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Ottawa, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF

Ottawa, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Rock Indie


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"Top 17 Local Albums of 2017"

Top 17 Local Albums of 2017

Released: July 7, 2017

What is butt rock, you may ask. Well, Mushy Gushy’s sound can best be described as a good blend of experimental garage pop with the occasional hint of surf rock. It makes for good time rock that makes you smile, bob your head, and maybe even sway your hips. It’s perfect for those hot summer days on the way to the beach, but also excellent for those warm summer evenings on a patio or at a cottage. […] It is not always about complicated progressions and incredible prose—sometimes the best medicine is music you can just put on and sing along with while you relate to what the writer was feeling at the time. — Excerpt written by Eric Scharf

Released: June 6, 2017 (Record Centre Records)

I think the world could always use some more fun and punchy garage rock, and that is exactly what this band is offering us. The simple chord structures, unflashy vocals, and lo-fi aesthetic give Telecomo a genuine throwback feel. The Detroit garage rock gods of the 80’s would surely open their scuffed, wrought iron gates for Telecomo. — Excerpt written by Matías Muñoz

Released: November 11, 2017

[…] everything Slack Bridges has put out since their inception has met a seemingly self-imposed benchmark of production and musicianship. Their debut full-length “Joy of Joys” is no exception. The album was self-produced by the band at Swell Studios and received some esteemed TLC from Phil Bova at Bova Lab Studio, and Jason Jaknunas at Metropolitan Studio. It features a veritable roller coaster of soul (I’m not gonna say soul-er coaster), both lyrically exploring themes of struggle and searching for hope, but also exploring different aesthetics and dynamics musically. — Excerpt written by Anthony Cardozo

Released on: April 22, 2017 (Record Centre Records)

Of all the bands making music in Ottawa—or even Canada, for that matter—the Heavy Medicine Band is pursuing a style and sound that is wholly their own. It’s phsyc-rock dipped in folk noir, driven by the profound lyricism and vocal prowess of Keturah Johnson. On their debut full-length ERSATZ ERA, the band weaves together texturized soundscapes that could be the soundtrack of a dream…or a really good trip. They build on and expand upon the foundation laid out on 2015’s Conduit EP, paving a path for listeners to get lost deep in their world. The intricate and reverb-laden instrumentation are a foundation of the album, often droning into the fringe of our imagination on tracks like “teeth” and “breath.” Johnson’s remarkable voice cannot be understated, however, and this band’s undeniable chemistry makes them one of the most exciting in town. — Matías Muñoz

Released on: November 17, 2017

Tapas is the name of a new hip hop trio in Ottawa, but they’re anything but rookies. The group consists of two of Ottawa’s finest MC’s—G.Grand, and Hyf—along with locally-renowned producer Jeepz behind the beats. Together they are a force to be reckoned with. Their self-titled debut may very well be one of the best hip hop records to come out of the capital in the last five years. — Excerpt written by Matías Muñoz

Released on: May 12, 2017

The husband and wife duo Moonfruits released their second full length album this year. Ste​-​Quequepart is a 10 song French-language folk concept album that plays like a short film soundtrack and really emphasizes the couple’s voices and lyrical content. Their beautiful and powerful voices which complement each other so well are on display from the get go in the title track. While the music and instrumentation of the album is rather simple, at times just a banjo or a guitar, you never feel like anything is missing. Much of the album is a little laid back, however my favourite song “Le Maire” picks up the pace and teleports you to a kitchen party or a campfire jam with charming clapping and great sing a long moments. Have a listen to the album Ste​-​Quequepart on a cold winter night, close your eyes and let Moonfruits take you away to a different place.

Released on: June 13, 2017

The final version of Potential Space was recorded on an afternoon in May, 2017, with Cameron Steacy (Organ Eyes) both playing drums and recording the EP.” You can hear some of their folk beginnings in the second song “What I Deserve,” but you can also hear Steacy’s influence throughout the EP, especially on “Again” combined with the band’s vision to really make it a fuller sound. Steacy has recorded, mixed, and mastered other Ottawa artists such as The Yips, Bonnie Doon and Fire Antlers.

Potential Space is a great starting point for a band that has already seen several members changes and has grown from two-piece to four. I really enjoy how much diversity of sound they fit into a four song release and see much potential in all the different avenues for the sound to continue to grow. — Excerpt written by Eric Scharf

Released on: May 21, 2017 (Record Centre Records)

Masks. Clouds of smoke. Decked-out pickup trucks. Skulls. These are all reasons to love Ottawa surf-punk queens Bonnie Doon. But there’s so much more to them than that. Their brand of fuzzed-out, bass-heavy sludge-rock is meant to captivate audiences and shock the senses. Their energy, weirdness, and overall “we do whatever the fuck we want” attitudes are what really define this group as something special.

Bonnie Doon’s latest album Dooner Nooner (released on Record Centre Records) is an acid trip through and through, and will take you from heavier face-punching tracks like the opener “Haunted Life,” to wild lo-fi experiments like the closer “B-Hole.” — Excerpt written by Matías Muñoz

Released on: August 1, 2017

Mountain Arresting is a big step forward for Dead Weights, and clearly the product of a lot of work. The band strikes a balance of heavier guitar and bass parts with melodic flourishes, all woven together with rough and grumbling vocals of Jonathan Becker and Steve McCrimmon. Their signature sound comes through loud and clear on this record, as they tightened up their instrumentation even more and obviously had some chemistry in the studio. It doesn’t hurt that Dead Weights have been playing together for years, with lots of shows under their belts in recent memory. — Excerpt written by Matías Muñoz

Released on: November 15, 2017

Nightshades’ self-title release this year was their first full-length album. There has been some change in membership (Dean Morris joined them on bass) since their last release and also some slight change in sound. The band’s sound is a lot more mature and refined in all the best ways. They have kept true to their garage origins, but come at it a little cleaner and polished than past works. The track “Very Blue” sticks out in particular on the album as it appears to me to be the song that best encapsulates their transition from old to new Nightshades. “Very Blue” has many of the raw elements and darkness of older Nightshades while still very much being new and a step forward. Lead singer Mallory Giles’ vocals sound better than ever on this release and really shine on tracks “Wasting Time” and “Broken Bag.”

— Eric Scharf

Released on: June 23, 2017 (Dine Alone Records)

And the Magic of Horses is another fun-filled record featuring tons of sing along and clapping moments, with sprinkles of mosh-inducing build ups, group harmonies, and fun riffs to carry you through the summer. The opening track “Dance With the Devil” sets the stage for the whole album, as it has a little bit of everything mentioned above. It doesn’t take much to see how they could spice it up even more and have some fun with it live.

This album goes well beyond their usual focus on all-day partying and raucous—but don’t worry, there’s still plenty of that, it’s just not the focal point of every track. The band explores more existential subjects like life, death, friendship, screwing up, and legacy. It is great progress to witness, and what it is even better is how they have done it without losing their edge and fun which they have become synonymous with. — Excerpt written by Eric Scharf

Released on: October 13, 2017 (Record Centre Records)

Some may recognize Doug Hempstead’s voice as the dependable CBC radio traffic reporter here in Ottawa. But when he’s not on the airwaves talking about crashes and delays, he’s making music under the moniker Area Resident. The album is all Ottawa Valley, and a perfect mixture of the folk songwriting and crunchy alternative instrumentation that great artists from this area have pursued in the past. Hempstead himself is a talented multi-instrumentalist, and on stage he is the drummer lead vocalist. He is also supported by guitarists John Higney (The Flaps, Two Minute Miracles) and Paul Jensen, and bassist Kristy Nease (who also happens to be his CBC cohort). Delano draws on Hempstead’s experiences growing up in the valley outside of Pembroke and the things he’s encountered as a journalist. He expertly weaves together these anecdotes into poetic lyrics, imposing them into songs that aren’t tethered by a singular genre or stylistic direction. This album is full of life and demands to be listened to over and over again. — Matías Muñoz

Released on: October 29, 2017

The Dark Plains is a band whose members have been making music for a long time, featuring ex-members of Okara and Shotmaker, who were relatively well-known acts in the 90s post-hardcore scene. While their experience extends beyond two decades, these guys are making fresh-sounds that contains elements of punk and hardcore, but the songs take their own trajectory all together. 00001 is an album that requires deep listening, and demands one’s total attention. — Matías Muñoz

Released on: June 16, 2017

Lake Urmia is a newer melancholic queer-pop band in town that is making serious waves, and their debut album Wine Time brings together warm tones and jangly riffs for us to grab and hold on to. The album was self-recorded by band member and vocalist Elsa Mirazei, and they also mastered it along with Chris Love of Pith and the Parenchymas. This DIY production gives the album a wonderfully imperfect quality, where the listener is given a raw and unrefined collection of beautiful (and sometimes sad) songs to ingest and mull over. The unrefined aspects of this album are what make it so easy to connect with, and Elsa’s soft vocal melodies are so naturally interwoven into the instrumental parts. Fans of Julien Baker and Frankie Cosmos will fall into the arms of Lake Urmia with ease, and we’re really excited to see what this band is going to get up to in 2018. — Matías Muñoz

Released on: November 1, 2017

Cody Coyote has exploded onto the hip hop scene over the last few years, and has garnered a lot of well-deserved praise for his recording and vivacious stage performances to date. The rapper is of Ojibwe/Irish decent with ancestry from Matachewan First Nation located in Northern Ontario, and has been writing music since the age of 16. Mamawi is Objiwe for “all together” in English, and the album combines extraordinary lyricism and storytelling with a range of modern hip hop and experimental beats. The album itself is centred around reconciliation between Canada and Indigenous people, togetherness, love and unity, and tackles some difficult issue involving the history of oppression and abuse of indigenous peoples that continues to this day. Not only is this album integral in today’s political conversation surrounding indigenous rights, but Cody Coyote is following the trail blazed by Ottawa’s A Tribe Called Red and his voice is one that we should all be listening to. — Matías Muñoz

Released on: October 7, 2017

The intricacy and scrupulous instrumentation that is woven throughout Point Comfort is made immediately apparent, and the cinematic qualities that each song contains evokes moving imagery draped over emotions. Caron’s deep, rumbling vocals compliment the storytelling and instrumentation beautifully, grasping the listener in a comforting way while guiding us through the tumultuous journey. In some ways it is reminiscent of The National’s Matt Berninger, and Caron similarly utilizes his vocal prowess in ways that indulges the eardrums without overpowering the gentle instrumental moments, or distracting from the tapestry created by the strings. — Excerpt written by Matías Muñoz

Released on: June 9, 2017

PINE has released their first album through No Sleep Records, an emotional five-track effort that spans genres and bring the listener into a world free of sonic boundaries. Their songs are raw and untethered pieces that use intricate instrumentation and emotive lyricism to create a powerful experience for listeners. — Excerpt written by Matías Muñoz - Ottawa ShowBox

"Galapagos - Potential Space EP"


Galapagos makes me think of turtles, and turtles bring to mind those awesome videos of baby turtles hatching on the beaches and making their inceptive dash towards the ocean, which is exactly what Potential Space EP is. The debut release (released June, 13th, 2017) from Ottawa, Ontario’s Galapagos is a blend of lo-fi, indie rock, and emo. The four-piece of Adam, Matt, Gerardo, and Jamie create songs that are simultaneously moody and fierce.

Only four songs, Galapagos go straight for the heart on Potential Space EP opening with a song about breaking up and growing apart. “Bike” combines lo-fi pop melodies and ridged guitar segments alongside some contentious lyrics, “You were riding your bike, I walk along the other side. You were living your life, I was doing the same with mine.” Though the song is sappy, it also hints at a slight playfulness, never taking itself too seriously, and brings to mind some 90s acts such as Guided By Voices and Pavement who would use similar approaches within their brands of indie rock. On “What I Deserve,” Galapogos hint at a folky/country vibe; jangly guitars and a simplistic snare roll and kick pattern on the drums. An obvious comparison here is the Meat Puppets, though I would only go as far as to compare them sonically. In mood and lyrical content they are worlds apart. The Meat Puppets employ a ton of humour and whimsy in their songs, while Galapagos continue on themes of moody heartbreak. “I’m worth more than you’ll ever see, I never gave up on you, you gave up on me;” that’s so emo!

The first fifteen seconds of “Again” had me thinking I was listening to the Strokes, with that angular, 70s punk inspired riffing. The band lets loose on this track and head into more aggressive rock territory but they come across as slightly uncomfortable and disoriented. In some instances the lo-fi approach can work wonderfully on a track, (just refer back to “Bike”) but on “Again” it falls flat.

Galapagos end the EP strong with the impassioned track “Lungs,” driven by its delicate acoustic guitar and heartfelt vocals. This song actually thrives because of its simplicity and gives way to the most melancholy lyrics on the EP, “I’m a collapsing lung, on an increasing heart, I’m running out of room to breathe, I would rather fix it instead of seeing you leave.” Man, I think I need a hug.

Galapagos demonstrate with their debut EP that they have a penchant for moody, ‘heart on you sleeve’ indie rock. And though four songs don’t say everything about a band, I think Galapagos have found their sound path. Their Facebook page portends a new EP this coming January and I truly hope to hear more of the like. - Bucket List Music Reviews

"Galapagos 'Potential Space' EP"

Canadian band Galapagos have released their new EP ‘Potential Space’. Band members Adam Ferris (vocals/guitar), Jamie Orser (drums), Matthew Wood (lead guitar), and Gerardo Mantecon (bass) play gritty rock songs laced with Capital City strut and Midwest mosey mixing honest lyrics with jagged guitars and syrupy melodies.

Potential Space’ EP is a lush bubbly collection of tracks laced in beautiful zealous guitar lines and heavenly melodies blended with some grittier elements at times that keeps the sound refreshing and radiant. ‘Bike’ kicks off the EP with bright sparkling indie soundscapes. Sharp guitar jingles playfully throughout with the sweetest tone and refreshing spurts of zest while the soft beat and honeyed melody glide with a daydream tempo and hazy atmosphere. It’s smooth and soothing while also packing a nice little punch between the dreamy wisps.‘What I Deserve’ bursts with oodles of catchy upbeat guitar lines while the track bounces with a peppy beat and lush melody soaked in a lazy day somber tone. It’s a bopping sway like delight packed with emotion and lush sweetness. Smooth vocals ooze passion while instrumentally this track places you in a mellow state of melancholic peace. ‘Again’ takes a heavier approach. Jagged guitars and punchy drums add a danceable quality and gritty texture. Snippets of distortion give a thrilling dramatic effect while the melody and candied guitar elements glimmer through with bright upbeat scintillation and sun kissed luminosity. A little more aggressive than its predecessors this mosh friendly track displays Galapagos heavier punk-like side with sprinkles of indie pop embroidered on top. ‘Lungs’ closes the EP with tender delicate guitar flickers between acoustic strums and sweet dainty vocals. It’s a twinkling beautiful and emotional track that pulls at the heart strings and places you on a soft fluffy cloud of euphoria. Cool breezy tones, sweet lush harmonies and call and response vocals create a floaty feathery light approach with very subtle hints of flower power psychedelia.

Galapagos ‘Potential Space’ EP takes you on an emotion journey while showcasing their knack for sweet delicious melodies nimble refined guitar work and slick musicianship. It’s a laid back beautiful EP that is perfect for summers evenings or that all important unwind time. - Indie Buddie

"New Music: Potential Space EP by Galapagos"

Ottawa has a new rock band, Galapagos, and they dropped a debut EP earlier this June.

The four-song release, Potential Space, starts off on fire with the song “Bike.” It kicks off the album with a flare for classic emo from the late 90s and early 2000s with a indie and garage flare connecting it back to the current day. Lead singer and guitarist Adam Ferris (also know as one half of the band Waxing Moon) described their sound as… “Think Ryan Adams meets Treble Charger smothered in American Football.”

Galapagos began as a folk duo that played a few shows in the spring of 2016. After starting up again last fall as a trio with a drummer, they wrote a whole batch of new songs. The EP is kind of a long time in the making explained Ferris “after some successful shows this past spring, we decided to record an EP. Due to creative and professional differences, we parted ways with our former drummer during the original recording sessions. The final version of Potential Space was recorded on the afternoon of May 20th, 2017 with Cameron Steacy (Organ Eyes) both playing drums and recording the EP.”

You can hear some of their folk beginnings in the second song “What I Deserve,” but you can also hear Steacy’s influence throughout the EP, especially on “Again” combined with the band’s vision to really make it a fuller sound. Steacy has recorded, mixed, and mastered other Ottawa artists such as The Yips, Bonnie Doon and Fire Antlers.

Potential Space is a great starting point for a band that has already seen several members change over and has grown from two-piece to four. I really enjoy how much diversity they fit into a four song release and see much potential in all the different avenues for the sound to continue to grow. I also really look forward to catching them live as I think the emotions and honesty would translate very well in an intimate setting.

Check out Potential Space below and also keep your eyes peeled for Galapagos in August as they play August 19th at Café Dekcuf with Sweet Rocket and BINOS and August 24th at Pressed with Basement Revolver.

Galapagos also participated in the Shot In The Dark Sessions, be sure to check out their live video session for the song “Bike” coming out online July 24. - Ottawa ShowBox

"Album Review: Galapagos - Potential Space EP"

Ottawa indie rockers Galapagos released their debut EP on June 13th this year, and they have been making waves with this release ever since. Ambient guitar melodies and emotionally driven vocals are sure to invoke many positive feelings. If you’re a fan of bands such as Tokyo Police Club, Modest Mouse and Arcade Fire it will have a nostalgic quality to it as well. Lyrically this album is great too, ranging from topics of love and hope to letdowns and failures the spectrum covers a variety of results catapulted from the human condition.

Galapagos have been playing for a couple years now, and have had some trouble with line changes and such but their perseverance has paid off big time. Potential Space is not only an amazing album but an impressive debut that I’m quite positive will become a pillar of nostalgia for fans old and new as new music emerges from the minds of these brilliant folks. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to these guys, I can say you’re missing out on something great. Their first track off of the album, Bike is an amazing start to an amazing album. Check out the track below: - Punkanormal Activity


Even This Glow EP    Releases January 27, 2018

Potential Space EP    Released June 13, 2017


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Galapagos plays gritty indie rock with Capital City strut and Midwest mosey. Mixing elements of garage rock, 90s alternative and turn of the millennium emo, their live performances that range from feverish to calm in the blink of an eye.

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