"ROCK DOLLS - Gilded harmonies and razor-sharp riffs" - Lisa Foad


Galaxy grinds out glowering hot rock that surges and pulses with bluesy heat. The band is Emma McKenna on guitar and vocals, a riot grrl patriot and self-taught musician; Maya Postepski, a classically trained percussionist of 12 years; and Katie Stelmanis, also on guitar and vocals, a classically trianed singer, piano player, and experimental composer. These three women combine their unique backgrounds to create a hard, skin-splitting, rock n roll sound that begs to be heard. To date they have played almost every venue in Toronto, opening for live acts such as the Organ, Gentleman Reg, Kids on TV and Erase Errata. They have toured much of Southern Ontario, and performed in local festivals like Ladyfest Toronto and Ladyfest Ottawa. The have just released their first EP, "I want you to Notice."


I want you to Notice, 2006

Set List

typical setlist is 7 songs, approx. 20 - 25 minutes.

La Force
Get Gone
Into the Majestic
Tell me
Here now
Sheath for a Sword
Its All of Us