Gabriel Mann

Gabriel Mann


Piano-based melodic rock, in the vein of the Police, Elvis Costello, and Peter Gabriel. Big melodies, real songs.


The main thing you should know about Gabriel Mann is that he's a good guy. The next thing you should know is that he writes and performs his songs while retaining a sense of humor, a grip on reality, and a need for honesty. His songs are both intensely personal and universal, intricate, yet catchy. Mann truly sounds like no one else, at once gentle and breathy, and in the next moment soaring and powerful.

Mann has done just about everything there is to do in the music world, including composing scores for video games and TV shows. He produced Sara Bareilles' Careful Confessions, wrote songs for Fox's Arrested Development, opened for Alanis Morissette's European tour and for Jamie Cullum here in the States, sang all the island fare in Office Space, and opened for the Rolling Stones while playing with Tim Burgess. Somewhere in there he finds time to make his own records.
Mann's songs have been licensed to many TV shows and films, and garnered several awards, including the Overall Grand Prize in the 2003 USA Songwriting Competition for "Lighted Up." Radio & Records named Gabriel one of their "Artists to Watch for 2005," and he's one of Music Connection's top 100 Unsigned Artists in Los Angeles. Most recently, he won the Just Plain Folks Awards 2nd prize in the College Rock Album category (out of over 25000 albums).
Mann's first record came out in 1999, and his fifth, a full-length album of all new material, will be released early 2007.


ok alone

Written By: gabriel mann

I opened up your letter
When things were looking good
You said goodbye in glitter
I guess I knew you would

Be the kind with hearts on her i’s
You’re the junior prom queen in disguise
You can go now that I know
That I will be okay alone

I took you out to dinner
Romance and candlelight
2 pills and bottled water
Suppress your appetite

It’s the way your telephone rings
When I’m sharing an epiphany
You should go now that I know
That I will be okay alone

You made me feel
Like I was someone you loved for real
But now I find that you’re
Handing out your candy valentines all over town
A complete letdown

So I tore up your letter
I lit a cigarette
No reason to remember
So easy to forget

All the times you straightened my hair
Now I stay home watching millionaire
All day, I think I can say
That I will be I will be okay alone


Careen - 2000
Tug of War - 2002
Lighted Up - Live in Studio EP 2004
Gabriel Mann - Eponymous - 2005