Gail Bynum

Gail Bynum


My songs and poems give a lasting impression in your mind.  It's as if you are watching a two minute video in your imagination.


I was writing early on in my childhood.  But I never told a soul.  It was just something that I enjoyed doing.  One day when I was about fourteen my Mom found a small but thick pad of paper that I had been writing in for quite sometime.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  She stood there in my room became still and said "Gail is everything okay?"  I just starting laughing when I saw what she had in her hand and said "Yes Momma.  I'm fine. I like to jot down my thoughts now and then.  Everything is okay."  That's how it all got started.  Ever since then I've been writing at my leisure.  One published book "Things Thought But Never Said"  and eleven songs recorded.  Things have been pretty sweet for me.


The Winds of Change

Written By: Gail Bynum

Thought my days were wasted thought my youth was gone
Couldn't see how wonderful my life had become
I was to busy, busy rushing around
Didn't see the flowers that were easily found

Constantly complaining no time for me
But I'm realizing how great life can be
My blessing in front of me though I couldn't tell
Living in Heaven far away from Hell
And the winds of change, the winds of change are over me

If I had just trusted that everything would be fine
I never would have wasted so much time
But I was to busy, busy running around
Couldn't see their smiles that were easily found


I vow at this very moment
I'm changing my ways
Never take for granted another single day


The Winds of Change, Say It Isn't True, I Just Want to Be Me, Have a Little Faith, Man What a Ride, My Husband, Baby I Want You Back, Don't You,  I Guess Your Done With Me, Living a Dream - Radio airplay ready. Things Thought But Never Said ISBN 0-9678941-0-7

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Most of my songs have a Country or Christian undertone. Maybe a little Jazz as well depending on the musician.