Gabriels Fallen

Gabriels Fallen


Gabriels Fallen is a hybrid of early American metal and punk rock from Southern California's South Bay.


According to legend, it's the Archangel Gabriel that will blow his horn announcing the start of the apocalypse. Following the lead of their name-sake, the band Gabriels Fallen has been sent to destroy the standards of rock, metal, and hardcore. This four piece outfit hailing from the greater L.A. area is well on its way to accomplishing this monumental task.
Fueled by the genius of their many influences, (Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, Thrice, and Pantera, just to name a few) Gabriels Fallen is cutting a path through the local L.A. club scene. Igniting big market venues like House of Blues, Knitting Factory, Key Club, and The Joint with unparalleled stage presence, and packing the house with its huge and frenzied fan base. The band has already had the privilege of proving themselves a worthy opener for idols Strung Out, Ignite, and Hell Within, and held its own with strange bed fellows Sugar Ray, Lit, Reel Big Fish, Violent Fems, and Psychedelic Furs, on New Year Eve 2005.
Gabriels Fallen's much anticipated freshman release 'Hell Is For Heroes' is generating eager industry buzz, and the slated single 'Inner Circle' has become a huge crowd favorite. The band is young, passionate, ready, willing and able to live up to the hype. Ready to sound the note and give the call. Ready to carry the torch, and bring their brand of music to the masses.

Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
- W.B. Yeats

Starting out in mid-2004 longtime friends Steve Huante, Victor Braden, and Dave Gray decided to start a new band that would be "noticeably different" from any other group to come out of the South Bay. In August of the same year, they decided to bring in another guitarist, Chris Saunders, to help fill in with melodies while Steve worked on intensifying his guitar solos.

Sharing their passion for both punk rock and early heavy metal, Gabriels Fallen, bored with mainstream and commercial rock, decided to return to the old metal style they loved as kids and fuse it with their take on modern punk rock.

Contrary to popular belief, Gabriels Fallen is not a religious or Christian band, the name does however have religious ties, the name claims that Gabriel, the right hand of God, sick and tired of his life of servitude, all the rules, restrictions, and limitations forced upon him, turned his back on heaven, forever falling to Earth.


Destroy Myself

Written By: Gabriels Fallen

Everyday I pray for myself
I pray for me and no one else
Just want to let me be
And let me bleed

Maybe I'm just in my head
Maybe I'm just better off dead
Wouldn't let me through to see
And let me be

Destroy myself
Living life in philosophy (x2)

Never helped me to push through
All the pain brought upon by you
Just droped me to my knees
And let me bleed

Destroy myself
Living life in philosophy (x2)

Man Above

Written By: Gabriels Fallen

Loss on innocence
A man dies with integrity
Ship that's sinking now
As you stand watching over me
Life it ended quick
Your spirit here was never ending

So tragic
My blood runs cold

Twisting and turning I lie in my bed
Dreaming of visions and words that you said
Asking the question of why can't you be?
Sending a prayer is he listening to me?

No, no, no, no
Standing over watching me through

Grasping for answers for what they are real
For they are worth I'm trying to deal
Making some sense of this reality
Sending a prayer is he listening to me?

No, no, no, no
Standing over watching me through
Helping guiding connecting me to you

Connecting me to you...

Inner Circle

Written By: Gabriels Fallen

Ask yourself this question
Would you follow me?
Not sure on where I'd lead
But I guess we'll have to see

My inner circle
It fucks with me
Unaware of my descisions
As I'm living in anarchy

I have to listen to myself
I have to know the reasons why
I have to dig in for the truth
I have to make it through or die (x2)

Did it make you happy
When you broke from me
Was it not enough
To cut me up and watch my bleed

Unaware of my actions
Consequences made
A world spinning out of control
Finding comfort in anarchy

I have to leave this world alone
I have to eat this broken heart
I have to mend my open wounds
I have to make it to the top

I have to leave this world alone
I have to eat this broken heart
I have to mend my open wounds
I have to make it to the top


Studio Albums:
"Hell is For Heroes"
Endline Records 2006

Compilations and Soundtracks:
This is Kaos Vol. 2 (2005) - Destroy Myself
Felony Fights Vol. 4 (2005) - Destroy Myself
Felony Fights Vol. 5 (2006) - Man Above
Felony Fights Vol. 6 (2006) - Felony (Felony Fights Theme)
The First Annual Southern California Music Awards (2006) - Destroy Myself
The First Annual Inkslingers Ball Compilation (2006) - Awful Past

Set List

"Destroy Myself"
"Inner Circle"
"Lashing Out"
"Man Above"
"Never Be the Same"
"Awful Past (Today)"

with some old Queen and Misfits covers upon request