Gag Order

Gag Order

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Gag Order is electro-grungy alt-pop. Dark lyrics and danceable melodies define this 4 piece band led by vocalist/songwriter Elaine Davis who also plays the keys. If you could mix angst and unfettered joy into one, that would describe the music of this unique chicago band.


Formed in 2010, electro-grungy alt-pop outfit Gag Order was born from a collaboration between singer/songwriter Elaine Davis and Rick Sensenbrenner, Andy Maleh, Chris McQuarrie and later, Grant Davidson. Influences range from 90's grunge and 80's New Wave to Radiohead, LCD Soundsystem, Metric, and Massive Attack. However, the unique mix of melodic vocals, synth vibes and driving guitar create a sound that is all their own. Known for their high-energy live shows, Gag Order is a favorite of the Chicago alternative band scene. Gag Order is joy and angst, anger and enthusiasm, a yin and yang of the darkness and light that permeates everyday life.


Straw Man

Written By: Elaine Davis

Blame it on the timing
Blame it on the circumstance
Point the finger
Do the elaborate dance
Sacrifice is your honor
Misery is the badge you wear
'Till the walls close in on you
And you cry out that you really care
It's a straw man, it's a straw man, you put up a straw man
Dictated by others
Don't know who you really are
Carefully navigating
Hoping your choices don't leave a scar
But your plan of distraction
Won't end this thing
It's so big and beautiful
Better than that golden ring
It's a straw man, it's a straw man
It's a straw man, you put up a straw man
Try to see through the mist of expectations
Love can bring unusual mutations
Let the truth trump the poker face
Lose the hand but win the race
The game is over
Checkmate, nowhere to go, straw man
Now it plays out, now you reap what you choose to sow, straw man
Just an empty room
Just an echo of what's been lost
Never to come back
Can't return to the line that's crossed
It's a straw man


3 singles released 2012
"Conventional Guy"
"Nero My Hero"
"Straw Man"
Self-Titled EP released on May 2011

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