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"Gadabout makes the paper!"

The name “Gadabout” might ring some bells around the hallways of Liverpool High School, but thanks to a recent concert at Mezzanotte Café in downtown Syracuse, you might start hearing it in more and more places.
Comprised of LHS alumni Ryan Dann, Casey Inman, Jay Jerose, and Jason MacLeod, the funk-rock group opened for the Benevento/Russo Duo on March 1. According to Casey Inman, Gadabout’s guitarist and band manager, the Duo is the biggest name the band has ever opened for.
At first, says Inman, Gadabout was denied the chance to open for the Duo, which has played at such well-known music festivals as Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza. But with a little bit of persistence, Inman was able to book Gadabout for the show. Inman said, “I called the Duo's manager and talked to him, like a month after we didn’t think we were going to be able to play. So then [by talking to manager Marc Allan] it turned out we could.”
According to guitarist and lead singer Ryan Dann, Gadabout has been playing together for almost two years. In that time, he said, “we've gotten a lot tighter [and] more in tune with how each other plays… because of that, we're able to play a wider range of music.”
In the past few years, the band has played at a variety of venues in the Syracuse area, ranging from Nango Fest to nightclubs. Dann said of the difference in gigs, “Well, [opening for the Duo is] the type of gig that'll look good to other venues when we go out and try to play shows later on, and we definitely played for a different crowd… people who weren't really familiar with us, which is great. But a few of the gigs at Funk ‘n’ Waffles [restaurant in Syracuse], given the energy and the crowd size… I think they hold equal weight.”
Despite the door-opening gigs the band has played recently, one thing they don’t agree on completely is the future of the band. Inman is optimistic about the band’s future. “This will definitely open more doors for us… when other people see that we’ve opened for the Duo, they’ll know that we have what it takes.”
However, guitarist Ryan Dann doesn’t like to think that far ahead. “I like taking things one at a time, and where we're at right now is a good place to be, so I can't complain,” Dann said. About Gadabout in the future, he said, “Where will we be a few years from now? I have no idea. Probably still poor and jobless, for me anyways.”

-Maddie Horrell - Maddie Horrell

"Quotes from club owners and booking agencies"

"An up and coming band to look for, mixing elements of jazz and funk."
-Dan Mastronardi (Hollerback Productions)

"That was the most rockin' this cafe has been.. well.. ever. You guys were great."
-Emmitt (Owner of Shamballa Cafe)

"Gadabout is like a sandwich. Four good-looking men in between two slices of funk, with a pickle on the side."
-Brian Vaughn(Crazy Fan) - Various


Soft Serve & Smoke(Demo 2007)



Over the time Gadabout has been together they have cultivated a sound that is all their own. Combing elements like the funky grooves of the Meters, the deep blues of Jimi Hendrix, and the improvisational rock of Phish together to form a fresh new sound.

So far Gadabout has opened for national touring acts such as The Benevento/Russo Duo, Lionize,The Alternate Routes, and The Heavy Pets.

Between playing many shows throughout the Syracuse area each member has studied with prominent music teachers, with an emphasis in jazz studies, which further enhances their musical abilities. The group continues to add to its fan base by touring New York State, and keeping one common thing in mind. Get Funky.

Management: Casey Inman (315) 657-3253