Gai Toms

Gai Toms


Gai Toms is one of Wales' finest contemporary songwriters covering a wide array of music styles. A true troubadour from the slate capital of the world - Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wales.

Mainly writes and performs in his 1st language - Welsh.

'Bethel' new double album out now! Dec 2012. (SBENSH)


Snowdonia mountain ballads, indie folk & country, punk/rock stomps! Just a few renditions on GT's music, mostly sung in Cymraeg (Welsh). To weave all these influences into one musical blanket, GT has coined the term - Brythonicana!

Being a rocker at heart, his slate splitting voice is well suited for the upbeat material and can also be sanded down for the more heartfelt & melodic. A true artist of the *Welsh language music scene with an AK47 repertoire shooting for artistic freedom, international acknowledgment of minority cultures and mainly... a good time!

His early solo material (Mim Twm Llai) was often compared to Welsh lang. folk / pop pioneer - Meic Stevens while his latest work is described as 'Waitsian'! By now, GT is quite comfortable in his own shoes and loves to explore new ways of composing, recording and performing.

"Foremost, being a 'folk artist' doesn't mean I compose in a 'traditional style'. Influenced by artists such as Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, Meic Stevens, Manu Chao, Bon Iver, Tallest Man on Earth... I thrive on mixing it all up, especially from a minority culture point of view. Folk music has always been contemporary... it's an attitude, not a music style." GT

GT usually performs live with a full band or solo on guitar.

Winner of 10 BBC Radio Cymru RAP awards
Winner of Cân i Gymru 2012 (Song for Wales, S4C) with Phil Lee Jones

* The Welsh language music scene gave rise to artists such as Gruff Rhys, Cerys Mathews, Y Niwl, Cate Le Bon.

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Gai Toms:
2012 Bethel (Double Album/CD) Sbensh
2008 Rhwng y Llygru a'r Glasu (Album/CD) Sbensh

Mim Twm Llai:
2006 Yr Eira Mawr (Album/CD) Crai
2005 Straeon y Cymdogion (Album/CD) Crai
2002 O'r Sbensh (Album/CD) Crai

2004 Byw (EP/CD) Crai
2001 Low Alpine (EP/CD) Crai
2001 Gweld y Llun (Album/CD) Crai
2000 Scratchy (EP/CD) Zion Train collaboration. Crai
1999 Cae yn Nefyn (EP/CD) Crai
1998 Sombreros yn y Glaw (Album/CD/Cassette) Crai