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On The Road Alone

Written By: Gail Dorey

On the Road Alone
By Gail Dorey

I spend my daytime wandering
The nighttime I spend alone
Caught in a world unraveling
And searching to find a home
I'm on a road, that's lonely and cold and long
I'm on that road alone.

So many people all around
But they always turn away
No one will look at me
Are they afraid what they might see
How life can be when
The ones I need, they don't need me

So where do I find love
In a world so full of blindness
On the road alone.

I don't know why
Why there have to be so many on this road
We're not unkind, and God knows how we try
I only know, that when I am remembering the days gone by
I always start to cry.

But there is hope inside of me
And dreams that I keep alive
A place where love is real for me
And I really can survive
Then I'll be home
With love in the world I'll find my peace of mind
But 'til that time

Where do I find love - In a world so full of fear
Where do I find love - A heart sincere
Where do I find love - When no one's near me
On the road - so cold so tired
On the road - so undesired
On the road alone.