Gabriel Kane vs MATT B

Gabriel Kane vs MATT B


Stripping away the layers of a convential band we bring an original fresh perspective to music creation. Mixing acoustic/electric guitar & vocal with electronic music the response has been overwhelming. Curious onlookers are quickly brought in to a unique visual and sonic experience.


Meeting 2 years ago at an afterparty for the Detroit Electronic Music Festival we learned we had a similar liking in song creation. After a few initial get togethers it was apparent we were on to something. After almost two years together and plenty of live shows the crowd response has been incredible. People are used to seeing a conventional 4-5 piece band and are suprised when the music comes from just two of us.
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We have over 25 tracks written and are recording a cd, out soon.

Set List

Mostly originals with mabey 2 or 3 covers. We have enough material for over 2 hours.