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The best kept secret in music



Gabriels Fallen smokes the competition. Like a tsunami washing over a concrete paradise, Gabriels Fallen splatters everything in its path. Combining the best of early era Metallica with a sweet dose of hardcore, this is one angel that's going down tough.....

Heidi Siegmund Cuda – LA Times


I'm really liking these guys sound. Reminds me of "Avenged Sevenfold" in a way. Drums are really kicking on this album. Though I'm not a huge fan of 'punk'. This punk-metal stuff is starting to grow on me. Seems more upbeat and creative. Guitars on this album remind me of like a melodic-metal sound mixed together with a pinch punk. My main problem with punk bands is the repetition. It satisfies me to hear Gabriels Fallen not doing this. The production of this album is really good as well. Its always nice to hear every part portion of the band and not having one drown out the other... I had a buddy of mine who is real into punk listen to a few songs. His opinion was the drums and instruments were awesome... 'Hell Is For Heroes' was a good listen. Overall I'm satisfied and I look forward to hearing some more tunes from these guys.



gabriel's fallen do it SO good live!!!!!!!!!!!
if you like the recordings, you will LOVE these boys live and in person! the music is obvioulsy well rehearsed and the performances are exciting and FULL of energy.

sue landolfi, LA promoter (the viper room, the roxy, the mint, good hurt, etc)


My name is Tasha Lahera. I'm from Las Vegas, NV. I'm 20 and I attend UNLV. I didn't just add the band back to be nice - I really thought they were good! I don't represent musicians who have a lack of talent - it goes against my morals. Their sound is just rock enough, just upbeat enough, not too intricate, but not simple. It's really easy to get into.


I've listened to a few of your songs now, and I'm totally diggin' your sound. I've never heard of you before My Space, but now that I have and have heard your music I would definitely go to one of your shows. If you have a site where I and hear some more of your music and would like to send it to me that would be great! I see you'll be at the Cheyenne Saloon in Las Vegas, NV on Feb. 17...I will definitely be there! I live right off of Cheyenne, so I'll have no excuse for not attending. lol. You guys sound great, so keep it up! Besides, my son's name is Gabriel, so "you had me at hello". lol.

Missy O'Connor
Las Vegas, NV


Gabriels Fallen Rocks! Not to mention the guys in the band are Hot!

Christi Smith
Manhattan Beach


Gabriels Fallen is a great band! My favorite song is Driven. It represents so many expiriences I've had. I had the pleasure of attending the show at the Key Club and not only do these guys rock but they put on a GREAT show!!!!! I LOVE these guys.....

Holly Fuller
San Diego, CA


So I listened to all the songs so I could figure out just what to say. First, "Destroy Myself" is my new favorite song. I hesitate to compare you to anyone else because every artist is unique (at least we hope so) and you guys are definitely that. There is a definite South Bay punk/metal vibe, reminiscent of Pennywise with some Bad Religion and Unwritten Law thrown in. (I hope that doesn't offend you.) But the end result is a new sound that the music industry sorely needs in an era of cookie cutter, carbon copy "musicians". Hope you guys can use something from that :-)



Gabriels Fallen has exemplafied the tonalaties and melodies of a band that takes punk/rock to another realm of musical paradise! Definately another door and window to a sound of punk rock!

Manhattan Beach


You guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!! We saw these guys on new years eve live and we couldnt help but to stop walking and listen until they were done. Count this as 2 votes because my boyfriend feels the same way.
Cant wait to come see you guys again.

Michelle Wells
Huntington Beach, CA
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9/06/06 - Gabriels Fallen gets nominated for "Best Heavy Metal", "Best Hard Alternative", "Best Live Performance" and "Best Overall Band" by The South Bay Music Awards.

1/25/06 - Gabriels Fallen gets nominated for "Best Punk Band" by Southern California Music Awards.
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Studio Albums:
"Hell is For Heroes"
Endline Records 2006

Compilations and Soundtracks:
This is Kaos Vol. 2 (2005) - Destroy Myself
Felony Fights Vol. 4 (2005) - Destroy Myself
Felony Fights Vol. 5 (2006) - Man Above
Felony Fights Vol. 6 (2006) - Felony (Felony Fights Theme)
The First Annual Southern California Music Awards (2006) - Destroy Myself
The First Annual Inkslingers Ball Compilation (2006) - Awful Past


Feeling a bit camera shy


According to legend, it's the Archangel Gabriel that will blow his horn announcing the start of the apocalypse. Following the lead of their name-sake, the band Gabriels Fallen has been sent to destroy the standards of rock, metal, and hardcore. This four piece outfit hailing from the greater L.A. area is well on its way to accomplishing this monumental task.
Fueled by the genius of their many influences, (Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, Thrice, and Pantera, just to name a few) Gabriels Fallen is cutting a path through the local L.A. club scene. Igniting big market venues like House of Blues, Knitting Factory, Key Club, and The Joint with unparalleled stage presence, and packing the house with its huge and frenzied fan base. The band has already had the privilege of proving themselves a worthy opener for idols Strung Out, Ignite, and Hell Within, and held its own with strange bed fellows Sugar Ray, Lit, Reel Big Fish, Violent Fems, and Psychedelic Furs, on New Year Eve 2005.
Gabriels Fallen's much anticipated freshman release 'Hell Is For Heroes' is generating eager industry buzz, and the slated single 'Inner Circle' has become a huge crowd favorite. The band is young, passionate, ready, willing and able to live up to the hype. Ready to sound the note and give the call. Ready to carry the torch, and bring their brand of music to the masses.

Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
- W.B. Yeats

Starting out in mid-2004 longtime friends Steve Huante, Victor Braden, and Dave Gray decided to start a new band that would be "noticeably different" from any other group to come out of the South Bay. In August of the same year, they decided to bring in another guitarist, Chris Saunders, to help fill in with melodies while Steve worked on intensifying his guitar solos.

Sharing their passion for both punk rock and early heavy metal, Gabriels Fallen, bored with mainstream and commercial rock, decided to return to the old metal style they loved as kids and fuse it with their take on modern punk rock.

Contrary to popular belief, Gabriels Fallen is not a religious or Christian band, the name does however have religious ties, the name claims that Gabriel, the right hand of God, sick and tired of his life of servitude, all the rules, restrictions, and limitations forced upon him, turned his back on heaven, forever falling to Earth.