Gairin - Tom and Mary Kay Aufrance

Gairin - Tom and Mary Kay Aufrance


We will have your audience bouncing to lively Celtic and American folk tunes and ballads. That's what promoters usually ask for, but if you 're looking for a more academic program, we have broad appeal, so just let us know more about your audience.


Whether you enjoy songs that make you want to sing along, or tunes that bounce and make you want to dance, you'll find it with Gairin.

We got our start performing at Renaissance Faires, and we still do a lot of festivals, plus coffee shops, dinner parties and other special events.

In 2005 we started recording, to have demos for event directors. It worked! So please have a listen to the music we can provide for your event - Just visit our site - We now have three CDs full of Celtic-Inspired music, and are glad people are buying them on sites like iTunes, Rhapsody, cdbaby and more.

Most recently released is Mary Kay's original music on Musical Dreams. Her songs and tunes range from the rollicking ballad of Mr. Potato Head to thoughtful selections like Go Ask the Rain.

Please enjoy videos of us on-stage on our youtube site

Our complete bio and references are on our web site


Ramblin Irishman CD 2005

In the Moon of Wintertime: Christmas Music CD 2006

Musical Dreams CD Just Released last Fall! 2007

Please visit (our music page) for tracks and sound samples

Set List

For coffee shop and theater performances, our set list includes more thoughtful music than our pub shows, of course. On festival stages and in pub settings, our act is more lively and focuses on familiar sing-along bar songs. So, our set list can include the familiar Tell Me Ma and Wearin O The Green type songs, or the more serene Molly Bawn and also Gaelic folk music.

But we always play tunes! Jigs, reels and hornpipes are a favorite of all audiences in all settings.

We build each performance program from over 3 hours of original music we know, from well known -to- little known historic Irish-Scottish and American folk songs and tunes -to- our own original music.

We've been performing for theater, pub and coffee shop audiences regularly and can read your crowd and select music to fit your occasion.

Please contact us for a demo CD or visit to see us now.