When you have the feeling of needing to hit the road, the urge of staring to an unknown horizon. Like you, we have that white line fever for the road. We are GADSDEN -


Playing together as GADSDEN now for 3 years, this 5 member group has formed into a tightly woven dynamic of writing originals to express their love of American Roots RockN'Roll Music. The depth of GADSDEN's music dates back more than 15+ years in the making. GADSDEN's members range from California, Mississippi, Tennessee, Ohio, Hawaii, and all call home on the beautiful white sands gulf coast of Pensacola, Florida. This sets the stage for the blend of styles resonating in GADSDEN from blues, rock, folk, jam, jazz, americana, progressive, bluegrass, and southern roots.

For GADSDEN, remaining true to their geographical cultural sounds, which ring throughout America, is what keeps them playing and writing songs. The idea is that music is passed down through experiences and participation, while also remaining true to original American musical tones and stories. Songs like Desert Roadrash express Sean's weaving west coast story telling of California desert adventures, while perfectly capturing the rolling stride rhythm of Austin, to top out with Lang's vintage Mississippi slide and Scott's Tennessee soul guitar tone. Other songs like Brown Liquor & Cigarettes, displays the unique approach and charisma of Devon Coon's drum style embedded with Joe Williams warm bass lines. In addition to the bands full performance ability of all originals of a 1-2 hr set, GADSDEN always incorporates songs of other artists to pay respect to style, stories, and to just share with the audience the songs the band is really into personally at that given moment in time, totalling up to 3 full sets if required.

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Southern Turns - 4 song recording New Years 2008-2009

Set List

List not in any particular order as we create the set lists for the event based on factors such as what songs we are really diggin' at the time, the audience/venue style, time, day, weather, duration of performance sets, stage climate, etc.:

1. Desert Road Rash - GADSDEN
2. Brown Liquor & Cigarettes - GADSDEN
3. All Summer Long - GADSDEN
4. Magnolia Blues - GADSDEN
5. Daddy's Got a Motor Scooter - GADSDEN
6. Hellfire - GADSDEN
7. Johnny's Got a MoHawk - GADSDEN
8. Memphis Soul - GADSDEN
9. Be My Rock and I'll be Your Roll- GADSDEN
10. Rockin' - GADSDEN
11. Dreams - GADSDEN/DeepGreens
12. Desert Roam - GADSDEN/Taima
13. Sage - GADSDEN
14. Blue - GADSDEN
15. Bertha - garcia/hunter
16. Let It Bleed - Rolling Stones
17. Wagon Wheel - dylan
18. Deep Elem Blues - garcia/hunter
19. The Weight - The Band
20. Angel's of Montgomery - prine
21. I Know You Rider - garcia/hunter
22. And it Stoned Me - van morrison
23. Friend of the Devil - garcia/hunter
24. Why does love g