gaf y la estrella de la muerte
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gaf y la estrella de la muerte

Band Alternative Avant-garde


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2007 (2002) Siete perspectivas de la ciudad (Multitrack Records&Gobernment of Canary Islands, Spain)
2007 Nestajuci Gradovi, Lesinarska svjetla i neke druge zaboravljene price
Vanishing Cities, Scavenger Lights and Some Other Forgotten Stories
Atractores extraños I
(Ruin Records, Spain)
2007 afg-an:ngaa-f:gf-aan:gaaf:n (Multitrack Records&Gobernment of Canary Islands, Spain)
2007 atractores extraños II
Or, we are happy on the another planet
(Test Tube, Portugal)
2004 Rose-Marien at the doors of Mahaveli Ganga EP (CDrone, Spain)
2007 (2005) Paisajes extraños revisited EP (NuLogic, Spain)
2007 Afgan Fields of GAF Love; Aberrant series, vol. 1 EP (ZH27, US)
2009 Sociedad del Bienestar (Pendrive Records, 2009)


•Recopilatorio "Colectivo Drone" + libro de arte en color (Colectivo Drone 2002)
•Recopilatorio Extraños en el Paraíso (RuinRecords 2003)
•Banda sonora en The Tester "the movie"-(White Alchemist 2004, Spain)
•Banda sonora para el artista Tarek Ode en la instalación "Próximos en Santa Cruz" en el Círculo de Bellas Artes de Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Gobierno de Canarias 2004)
•Drone. Sinergias (Sinergy-Networks, 2005)
•CD-Book Certamen macaronésico para jovenes artistas (Cabildo de Lanzarote 2005)
•Banda sonora en Perifericos "The documentary" Almused Records (Portugal 2006)
•Banda sonora para la instalación del artista Nestor Torrens en CAAM de Gran Canarias 2006
•Recopilatorio Extraños en el Paraíso II (RuinRecords 2006)
•Recopilatorio Extraños en el Paraíso III (RuinRecords 2009)



GAF, the band, began in 1999 in the island of Tenerife as a personal project of Kurajica Mladen, member of other bands such as Tupperwear (Klitekture Records), Emeth-HNM, (Drone) and Afg-an (Antenna Records), member co-founder of Colectivo Drone, a cultural association dedicated to the spreading of experimental music and multimedia arts over the last eight years in Canary Islands, and co-organizer of CROMA and Próximos en Santa Cruz, two international cutting-edge music festivals both held in Tenerife.

What began as a solo studio project it turned nevertheless into a trio along the last years but occasionally experimenting with other formats like quartet, quintet and even sextet. In 2007 GAF has worked mainly as quartet, joining with Kurajica other active members from Canarian experimental scene Felipe González, César Chinarro and the French saxophonist Olivier Dubois. GAF has even had a chance to collaborate with the Chicago artist and cornet player Rob Mazurek (Chicago Underground, Exploding Star Orchestra, Isotope 217, Mandarin Movie, Sao Paulo Underground and so on) for the recordings of their debut album for the Gran Canarian label Ruin Records.

In basic lines GAF could be defined as a cross-over music which aims to trascend all genres and styles of contemporary music, and, thus, experiment with all possibilities of textures, acoustic sounds, composition structures and ambiences. From John Cage to the Gamelan music and Steve Reich, from minimalistic electronics to the no-wave and art-rock with oriental flavour, from folk and indietronics to free jazz, from ambient and field recordings to the experimental literature and visual poetry, GAF thoroughly moves on the borderlines of the established, seeking style, cultural and philosophic encounters that would give birth to the strange and unpredictable. An internal difference seems to be the main characteristic of GAF's music which makes it never fix on one concept or style but always dynamic, nomad and continuously immerged into sonic explorations linked not only to the technological advances but to the cultural interchange of its musicians. This is one of the reasons GAF never presents a fix format but always changes its horizons by including musicians with different stylistic, cultural and philosophical backgrounds.