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New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2001 | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2001
Band Rock Hard Rock




"October 21 - GAGGLE OF COCKS (Low Class Trendsetter)"

This upstate New York power trio's second album and first in about 12 years is the place to go for some high powered in your face rock n roll. I'll admit I wasn't expecting to like this album very much but even if it had been on my most anticipated list it still would have floored me with its hooky power and unrelenting heaviness. Get it here. Highlights include: "Low Class Trendsetter" and "Black Helicopters". Rating 4/5 - Paranoid Hitsophrenic

"Gaggle of Cocks' "Low Class Trendsetter" CD"

New York, brash and crass, low class, greasy American rock. Stoner at times, but also sounding a little like Unsane meet ACDC at times. This is a hard groovin' rock and roll album. - The Fuzz Lab

"Gaggle of Cocks Low Class Trendsetter"

After listening to the GOC single Smoke, I definitely needed to scope out their music and learn more about the band. GOC’s music has been featured on A&E’s Dog The Bounty Hunter in two episodes, which without saying—must mean their music is pretty bad ass.

Low Class Trendsetter is a definite must-have-album for every rock fan. It has the perfect combination of feel good tracks, combined with bass-driven metal-esque tunes.

Darkness, and Low Class Trendsetter are my favourite tracks from this album. Check ‘em out. - Punk Globe

"New Band To Burn One To: GAGGLE OF COCKS"

Sometimes there is absolutely nothing better than just some good 'ole stripped down, rugged and intense rock and roll. New York City's Gaggle of Cocks does just that on their latest album "Low Class Trendsetter". Without getting too wordy with unecessary adjectivity, this band delivers a high-energy and blistering display of potent white trash hard rock. The songs are short but definitely not sweet. With a gravel fed vocal delivery and furious fret board mayhem, you will be bashing your head into the wall with scorchers such as "Black Helicopters" and the bass-driven barrage that is "Guy Supreme". While the band isn't exactly "new" by any means, check out their 2008 release "American Trash" for more highfalutin debauchery. - Heavy Planet


GAGGLE OF COCKS sends me their latest to rule your world. Cinderblock heavy rock and roar that is hungry for your daughters... no filler here, 100% pure U.S. beef. - New York Waste

"Hard Hitting Rock from New York - Gaggle of Cocks - Low Class Trendsetter"

Hard Edge Rock from New York, Gaggle of Cocks is a committed band of “living the life” musicians that have honed their talents to create a sound that is righteous and vibrant, musically - they are on the mark with clear crisp skill driven form and lyrics that make your blood rush.

Fronted by Pat Harrington on Guitar & Vocals, Freddy Villano on bass guitar, Charles Ruggiero – drums and aided by the formidable talents of Chris Goercke, told to be “Occasional guitar and fulltime bad muthafucka!” this band has the right stuff. With what is a focus on the message and the music as the perfect medium, you hear the emotion and the vibe of the hard life in every track. Self-named “low class and kick ass”, they are anything but not this, and wholly an enigma in their title, Gaggle of Cocks, is what legend is made of.

Proclaimed by Mike Cavanaugh of All Access Magazine as “The songs have that raw quality I’d expect from a punk band with this name.” and “Cinderblock heavy rock and roar that is hungry for your daughters” by Starr Tucker - New York Waste, this is not just a “punk” band, but an up and coming music force to be respected, I personally find them in the same vein as Pantera and bands of their ilk, taking names and casting blame, they are what is best of the Hard Rock movement, no glam, no sparkle, just hard edge and driving rhythms and a drum beat that calls to the fight, to the war against mediocrity in music, a Gaggle of Cocks will be heard. - Xombiewoof Magazine

"What People Are Saying About GOC"

What People are Saying about GOC:

"Not since Melvins, Antiseen, Dwarves, Butthole Surfers and Agony Column has a band sounded so incendiary; gaggle of cocks are writing some of the freshest, nastiest, most amusing beer-soaked stompers in years."
(Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles)

"Ever since I heard American Trash I've had their songs in my head."

"The band crafts some heavy, pounding metal tunes that you won't soon forget. If there were any justice, "Bomb Me" would be wrecking radios instead of that syrupy Nickelback bullshit."

"These guys make the term "power-trio" sound inadequate."
(New York Waste Magazine)

"The songs fill you with power and toughness. A definite must have on the monster truck circuit."
(The Edge Magazine)

"This New York trio cranks out some serious, ass-kicking rock."
(Impact Press)

"American Trash is the record to rage out to."

"A sound that pays homage equally to hard rock and heavy metal. If you like hard riffage with a bit of old school thrash then you should check these guys out."

"American Trash conjures up an image of a Big Mac, and that's probably not a bad metaphor for this album. It's big and satisfies the cravings, and even though it leaves a pretty nasty aftertaste, plenty of people will find themselves going back for more. There's always a good riff just around the corner."
(The Sound Monitor)

"The Cocks come out hard. If you're not prepared it's like getting hit in the privates with a bat."

"Bassline-heavy biker/stoner rock. A street-level attitude is part of GOC's roots in punk and scum rock."
(Good Times Magazine)

"Sludgy, Ozzfest-esque metal."
(Punk Planet)

"Southern-fried, down 'n dirty, beer-swillin' rock."
(Metal Maniacs)

"The band mixes elements of hard rock, stoner and grunge rather well. Standout tracks include "Horse 44," "Bomb Me," "My Little Hell," and "Loading."

"The name is pretty ridiculous, the music is definitely trashy and it has a nice groove to it."

"Seriously, this is probably one of the best "heavy" CDs I have ever heard. I really think there is only one way to describe the music on this CD: Music to drive a tank to."

- Various


"Low Class Trendsetter" (Sliptrick Records, 2013)

"American Trash" (Screaming Ferret Wreckords, 2008)



gaggle of cocks (GOC) emerged from NYC's lower east side in 2001. Within a year of forming they were hammering out their unique brand of heavy-hitting hard rock at legendary and now-defunct clubs such as CBGBs, The Continental, Don Hills and L'Amour, alongside such New York luminaries as The Bullys, Joker Five Speed and The Toilet Boys.

In 2002 GOC independently recorded and released their debut CD, American Trash. In 2008, Screaming Ferret Wreckords re-released the album worldwide and their bludgeoning sound was immediately coined "dark and seething" by Joseph Timmons of Xombiewoof Magazine and acclaimed journalist Martin Popoff said, "Not since Melvins, Antiseen, Dwarves, Butthole Surfers and Agony Column has a band sounded so incendiary."

GOC recently hooked up with Sliptrick Records for the worldwide digital release of their sophomore CD, Low Class Trendsetter. Already, NY Waste calls it, "Cinder block heavy rock and roar that is hungry for your daughters" and Heavy Planet says, "You will be bashing your head into the wall with scorchers such as "BlackHelicopters" and the bass-driven barrage that is "Guy Supreme"."

GOC's music has been featured on the A&E television show Dog the Bounty Hunter not once, not twice, but thrice, confirming that their music is, in fact, low class.

GOC features a stellar line-up of pedigree musicians. Former SLUNT members Pat Harrington (guitar & vocals) and Charles Ruggiero (drums), along with bassist Freddy Villano (formerly with Quiet Riot & Widowmaker), comprise the power trio line-up. They are occasionally joined by former Kelly Osbourne, Queen V and Xs guitarist Chris Goercke.

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