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"Anthems & Intimacies Album Review"

“With less of the anthems mentioned in the title and more of the intimacies, Gabriel’s Day have produced an accomplished debut album. The record strides wit the melodies of the Finn brothers and is heavy with the lyrical insight of Paul Kelly. It’s full of honesty and emotion, yearning with the coy, British vocals of Daniel Simmons. Gabriel’s Day are two-thirds Australian and one-third British, which is obvious in their melding of laidback instrumentation and earnest confessions. They formed in Sydney and after writing what would become Anthems & Intimacies in Oz, ventured to London to have the album recorded by Rainmaker: a pair of producers who have worked with bands from The Clash to Ash. The result is a record garnished by clear production. With each song allowed to step forward and open out into an enthralling installment of blemished romance and undeniable beauty. It plays with a level of effortless perfection that doesn’t sound contrived, but is instead complemented by a sense of spontaneous enthusiasm. Starting the album, Swansong is a mellow strum of guitars met by an electric hook and is iced by a bruised take on the standard boy-meets-girl song formula. Lights Out , on the other hand, rides an insistent bass line with choppy guitars and a vocal that stutters out “hail the lairs and the ch ch ch ch ch ch cheats,” with rushed urgency before the words “lights out” are dragged forward as if the song has all the time in the world. Three Wishes sounds like Coldplay and is embellished by a rising cello part, while Kite flying is completed by an American Indian-like round. The album stand-out however is found in eth subtleties of Series Of Twelve, which begins with a melody borrowed from Silent Night, and ends the same way after a climatic vocal that reminds me of Oasis. Set for radio success, Gabriel’s Day have made a debut album that tugs at sunshine while its Britpop vocals roll around in lush melodies. It’s certainly worth a listen.” Drum Media.

- Drum Media

"Anthems & Intimacies Album Review"

“The Sydney based trio impress with their debut effort. It features a mix of emotive ballads and sweeping rock tracks that get better with every listen. The first single Swansong is a brilliant effort, along with the achingly beautiful Faith & Four Letter Words and the melodic Tattooed You. Their bruised emotion has been compared to Coldplay, while singer Daniel Simmons is vocally reminiscent of Adam Duritz (Counting Crows). With the emergence of acts like Gabriel’s Day and Little Birdy, the Aussie rock scene has never looked healthier. Four Stars” Elizabeth Napoli, NW Magazine - NW Magazine

"Anthems & Intimacies Album Review"

“With comparisons to the likes of Coldplay and Paul Kelly being thrown around, Sydney-based trio Gabriel’s Day had quite a bit to live up to with this UK-recorded debut. Their atmospheric, at times moody brand of thinking pop takes you a couple of spins to sink in – you wont be pumped up for a night out after hearing haunting opener Swansong or the brilliant Mrs Turner. But this is a strong first-up collection marked by a sprinkling of stunning tracks. Three and a half stars”. Kathy McCabe, Daily Telegraph. - Kathy McCabe, Daily Telegraph


Album: Anthems & Intimacies released November 2004.
First Single: Swansong.
Spot Play on JJJ, MMM, FBI and all regional stations in Australia (most regionals was on low to high rotation)
Second Single: If
Video was played on every major video channel in Australia

Liars and The Cheat Remix September 2005.
Rotation on FBI, RRR, ZZZ and many more

Album: Postcards To The Independent Released April 2006
First Single Deliverance - Rotation FBI, RRR, RTR, Edge FM, C91.3, PBS, Joy FM.
Second Single Fire Flight
FBI, RRR, RTR, Edge, PBS, Joy, Spots on triple j.
Third single Sulphur Lines (remix) available as a free download backstage at


Feeling a bit camera shy


Have you heard the growing story about the Alternative Independent Sydney band Gabriel’s Day? Well Rolling Stone, The Daily Telegraph and Billboard Magazine have and now its your turn. So sit back, relax, take a sip of your latte and enjoy their tale.

Once upon a time there was a band…….
that didn’t fit the label system, but instead of just sitting around getting bitter about it, they decided to find a new way to rewrite the rules. Go to their website and you’ll find the Backstage Area, a space where the band goes around the traditional routes and goes directly to their audience via Usync – the system that they the band initially built with money raised from their own fans- that Rolling Stone claims is laying the foundation of ‘a digital revolution’, ‘its Myspace but the next stage on’.

Billboard Magazine in the UK and US is calling their fresh approach the ‘vanguard of an Alternative Independent movement’. ‘Alternative Independence’ is an emerging global network of artists choosing to reduce their reliance on the traditional players, by connecting directly with their audiences via new technologies. As bass player and singer Scott Mesiti says: ‘We just got frustrated, like so many other bands like us that are friends of ours, by the industry for 5 years telling us NO all the time. Literally told to change our haircuts in the UK, A&R men with their feet on the desks, people with opinions that didn’t add up, until we thought why not just ‘reinvent’ the system so that we can wake up everyday and go straight to our fans’

After two singles and 3 extensive tours in 2006 Gabriel’s Day have just done a fresh mix of Sulphur Lines. Mixed by Tony Buchan, one of Australia’s most respected producers, the Sulphur Remix has been mastered at Sterling Sound in New York (Dave Mathews, Coldplay, Silverchair).
Gabriel’s Day have offered the Sulphur Lines remix as a free download to their members backstage at and is available now.

For any enquiries please email