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Gabrielle Louise

Salida, Colorado, United States

Salida, Colorado, United States
Band Folk Singer/Songwriter


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"A Peaceful Solution by Gabrielle Louise"

"Gabrielle Louise is a deceiving package. Though young and beautiful, the guitar-playing singer/songwriter sounds like an older woman. Her pop/country blend is distinctly adult-contemporary in flavor and boasts mature lyrics. Lovers of folk music will appreciate Louise's strong voice, which she uses with equal success on stunning high notes and rumbling lows." - Willie Nelson's Peace Research Institute

"Traveling Minstrels Featured at Jackson Hole Hoot"

"Rynhart and Gabrielle Louise play and sing original songs in what they describe as an "Americana/folk/roots style" for fans who enjoy "genre elasticity, thoughtful, lyrical music, and the occasional Leonard Cohen cover." They both write, and between them they play an array of instruments that includes guitars, a mandolin, a traditional irish flute, a piano, and a ukelele.
The two musicians have toured extensively as solos and as members of various bands before joining forces last summer to tour together. Gabrielle Louise first hired Rynhart to play with her as a side man, but says "I found myself outrageously inspired by David's songwriting and his ability to color music in so many ways, with so many instruments." This February they're touring as a duo, with equal billing. In October, they released their first CD together, Live in Coal Creek Canyon.
Gabrielle Louise gives a poetic account of her childhood: "I was raised in a series of small Western towns, the daughter of two gypsy musicians who frequently uprooted to travel the United States in a retro Airstream with some seriously cool rainbow curtains."
Inspired by her parents, she began to play the guitar and sing at "A very young age," she says. "Iwas especially inspired by my mother, who sang old folk songs and Emmylou [Harris] songs." Gabrielle Louise fronted the family band, MotherGabrielle, before striking out on her own. She also admits to being influenced by Joni Mitchell.
Along the way, she found time for some formal education in music at Boston's Berklee College of Music. She released her first album, Journey, while still at the school. Since then there have been two more CDs, Around in Circles in 2007, and her most recent record, Cigarettes for Sentiments. She has toured from Boston and New York to San Francisco, and has shared stages with Guy Clark, Patty Larkin, The Infamous Stringdusters, and Jimmy Ibbotson of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, among others.
Last October, Gabrielle Louise played a "handful of pubs and hotels in Ireland," but "not anything to write home about," she says modestly. It's Rynhart, she points out, who has the European-touring credentials...
In the summer of 2008 Rynhart released a live album, A Simple Life, which hardly seems to describe his own life on the road. In November, he toured Europe...playing in France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, England, Scotland, and Ireland.
Rynhart and Gabrielle Louise are making their current tour in a van converted to run on vegetable oil. - John B Cooke: Stepping Out-Jackson Hole News and Guide

"The Peripatetic Life Of Gabrielle Louise"

"Articulate and gifted, Gabrielle Louise... is an artist who comes to music from a literary vantage point, first and foremost...But the lyrics standing alone are only part of the story...As a vocalist Gabrielle Louise dives deep into her songs, exploring them in a warm, sturdy voice reminiscent at times of Joni Mitchell...especially in the falsetto flights and lower register swoops...She executes a captivating balance of heartache and resolve."

--David McGee, has written for rolling stone, pro sound news, spin...currently the country music editor at (New York City, New York)
- David McGee, (NYC)

"Michael Martin Murphey Quote"

“Gabrielle Louise sings and writes songs on the highest plane. Her lyrics are poetic and her singing is nothing short of amazing!” - Country Singer Michael Martin Murphey

"Gabrielle Louise at the Black Rose Acoustic Society"

“The lady is a singer/songwriter par excellence. She is noted for her poignant lyrics, and is a two-time John Lennon songwriting contest finalist. Gabrielle also brandishes an astonishing voice that is reminiscent of a young Joan Baez or Joni Mitchell.”

- Charlie Vervalin, The Black Rose (Colorado Springs)

"Gabrielle Louise is a Deceiving Package"

Gabrielle Louise is a deceiving package.

Though young and beautiful, the guitar-playing singer/songwriter sounds like an older woman. Her popcountry blend is distinctly adult-contemporary in flavor and boasts mature lyrics.

Lovers of folk music will appreciate Louise’s strong voice, which she uses with equal success on stunning high notes and rumbling lows.

Louise is in her early 20s, but she has plenty of experience in her field. Raised in the Pikes Peak region, she is the daughter of Paul Sadler III, a guitarist for country music star Michael Martin Murphey, and singer Pamela Jackson.

Encouraged by her musical parents, Louise began performing at age 12.
Louise is a two-time finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting contest. - By J. Adrian Stanley, The Gazette (Colorado Springs)

"Gabrielle Louise's 'Journey'"

...Louise originally released a five song EP in 2005 titled "Amber and Black," upon which she planned to add five songs and debut as her first full-length album. But once she started writing and recording, 10 fresh songs came out, which became "Journey."
The album is just that-- a journey through different musical genres and Louise's Life. Influenced by artist from The Beatles to Joni Mitchell, Louise's music is firmly rooted in country and Irish folk music.
"The title track, 'Journey,' allows me to branch out into a lot of different genres," Gabrielle said. "(The album) is all me, but with different flavors. That's what I'm most excited about, my exploration. My journey, if you will."

The journey to cut the album began last August with Engineer Tim Mitchell, who has credits on the new Bob Dylan album. Louise said everything just clicked at once, and she began traveling to New York City up to three times a week from Boston to record the album with Mitchell.
Recording with bass player Andres Roth, who co-wrote some of the songs, six months later "journey" was released on Cinema Song Productions.
The album is deeply rooted in Louise's ties with Colorado,and the natural beauty of the countryside that is reflected in her music. "(Colorado) is symbolic of hos my music sounds," Gabrielle Louise said. "It's like the outdoors. Clean. No distortion."
The track "Where I Belong" is a direct reference to Colorado, and Louise's desire to be home. Louise said often being away in Boston and traveling on the Road makes her yearn for the simplicity of her small, technology-free apartment in Cotopaxi.

The most powerful aspect of Gabrielle Louise's album is her pristine voice, which cuts sharply through the melodies on the album....
...Gabrielle Louise will be playing the Collegiate Peaks Music Festival on Aug. 19th in Buena Vista and is Performing at Coyotes toward the end of the summer. For more information on Gabrielle Louise, visit
- By David Young, The Canon City Daily Record


"Journey" August, 2006

"Around in Circles EP", August, 2007

"Cigarettes for Sentiments" August, 2008

"Live in Coal Creek Canyon" January, 2009



PLEASE VISIT for live video gallery! Watching what the Gabrielle Louise Show presents live will give you the best idea of what kind of act you are considering booking.

Gabrielle Louise is a nationally touring troubadour noted for her poignant lyrics (a two-time John Lennon Songwriting Contest finalist, winner of the Jack Maher Songwriting Award) and lush voice. The daughter of two gypsy musicians, Gabrielle inherited the genetic predisposition to wanderlust and song.

She has toured and recorded with a wide variety of configurations, but all presentations fall under the creative umbrella of "The Gabrielle Louise Show." Variety is the ticket. Don’t be surprised to catch a tango performance by the dancers who frequent her shows, or an exhibit by a local artist or photographer. She can be found serenading and storytelling around the country, sometimes solo, sometimes with a full band in tow. Most recently she's done a lot of collaborating with David Rynhart-- fellow songwriter and creative craftsman. For these duo appearances, David adds lovely vocal harmonies, guitar work and piano.

Gabrielle Louise's music is anchored deeply in folk, but undeniably drawn to rich harmonies and melodic adventurism. Her sound has the earthy feel of early Joni Mitchell while also veering into the spirited delivery of fellow genre-hopping artist Martin Sexton. Unafraid to take a random musical escapade in the name of inspiration, Gabrielle is at one moment folkie and ethereal, the next moment a smoky jazz chanteuse. She has 100% independently released four records, Journey (2006), Around in Circles, the E.P. (2007), Cigarettes for Sentiments (2008), and Live in Coal Creek Canyon (2009).

Gabrielle's music has been best appreciated in listening atmospheres with introspective, attentive crowds. She is striving to communicate more soul than special effect and gently entice her listener to release their grip on the status quo. In a music industry that tends to view its artists as either super-stars or failures, Gabrielle aims to break the trend by offering her creative personality as-is, a professional presentation of her private journaling.

As a performer and songwriter, Gabrielle has made a commitment towards the environment. In 2007, she released a single, "Save the Arkansas" that seeks to bring awareness to a dire environmental situation that is threatening the health and safety of the Arkansas River Watershed. Having both grown up and worked as a raft guide on the Arkansas, maintaining the purity of its waters is very important to her.

Recently, Gabrielle has been getting deeply involved in the world of alternative fueling. She tours in a Veggie Van, affectionately dubbed "Vita," using what would be thrown out restaurant grease to fuel the tour vehicle! To read about how she does this click here. Gabrielle Louise and her tour manager, Chris Garre, give workshops along the way, explaining to interested environmentalists how the technology works to convert and run a vehicle on used grease.

When Gabrielle Louise isn't performing, she's most likely tango dancing, hiking a mountain, or jumping off a cliff into some summer river.