Galaxies in the River

Galaxies in the River


Galaxies in the River play music that fuses many different influences ranging from heavy rock to delta blues and latin jazz. They play an eclectic style of psychedelic/blues rock of an instrumental nature. They seek to redefine the definition of "heavy" when it comes to music.


What is Heavy?

Galaxies In The River seek to redefine this. Through sonic exploration and a free-form open mindedness that rejects nothing, any trip is a good trip and movement is the key. With influences ranging from 70's hard rock to delta blues with some latin jazz thrown in it feels like Hawkwind got on a spaceship with P-Funk and had a starchild of their own.

Formed in 2011 by Chris Kendrick (guitar), John Kendrick (bass), and Jared Grinstein (drums), they have just finished their first LP "Old Still" in which they continue their journey through the sonic spectrum and realms of possibility. Having shared the stage with acts like Blizaro and Sons Of Otis they continue on their quest to reach the highest peaks and continually hone their craft.

They currently have released an EP and an LP. They consistently play shows in such bars around Toronto as The El Mocambo, the Monarch Tavern, The Comfort Zone, and the 460.


Home From Above (EP) - 2011
Old Still (LP) - 2013

Set List

Hope Dance
Jade Temple
Mobile Hydration Unit
Stoner Hill
Surface Interval
Truth in Ducks
Dreaming Out Loud
Fearsome Critters Of The Lumberwoods
Omega Machine
By The Crow Flies
Evil - Howlin' Wolf w/ guest vocalist
Gypsy - Uriah Heep w/guest vocalist & organ player
Into the Sun - Grand Funk Railroad w/ guest vocalist