Gabriel Whiteturkey

Gabriel Whiteturkey


The guts of Rock & Roll strewned across a country highway. With stories that tempt love and isolation. This is 2007's - Dark Branches


Award winning musician/artist whose music and short films have screened at dozens of film festivals throughout the US, Canada and Europe, including The 2004 American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco and Sundance 2003. Gabriel has performed with bands from Houston, TX to the shining seas of the West Cost.

Now Solo...

An artist, musician, writer...yeah, yeah, yeah --- I know what you're saying, spread way too on...

He's an enrolled Delaware and Cherokee tribal member. Has Mexican blood, thanks dad...some European influence that he won't admit to. Has no known relatives living in Europe.

He hails from the streets of Boyle Heights, East Los Angeles. His pursuits are as diverse as the hood where he was born and raised. Mariachi, Trios, Norteno' music blasted away night and day on his block. Cowboy hats & boots. He was inundated with Mexican folk songs of death, spirits and the beauty of wild Mexico . He was constantly awakened by the sound of fiddles shredding away as drums pounded on the shell of a dried armadillo.

At the crib growing up it was mom's albums - Santana, Hendrix, Stones, Earth-Wind & Fire, the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever...

At Grandma's house a few minutes away - It was Jim Reeves (Country, Gospel), John Wayne movies, Novelas on TV...

Grandpa sung his old Okie songs - Big Rock Candy Mountain, You are my Sunshine...

Weekends were Powwow time. Fancy dancers and big kettle drums. When them singers would hit them high notes in some Algonquin language...that's when he got connected. Connection...that's what it's about.

His moto, as one of his favorite actors, Roberto Benigni, once said -- "My mother gave me the greatest gift a mother could give a child...Poverty".

He actually left the hood at 13 and moved to, of all places, the Desert! The Palm Springs area. Just as he was getting the hang of his old streets. You talk about out of an Eskimo in Miami. But it was his teen years, so he enjoyed no matter what. A lot of great musical influences were there to explore. It was that pivotal punk period of one's young life....there you have it. All the fixings that make the whole pie.

He now calls Tulsa, OK home. Closer to the tribe and it suits him well.

Now touring in support of new CD for 2007 Dark Branches. Please support...


Desert Road

Written By: Gabriel Whiteturkey

I’m just rolling blind
Got no time to burn
These cattle bones and skulls linger Around every turn
And I’m gone
Before my heart gets cold – so cold
And I might not ever get home
On this lost Desert Road

Well, I’ve torn the wheels right off
my only ride
If God don't save me, mama
Kiss me goodbye and so long
Carry no heavy loads - no big loads
Because the curves ahead are killers, boy
On this lost Desert Road

I’ve burned a bridge or two, girl
Hell with them all
This shotgun mouth blasts necks against the wall
I'm feeling so damn bold - so damn bold
Well, you're fucked if you don't change you life
Out on this lost Desert Road

It's lonely on the dark side
Of this lost Desert Road

I might not ever get home
On this lost Desert Road

Desert road
Oh lost road

Skulls and Bones



Short Film: Wrote, produced, directed: BUNDLE IN GOOD STANDING - 2003

Short Film: Wrote, prod., directed: RETURN OF SOGGY FOX - 2005


Set List

Skin My Heart
House of Cards
Black Wing Angels
Surge on Monday
Bound With Glue
9 to 99
Demolition Man
Along for the Ride
The Execution of Julio Campos
Bye, Bye Love - (Everly Brothers)
Horse That Crash
Blood Brother
Dark Branches
Living Shores

1 hour