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By: Jeff Dame

The song “First Day” seems to incorporate the sounds of Carlos Santana. This song is a very relaxing song and Marji is singing lead vocals on it. The lyrics focus on the first day of life. Using a variety of instrumentation mixed with multiple vocals you get a sixties to seventies feel of peace and love.

The song “Yellowstone” has E.C singing lead vocals. The music is very similar to the first song as well. It is a finger snapping upbeat song, which has a jazz feel to it as well. They use a lot of background vocals mixed in throughout the chorus and song.

“November Rains” is another song that starts off sounding similar to Carlos Santana, but with a world feel to it. The song is about the rain season in Africa near the Serengeti. The vocals are much more unique in this song than in the previous two. It starts off with E.C. talking more than singing, that is until you get to the chorus where Dawn and Marji are heard singing in a fantastic arrangement of vocals floating all over the place. The vocals make the song that much more interesting than you would otherwise feel just listening to it with one person singing.

GaiaWolf is not your typical band, there is a great knowledge of layering vocals, mixing them together to form a unique sound. With three members that could be singing lead at any point and music that is very free with many different elements involved in each song, Gaia Wolf is truly different. Take a listen, check them out, they are pretty good. - Northeast In-Tune, VOL. 2 - NO. 9 September 15th – October 14th, 2006


Although we do offer a CD sampler for sale at performances, nothing has been officially released yet.



"Beautiful tight harmonies, fine writing, and chunky rhythms work in concert, making this a lush listening experience." ~ Kurt Henry, musician

The highly original sounds and songs of GaiaWolf transcend pop culture and infuse hope for the future with their 'music for the planet,' from the heart. Blending diverse elements of folk, reggae, jazz, world music, pop, and R&B into a distinctive sonic sculpture, the alchemy of GaiaWolf was created by musician/composer/vocalist E.C. Lorick and vocalist/percussionist Dawn Casteel-Lorick with guitarist/vocalist Marji Zintz.

GaiaWolf has shared the stage with legendary artists Pete Seeger and David Amram at the Howland Cultural Arts Center as well as performing at renowned festivals like the Woodstock Reunion at historic Yasgur's Farm, the White Feather Folk Festival, and the Hudson Valley Summer Music Festival. They have shared the stage with Vance Gilberg, emma's revolution (Pat Humphries and Sandy Opatow), and SONiA with Disappear Fear at music festivals for NJ Peace Action. They have performed at the prestigious National Animal Rights Conferences (2002 and 2003) in Washington, D.C., and have participated in benefits such as the NY Walk for Farm Animals in NYC and for organizations such as New Jersey's Shelter our Sisters, Orange Environment, the New Jersey Ecological Society, the Ulster County ARC, Orange County Peace & Justice Coalition, Sullivan Peace & Justice, and the Blue Sky Peace Fest. Their composition, "Keeper of the Keys," was selected to be the theme music for a GAP (Great Ape Project) promotional video. Also, the national organization, Oceana, and the international organization, Greenpeace, have selected a GaiaWolf composition, "Oceans Away (The Dolphins)" for use on their respective websites.

E.C. Lorick is a co-founder of GaiaWolf and has composed most of the songs of GaiaWolf. He has had an extensive career as a musician, playing guitar and singing both solo and with others. He is a sought-after multi-instrumentalist, playing electric and acoustic guitars, bass, and harmonica, a prolific composer and innovative arranger.

Co-founder Dawn Casteel-Lorick is a gifted vocalist and the percussionist in the band. She brings a sweet voice and on-target harmonies, but it is her passion for the material that really shines through! She is also the spiritual conscience of GaiaWolf and keeps the band moving in the right direction.

Marji Zintz is a phenomenal vocalist and arranger and plays superb acoustic guitar as well. Also playing keyboard and recorder, Marji is a featured performer in the trio. The songs of GaiaWolf carry that much more power and sincerity because of Marji's participation. She is irreplaceable.