Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

We are an energetic, creative band that has a level of musicianship not seen in most music today. Our main goal is to play music that we are proud of; to get our music out to more people. We just want people to listen to our music because we feel that our music is worth listening TO.


With catchy hooks and deceptively subtle lyrics, Galapaghost comes to the Philadelphia area with a fresh wave of creativity and comradery that seems to be lost in some live bands. They are dedicated to the craft of songwriting and treat every new song as if it were a budding child with the world at its disposal.
"'Galapaghost', a subtle twist on the Galapagos Islands, inadvertently provided us with our name. After going through various four-man variations, we settled on the trio-format, figuring that their are a substantial amount of successful trios (Right? Right??). As a band, we've found that the hardest thing to do isn't really writing the songs or performing them, but more getting them out there to the 'general public', so if you hear anything you like or want to hear more of, let us know. We hopefully have a long road ahead of us." -Stairiker


Twin Day pt. 1
Twin Day pt. 2

Set List

Change Your Smile
Sulfur Surfer
New Funk
Senses Fail
Someone Close To Me
Tango, Tango
Butcher's Knife
Casper the Holy Ghost