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"Interview on Nikki Rocks the Politics"

Conducted 19 Oct 2007. Available in streaming audio on our Media page here: - Arts Inside Radio

"Interview on Tryst"

Conducted 23 Oct 2007. Available in streaming audio on our Media page here: - Arts Inside Radio

"Interview on AIR"

Conducted 22 July 2007. Available in streaming audio on our Media page here: - Arts Inside Radio

"Ear Candy - Featured Band on Cult Vault - 24 Feb - 1 Mar 08"

Feast your minds and ears on Gagging Lolly!

If you are not yet acquainted with this new talent, I would like to introduce you to Gagging Lolly. Charlie is the one holding that pretty heart shaped lollypop and the man behind her is DJ “Rotten” HD. It is to my understanding that Charlie writes her own lyrics while Rotten offers his musical genius. Together they form some real hypnotic sounds from California to our listening ears.

I am pleased to tell that their music can be heard from the music box here on the main page, farther down and to the left. Be sure to check out, “Petty Girls”, this is my personal favorite. It speaks volumes with respect to materialism and superficiality. That song should be every woman’s anthem. If you are looking for a little seduction then listen to, “Blossoming” or “Lickerish”, they are sure to put you in a lovely trance. Wrap your mind around, “Cryptic Notes”, and be the judge on the message being conveyed, all the while enjoying her beautiful voice and Rotten’s rhythmic beats and sounds.

Be sure to go over to their page here on Cult Vault and add them as a friend. You are more than welcome to check them out on MySpace, as well as their own site.

~ Leigh Ann -

"Orbits of a Deluded Mind"

I meant to get these photos posted yesterday, but various other priorities and issues kept me occupied all day and most of the evening.

That being said, this was a very fun show to experience. The music was well written and performed with energy and enthusiasm. Gagging Lolly is a duo which produces a techno, trip-hop, pop styled sound. DJ Rotten plays the keyboards and synth’s, while Charlie fronts the band. I don’t know if this is a trend in local music, but like the performers in Mystery Hangup, Fallopian and my good friend Juliette from Red Light District, Charlie packs a huge voice into a very petite frame with a tremendous presence on stage. Oh BTW, the name “Gagging Lolly” is a play on the fact that they aren’t lolly gagging in their desire to perform and make music!

Here are some images and a slide show from the show!
- JJ MacCrimmon

"Gagging Lolly - I’m an Ocean EP"

I stumbled upon Gagging Lolly while perusing CD Baby, and I was inexplicably drawn in. I sampled a few songs, and Gagging Lolly themselves sent me a CD to give a proper listen. Well who is Gagging Lolly?

From the press release: “Gagging Lolly is a pop electronica based dance music duo with an edge as sharp as a straight razor, bringing to life the lyrical adventures of lead singer Charlie who writes from personal experience on themes that are recognizable and relevant to our audience.”

The group originated in 2005 when Charlie and DJ Rotten HD split from their previous group Kelly Greenn. Together, the two of them produce a hybrid Electronica/Dance/Vocal mix.

The first song on I’m an Ocean EP is the title track. My first listen was just terrible, to be honest. The song is way over produced, but in the wrong parts. The electronic in the background is mediocre at best. Almost monotone, and very repetitive. Some repetition is to be expected from any type of electronica, but this is repetitive to the point of boredom. With the background lacking any depth to the music, the song relies on outstanding vocals to save it. Unfortunately they are just not delivered.

When Charlie starts singing, her voice absolutely covers the background, with the exception of the cymbals. This is where some of the production really could come in handy, instead her voice is cut into channels and processed. It gives a cold feel, and destroys any possible imaging. Instead, toning down the vocals, and blending them in more would probably serve the song more justice. It seems as if the high hat is fighting with her voice. The song really could use a more complimentary backing. In this form, however, it is a very forgettable listen.

I’d like to take a minute to point out that not all is bad! Charlie has a very good, if not great voice. The first song only hints at it, but the second, Yes He Does, really lets Charlie shine..

Yes He Does hints at some potential the group has. The electronica is much improved through a better melody and combining multiple synthesizers. The major weakness are poor transitions, which abruptly change from one theme to another. Charlie’s vocals are markedly improved. Less processing, and more rawness really tells me she could make a fantastic album, as she builds upon experience. She really has an enjoyable voice, but I get the feeling she doesn’t fully know how to use it to her full potential. The vocal contribution doesn’t clash nearly as much with the background, so both parts can have their time to shine, while not sounding like complete chaos. All in all, this song is the clear standout on an underdeveloped concept.

The third track is a live version of I’m an Ocean, and to my ears, is MUCH better than the “studio” produced one. Little to no reverb, equal channel levels, and the general the lack of overproduction that plagues the studio version surely helps, but doesn’t completely win me over. It is a marked improvement, however, and show that there is some potential, which makes me eager to hear their full length LP, Lick at Your Own Risk.

The final song I will not take into consideration as far as the album goes, since as far as I know it is unrelated to the group and their work. It is named Overclocked, and sounds like it was made by a 12 year old who just figured out how to customize the sounds on their windows 95 machine. Completely random thoughts and sentences spoken by text-to-speech programs. Absolutely terrible, and I hope their full length disc has nothing even remotely close to this. Its a terrible last thought to have on a disc, and is just unprofessional. While I understand and appreciate the amount of work that goes into making something like this, I don’t understand putting it onto a ‘commercial’ disc. These are the actions of a bored teenager hanging out with some friends.

All in all, this is a starting place for Gagging Lolly, where they can get a feel for their music, and establish a fan base. With a voice like that, Charlie is the clear standout of the group, and with some growth on both members’ parts, Gagging Lolly could make some groovy music.

I would like to thank Charlie from Gagging Lolly for the opportunity to hear her music. I look forward to hearing the full album! - Jason "Jay" Thibodeau - Snark & Reverb


* Petty Girls (single) - 2007
* Lick At Your Own Risk (EP) - 2007
* I'm An Ocean (EP) - 2008
* Wakin' Up Wasted (single track streaming on various websites and internet radio outlets) - 2009
* My Q (single track streaming on various websites and internet radio outlets) - 2009
* Tweedledeedleydum (single track streaming on various websites and internet radio outlets) - 2009



Electroclash mash starring Charlie on ultraVox and DJ Rotten HD on psychoKeys. Infesting the frequencyscape since 2005 from their secret garden in Los Feliz, California, USA, World, Universe. Don't ask why. Play it again, and tell a friend!

Charlie met up with keyboardist DJ Rotten HD when they were formerly members of the group Kelly Greenn. In 2005 they split off from that group to delve into Charlie's trove of lyrics and melodies. When that process became increasingly distended they struck upon their group name when they flipped the term lolly-gagging around.

Gagging Lolly is affiliated with ASCAP, and published by Deathpony Music Publishing.