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GaiaWolf's original music uses excellent grooves, catchy melodies, and interesting harmonies to call attention to such issues as human and environmental peace and the need for universal harmony so that all earthlings can someday share this beautiful planet in peace.


"Beautiful tight harmonies, fine writing, and chunky rhythms work in concert, making this a lush listening experience." ~ Kurt Henry, musician

The highly original sounds and songs of GaiaWolf transcend pop culture and infuse hope for the future with their 'music for the planet,' from the heart. Blending diverse elements of folk, reggae, jazz, world music, pop, and R&B into a distinctive sonic sculpture, the alchemy of GaiaWolf was created by musician/composer/vocalist E.C. Lorick and vocalist/percussionist Dawn Casteel-Lorick with guitarist/vocalist Marji Zintz.

GaiaWolf has shared the stage with legendary artists Pete Seeger and David Amram at the Howland Cultural Arts Center as well as performing at renowned festivals like the Woodstock Reunion at historic Yasgur's Farm, the White Feather Folk Festival, and the Hudson Valley Summer Music Festival. They have shared the stage with Vance Gilberg, emma's revolution (Pat Humphries and Sandy Opatow), and SONiA with Disappear Fear at music festivals for NJ Peace Action. They have performed at the prestigious National Animal Rights Conferences (2002 and 2003) in Washington, D.C., and have participated in benefits such as the NY Walk for Farm Animals in NYC and for organizations such as New Jersey's Shelter our Sisters, Orange Environment, the New Jersey Ecological Society, the Ulster County ARC, Orange County Peace & Justice Coalition, Sullivan Peace & Justice, and the Blue Sky Peace Fest. Their composition, "Keeper of the Keys," was selected to be the theme music for a GAP (Great Ape Project) promotional video. Also, the national organization, Oceana, and the international organization, Greenpeace, have selected a GaiaWolf composition, "Oceans Away (The Dolphins)" for use on their respective websites.

E.C. Lorick is a co-founder of GaiaWolf and has composed most of the songs of GaiaWolf. He has had an extensive career as a musician, playing guitar and singing both solo and with others. He is a sought-after multi-instrumentalist, playing electric and acoustic guitars, bass, and harmonica, a prolific composer and innovative arranger.

Co-founder Dawn Casteel-Lorick is a gifted vocalist and the percussionist in the band. She brings a sweet voice and on-target harmonies, but it is her passion for the material that really shines through! She is also the spiritual conscience of GaiaWolf and keeps the band moving in the right direction.

Marji Zintz is a phenomenal vocalist and arranger and plays superb acoustic guitar as well. Also playing keyboard and recorder, Marji is a featured performer in the trio. The songs of GaiaWolf carry that much more power and sincerity because of Marji's participation. She is irreplaceable.



Written By: E.C. Lorick

Never seen you looking better
Gee, it's good to be back home
There's gonna be some sunny weather
Here in Yellowstone

The last time we were together
You and me were skin and bones
I was a flame and you were a feather
Caught up in a raging storm

Now that we can see the future
Will they give us time to grow
Here in Yellowstone

They did away with all the magic
At least that's the way it seems
This we could never imagine In our wildest dreams

Winter's still crystal perfection
Summer's still golden and green
This morning I saw the sunlight's reflection
Captured in a mountain stream

Will they ever know such beauty?
Will they learn to let it be?
Here in Yellowstone

Nobody here to holler "Timber"
Or trigger off the sound of a gun
Some of us can still remember
When we all had to run

So, I hope that it's all been written
I hope that it's all been done
At some point in time we all will be bitten
But this time we're the lucky ones

I heard you say, "Never say never."
I want to stay forever more
Here in Yellowstone

NOTE: This song was written to celebrate and commemorate the experimental return of gray wolves to Yellowstone National Park, an experiment that we hope to see repeated in wilderness areas thoughtout our nation to restore balance and beauty to our forests.

First Day (Your World)

Written By: E.C. Lorick

On the first day of your life your world was new
Through the looking glass before you
They were looking back at you
Oh, you didn't know they kept you in a zoo
On your first day, your world was still brand new

From the first day life was wonderful and wild
Then you came to understand
There was no time to be a child
Oh, to see your temples toppled and defiled
From the first day, you never were a child

Everybody wants you
Everbody needs you
Everybody sees you now
Something they can drink to
Even as they sink to
But does anybody love you now?
Do they love you now?

On the first day of your life they gave you love
And they showed you how they cherished you
And placed you high above
And they told you of the eagle and the dove
On the first day, they gave to you their love

Yeah, the first day of your life may be your last
Just a glimpse of future history
That now has come to pass
Like a fallen leaf that nestles in the grass
It's your first day, but it won't be your last...

November Rains

Written By: E.C. Lorick

We didn't see the rains come down
For many nights and days
We walked across that hot, baked ground
And moved on through the haze
The Serengeti makes no sound
Beneath these killing rays
How long have we waiting now
For November Rains?

Little Eli, don't you try to play
Just quit your runnin' 'round
You're gonna need your strength today
So settle yourself down
There's a place across the way
Where water may be found
And if the rains don't come, they say,
That's where we'll be bound

November Rains
Please, November, rain

And we've been waiting for you
We've been waiting for you
Just for you
Hear them calling, hills & plains are calling
For you, too

Lookin for that motherlode
To come and save the herd
'Cause in the desert water is gold
But "gold" is just a word
We turn our faces to the sky
Although we search in vain
For who can make the heavens cry
November Rain

Sometimes I think I hear the sound
Of thunder far away
And drops of water hit the ground
And see the clouds turn gray
But there ain't nothing comin' down
They may not come again
Still we'll always love the sound
Of November Rains

November Rains
Please, November, rain

And we've been waiting for you
We've been waiting for you
Just for you
Hear them calling, hills & plains are calling
For you, too

Note: This song was written with a particular familial group of elephants in mind.

Better Days Than These

Written By: E.C. Lorick

Better days than these are on their way
Better times than these will come to stay
A brighter sun than this will shine on high
No need to ask me why
Just count the tears we've cried

Stronger hearts than these will beat inside
Greater hopes will make our fears subside
A better way of life for me and you
A song that rings so true
Must finally see us through
To better days than these

Better love than this will never be here, my dear
No greater feeling exists; it goes on year after year
No better time than this to sing this song
It keeps us holding on
It keeps us going strong
To better days than these

Mustangs' Song

Written By: E.C. Lorick

Hear the pounding and the thunder
Feel the power, watch and wonder
Legs are churnin' and their eyes a-flashin'
Read the poetry of their passion
So many centuries have come and gone
So many places that they call home
Mother Africa, Montana range
Across the tundra and back again
They run like the wind and sing that
Mustangs' song

Through the canyons, across the prairies
Moving together, never solitary
Over the mountains and out on the plains
Keeping the rhythm through the sun and rain
Ever since the beginning of time
Mother Nature's, not yours or mine
This was the way it had always been
Before the days of the coming of man
And changes began to end that
Mustangs' song

Under the Spanish conquistador
Wearing the saddle and he's dressed for war
Subjugation, separation, dissemination, free no more
Chasing the buffalo and pulling the plow
Native America is changing now
After the cowboy and cavalry
A million horses runnin' wild and free
The fruit of a tree, she gives that
Mustangs' song

Hear the pounding and the thunder
Feel the power, watch and wonder
Legs are churning and the eyes a-flashin'
Read the poetry of their passion
Three hundred years, and there's been some changin'
Some redesign and some rearranging
Gone are the days of an open range
They may be in trailers, on airplanes, and trains
But some will remain, to claim that
Mustangs' song


Although we do offer a CD sampler for sale at performances, nothing has been officially released yet.

Set List

We have a large catalog of music. Here are some of the titles: Better Days Than These, Children of the King, Legacy, Manatee, November Rains, Oceans Away (The Dolphins), Strandings, Sumatran Fire, Time of the Signs, Too Late Forever, Yellowstone. There's a lot more from where they came. We also do some cover tunes, including the music of Bruce Springsteen; Marvin Gaye; James Taylor; Earth, Wind & Fire; Joni Mitchell; and Don Henley, to name a few. Our set lengths are determined by the venue and the situation; we have enough material to perform for several hours.