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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Album Review"

The dense noise becomes strong existence. It gets loose, becomes a tornado, scatter and soar....
What a restless Rock'n Roll it is!
It's an enormous spectacle of a roar.
And their sounds are like a reproduction of the latest VFX by hand work.
GAGAKIRISE is a Hard Core duo style band to be equal to The Stooges, Ruins, Don Caballero, Hella, Lightning Bolt.
I can not believe that they are only young university students!
- "CD Journal June, 2009" by Akihiro Tomita

"Album Review"

Surprising two university students made this album.
These tunes like a roller coaster are performed thrillingly by their irregular fuzz guitar and drums on the same wavelength.
The sounds convinced me of their success of US tour including SXSW'09.
There is a dirty sound fragrant with Stoner,and it looks a twice velocity modern Krautrock too. - "indies issue vol.45" by Kawakami

"Album Review"

This work by a recording with no post-performance edits is a so hard and maddening like a early garage rock'n roll.
Specially there is something striking about The crazy sound of guitar amplified by many guitar amps.
The present time, this real sounds in Tokyo must resonate with the underground scene in the world soon! - "MARQUEE vol.73" by Atsutake Kaneko


1st album
Judai Boudou sha (RIOT105)
----track listing----
1. UMA
2. flower
3. spacesHip
4. B.H.I
5. Wonderful Fantasy
6. ultimate fantasy of ultimate fantasy of ultimate fantasy (MARUOSA remix)



GAGAKIRISE is the duo style band based on Tokyo.
They were formed by Sachio & Ryo in 2006 at their university.
And they spent several years from it on the experiment and a comic short play in the basement.
In 2009, they made US tour including SXSW show and the 1st album release succeed, and showed up in the presence of others.
Their live performance and sounds like Eric Dolphy's song played by MC5 started to have rolled the audience in Japan in the whirlpool of the excitement.


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