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GAGE, rising above the concrete jungles of Brooklyn, this young artist has shown and proved to have the staying power and versatility of a legend in the making. With his ability to flip his nasty lyrical flow to his hearts desire, GAGE has shared the stage with majors within the Hip Hop industry.



Growing up, Stephen Hinton always knew he was different than everyone around him. At the early age of nine, he had a way of expressing himself that was advanced for his age. As he grew he always set the trends for his friends to follow. From then till now there’s no one who doesn’t want to be around his embracing spirit and entertaining qualities. A born natural, if Stephen was around, then a rhythm was sure to follow. When he was not the life of the party or entertaining his friends, Stephen had a love for writing. Little did anyone know that this would in turn give birth to Brooklyn’s own sensation, GAGE.
Born in the County of Kings within the concrete jungle known as New York City, grueling life experiences early on would teach this young man how to be just that. Living in and out shelters and having to help provide for his family to survive has only added to this young artist's hunger to succeed in the rap game. Understanding the determination and will it takes to be successful; Gage does not know any boundaries and will not stop till he reaches success. "I love Hip Hop like I love myself." Hip Hop for this young man is his savior and why he is able to connect to his community through his words. "I speak for the people who don't know how to express themselves. Whatever you’re feeling, you can find that emotion and deal with it thru my songs".
Taking his love for Hip Hop and his talent to the streets, this young –eighties baby has become a known MC throughout the five boroughs of NYC, spreading cross-country and internationally. GAGE’s ability to flip his nasty lyrical flow, from mind bending speeds to a slow southern style drawl, or surprising his fans with a taste of his mastered skill has enabled him to become a desired colleague with the Hip Hop industry’s elite. Working with big name producers such as Amadeus and Eric Sermon to sharing the stage with majors, including legends such as Kool Herc and commercial Hip Hop successes like Akon, this young man is ready to take his talent to the ultimate level. You can easily find him performing in local Tri State venues or touring with New York's very own Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex Annual Ski Trips and Annual Celebrity Car Show and Bike Tour. You can also find Gage headlining Ray Dijon's Stand up at the Movies and Ski Trips as the featured musical act and killing the stage on the NYC Overtime Concert Series. GAGE too has taken over plenty of radio airwaves such as New York’s own Hot 97 and Power 105, featured on major networks such as MTV 2, MTV Tres and Music Video Box as well as plenty of features within numerous magazines, DVD magazines and websites. GAGE is making quite a name for himself from the blocks of Brooklyn all the way to Miami, Chicago, L.A. to across the waters in Europe. As explosive and unpredictable as his name, there is no telling what this man can do. However, one thing is for sure: Gage is ready to takeover and redesign the rap game.

Set List

Typical Set: 20 min set/Performance

Set List Songs

"In Da Club"
"Rock Box"
"Do It"
"Like A G"
"I'm A Rapstar"
"Good For This Long"
"Get Naked"
"Call 911"
"All Night"
"Bang My Sh*t"
"DTF Movement"