sore but, i'm doing fine, though i think about it time to time and i should be grateful that when i die i won't be around to know whether or not she cried for me. i'm lucky, for me i'm lucky i can say goodbye, goodbye.