gaggle of cocks

gaggle of cocks

 New York City, New York, USA
BandRockHard Rock

we’re from new york city. we play intense hard rock. there are three (sometimes four) of us. yes, that constitutes a gaggle. who cares. we're low class and kick ass. long live American Trash!


gaggle of cocks (GOC) emerged from NYC's lower east side in 2001. Within a year of forming they were hammering out their unique brand of heavy-hitting hard rock at legendary and now-defunct clubs such as CBGBs, The Continental, Don Hills and L'Amour, alongside such New York luminaries as The Bullys, Joker Five Speed and The Toilet Boys.

In 2002 GOC independently recorded and released their debut CD, American Trash. In 2008, Screaming Ferret Wreckords re-released the album worldwide and their bludgeoning sound was immediately coined "dark and seething" by Joseph Timmons of Xombiewoof Magazine and acclaimed journalist Martin Popoff said, "Not since Melvins, Antiseen, Dwarves, Butthole Surfers and Agony Column has a band sounded so incendiary."

GOC recently hooked up with Sliptrick Records for the worldwide digital release of their sophomore CD, Low Class Trendsetter. Already, NY Waste calls it, "Cinder block heavy rock and roar that is hungry for your daughters" and Heavy Planet says, "You will be bashing your head into the wall with scorchers such as "BlackHelicopters" and the bass-driven barrage that is "Guy Supreme"."

GOC's music has been featured on the A&E television show Dog the Bounty Hunter not once, not twice, but thrice, confirming that their music is, in fact, low class.

GOC features a stellar line-up of pedigree musicians. Former SLUNT members Pat Harrington (guitar & vocals) and Charles Ruggiero (drums), along with bassist Freddy Villano (formerly with Quiet Riot & Widowmaker), comprise the power trio line-up. They are occasionally joined by former Kelly Osbourne, Queen V and Xs guitarist Chris Goercke.


"Low Class Trendsetter" (Sliptrick Records, 2013)

"American Trash" (Screaming Ferret Wreckords, 2008)

Set List

King Mr Porno Cock
Black Helicopters
Guy Supreme
Low Class Trendsetter
I Am The Warlock
Horse 44