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Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
Duo Folk Singer/Songwriter





Gaia is a folk duet composed of Aura Baltrusaitis and Alicia Spillias. Tonight Gaia brought their unique girl folk sound to the Sunset Strip’s Voodoo Lounge venue at West Hollywood’s infamous House of Blues

The darkness lit with romantic gypsy-esque lighting of the Voodoo Lounge, was pierced tonight by the harmonic folk melodies of Gaia.

From the opening number you couldn’t help but hear Jewel folk soul. Their second song, Wishing and A’hoping exuded Bonnie Raitt edge and Stevie Nicks sassy confidence emanating from Aura‘s clear vocals. Gaia captivated their audience tonight from the outset with their wholesome image and bared-soul sound. They were not what you’d expect at rock capitol’s House of Blues–which is perhaps what made them even cooler tonight. They’re authentic with their honest lyrics, cascading layered harmonics of vocals, interwoven with violin strings and dual guitar song structures. A winning combo for a folk duo whose been together for only four months.

There’s a need for girls who sing folk like this in Hollywood. No pretention, just presence. They’re refreshing. Clearly, they represent a new layer of girl-next-door sweethearts singing subtle yet sexy songs, perhaps penned in their bedroom on guitar, with lyrics of growth, love, loss, independence of soul being showcased openly with others in concert as their song set sings of finding one’s voice on the journey, universally called life. I totally dig them.

Gaia‘s third song, started with violin string picking by Alicia, the duo’s violinist, which then segued into a capella. Bodies clicking fingers, became the instrument in a very sensual tone reminiscent of 1940's female crooners of the war years as the duo spelt out their boundaries to potential suitors as women, with the undercurrent of feminine demands, being contrasted with the line “but I don’t want to be lonely.” The songwriting technique worked to make their point, they are leaders, sans entitled attitudes. An attractive star quality of emerging America girls of the future. Humility on show as emotive folk.

You had a sense that these women owned their sensuality in this song. Sexy. Strong. A cute number and crowd pleaser–paying tribute to a long legacy of American women who are front line conscious.

All Along is a pretty song, worthy of radio airplay, the song can be listened to here. Lyrics: “Just when I thought I was done with love, you’ve come to prove me wrong. You were meant to make me feel this way, all along.” Aura’s vocal quality is best on show here. Faultline was a song about not allowing a lover to push you away, because they move you. A good thought perhaps. What impresses with Gaia is their effortless ability for both girls to sing lead solos, and switch harmonies at any give time in a song. They switch it up, rather effortlessly to entertain. The art form of a true California girl.

Be With You is a song about listening to your own heart in a relationship and not what other people say.

Clarity‘s lyrics sum up what Gaia is about “a yearning inside of me… telling me… you bring to me clarity.” Love always rings a clear bell, and Clairty is that song of knowing the difference between tinsel and love.

These young ladies are all about yearning for meaning of spirit in life–and in their searching they find clarity in their music. Well worth a night up close of intimate listening for an audience.

Aura says, growing up with a Lithuanian mom, constantly singing harmonies with her as a child on road trips, means that the harmonic layering of Lithuianian folk singing is very present in Gaia’s music.

With her distinctive velvet trills, where she scales her octaves as if surfing a music scale with a distinct lilt of vocal timbre that proudly denotes ’Mediterranean woman,’ Alicia says she’s loving the journey so far and their next gig is at the Lithuanian festival in Los Feliz.

Alicia is a Greek-American beauty and is learning Lithuanian lyrics just for the event. What a honey.

Ken, Alicia’s dad says “Well, I had to fly out to see these girls as I’ve never seen Gaia perform before, and its not every day your kid gets to perform at The House of Blues.” Ken is one proud dad. And, true that.

Thanks ladies. Keep the folk vibe coming. You restore depth of sweetness and soul in American neighborhoods and restoration of substance in a sense of place. Common good and community is in your music, where the personal is always political. Way cool. Strum, sing and play on.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 9.25.10~ -


Still working on that hot first release.



The combination of energies is what makes the Pop/Folk duo, GAIA, unique. The individual skills brought to the group by the existing members, Aura Baltrusaitis and Alicia Spillias, alone are remarkable. But the marriage of these abilities and the dynamic presence of both musicians has had resounding results. Anyone who has seen them perform knows they have witnessed something special. With backgrounds in Opera, Jazz, Violin, Piano, Guitar, and Lithuanian folk harmonies, these ladies have a lot going for them. The songs they sing convey catchy melodies, stunning harmonies, and express heart-felt lyrics that exhibit a mature and profound spirit. Theres no doubt GAIA is going places.

Alicia Spillias is a native of West Palm Beach, FL and graduated from the Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts for Music, Violin. She graduated from California State University, Northridge with a BM in Vocal Performance.

Aura Baltrusaitis is a native of Santa Monica, CA and graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a degree in Fine Arts.

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