Gadfly is the Alarmclock for the Sleeping City, the bug that crawls into your ear and lays eggs, the mixutre of everything sacred to live independent music!


In the deep dark shady underbelly of downtown San Diego the eggs have been laid of 3 Soon to be fly's. Feeding on the fluid exuded From the music scene to sustain life until they migrated into the masses increasing in size. Until they reach their last stage of development filled with mating, feeding and laying eggs on the decomposed bodies of local hero's come and gone.

Influenced by Rock Steady, Reggae, Rock and Folk music, Gadfly is a band that stays true to their musical tastes without buying into whatever is being exploited on the scene. With instrumentation that hints towards traditional music (upright bass, electric and acoustic guitar and drums), it is nothing short of a surprise when they break out with some of the most convincing and real music topped off with a personality that makes this band truly unique.

With Dual front men and enough energy to convince and entice any crowd, Gadfly has a very promising future. You can see them perform at one of many west coast venues or listen to their music in the media section.


Forgot to Stand - (LP) - 2005 IMR
When Will This Be Over - Single - 2005 IMR

Set List

Typical Set List -

Spiders and Snakes
Bobby Marley (cover)
Ro Sham Bo
Dancing with the Flies
Do what you want
Moving On
Fish Bowl
Time Will Tell
Shy Guy
When will this be over?
Don Pablo
100 years / 1 more time