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"...You could call him a male Ani DiFranco...His songwriting depicts attitude and edge. You won't get any sappy Mayeresque tracks here...A refreshing listen - 4 stars." - Discovering Artists

"Gabriel James"

“...Tightly packed with extravagant arrangements and excellent playing. Highest caliber of talent and musicianship.” - Mary Rudy, Music Reviews

"A Must Hear"

"...[Gabriel's] songs succeed for many of the same reasons [Ani] DiFranco's do--they're confessional, intelligent tunes propelled by a slightly offbeat, funkified delivery..." - The Onion, Minneapolis

"Dance Songs for the Narcoleptic"

"...Gabriel combines his mesmerizing style, catchy hooks, and a sense of humor. Smart lyrics add to the mix as Gabriel writes of human emotion, love, sorrow, and jealousy. I recommend it for fans of Jazz influenced folk rock..." - Rikk's Revues

"In the Hands of Fools"

"Gabriel James has a very contagious vocal style with lyrics that have a bite to them...People that are seeking independent releases with depth and meaning set to quality music will continually turn to artists like Gabriel James..." - Keith Hannaleck,

"Get This NOW."

"Gabriel James’ sophomore album is jazzy pop-rock at its very finest...His songwriting abilities to be sure are brilliant but it’s his voice that’s going to attract most singer/songwriters to attempt to copy his style. Beautiful. Get this now." - J Sin,


LP: Fits to Pitch, 2007
Released - July, 2007
LP: In the Hands of Fools, 2005
Released January 2005
LP: Dance Songs for the Narcoleptic, 2003
Released May, 2003



:: Gabriel and his band just finished the official release of his 3rd studio album, "Fits to Pitch"

Two tracks from "Fits to Pitch" have just been place for the upcoming season of PBS' Roadtrip Nation, and six tracks from "In the Hands of Fools" were included in the 2007 season!

:: The Artist ::
Gabriel James is a Minneapolis singer-songwriter backed by a gifted group of funk jazz musicians. With an extensive roster of clubs and venues strewn across the U.S., Gabriel has followed-up his refreshing songwriting style with intense live performances since 2002. It’s all about the music: Gabriel and Grass Root Records have produced and hosted the Midwest Songwriter Showcase in Minneapolis since 2005, and he continues to promote and facilitate independent local music as vigorously as his own.

:: The Album ::
“Adults are just obsolete children and the hell with them.” (Dr. Seuss.)
When most people hear the words, ‘concept album,’ they immediately assume there’s and off-the-wall story and characters that will need to be remembered--as though the concept will be testing them when the CD stops. Fits to Pitch, Gabriel’s 3rd studio album, is different; it is a concept album in much the same way as Dark Side of the Moon. Written primarily in 2006, “It wasn’t until I started mixing,” says Gabriel, “that the concept slapped me in the face and said, ‘oh, by the way, you realize all these songs are about growing up, right?’” From that point, 'Fits' focused itself on the ideas of youth: the bliss of ignorance, the sacrifices made for responsibility, how we all stub out toe in the same ways when it comes to love, and the loss of our ability to let go and dream once in a while.
“I don’t expect to move mountains with this. But if it makes a few people stop and realize that youth never really goes away, that you can grow up without growing old, that’s as much as I would ever ask for.”

Gabriel James was recently serviced to national college and independent radio, with over 200 radio stations spinning the record (information provided by TinderBox Music, Minneapolis).

Video from the entire 'Fits to Pitch' CD release show can be found on