Galaxy Express

Galaxy Express

 Shinsa, Seoul, KOR

A high octane, runaway bullet train, Koreas Galaxy Express is a scintillating tour de force trio that wildly whiplashes live audiences with a centrifugal forging of raw, sweaty, psychedelic rock n roll.


Crowned by critics as the countrys loudest live band and fawned by fans as the nations best live band, the trippy wired trio of Galaxy Express have swiftly kicked and screamed their way out of the indie club circuit and onto the international festival scene to become the Republic of Koreas renegade ambassadors of rock n roll.

With their scorching debut double album, Noise on Fire, the band snatched nods for Best Rock Single and Musician of the Year honors as well as swiped the sash and tiara for Best Rock Album of the Year at the 2009 Korean Music Awards. Known for their no-holds barred, knockout concert performances, they somehow found themselves starring as themselves in a rockumentary road movie called Turn It Up to 11! which picked up the Best Korean Indie Feature Film prize at the 2009 Pucheon International Fantastic Film Festival and the Audience Award trophy at the 2009 Seoul International Film Festival.

Admired as an adventurous act both on and offstage, Galaxy Express rumbled into 2010 armed with DIY ethos and loaded with WTF credos to produce one of the years most unconventional and unexpected album releases -- Wild Days.

After leaving their record label on March 1st (Koreas Independence Day), the band boldly announced on April 1st (April Fools Day) that they had a crazy concept to start from scratch and produce a brand new album in just 30 days. Dubbed the Wild 30 Project, they tweeted and blogged their entire creative process in real time which in turn, spurred thousands of online fans to join them as interactive, inspirational collaborators on each and every track. Thanks to the constant flow of fans ideas and suggestions via social media networks, Galaxy Express gallantly delivered their ambitious experimental album, Wild Days, on May 1st (Koreas Labor Day).

To promote the worldwide launch of Wild Days on iTunes Music Stores, Galaxy Express jumped the tracks over to Hong Kong to become the first Korean artist to ever perform at the 2010 Music Matters Live festival (May 27-29. 2010).

Thanks to a pileup of rave reviews and smashing live shows, the band garnered Rock Album and Song of the Year nominations and took home the highly coveted Musician of the Year trophy at the 2011 Korean Music Awards. Too restless to rest on their industry accolades, they accelerated into overseas overdrive in 2011 as a headliner on the 2K11 Seoulsonic North America Tour which scored them critical acclaim at marquee international festivals such as CMW Canadian Music Week and SXSW South by Southwest.


Of the wave of Korean indie bands that took SXSW by storm this year, Galaxy Express are the truest rockers: the most ass-kicking, dog-whistle-shrieking, tearing their-shirts-off of the lot. With their amped energy and stage exhibitionism, they're the best live act to come out of Korea since...well, maybe ever.
- MTV Iggy ?Bands We Like' : Korea's Galaxy Express Are Noise On Fire


2012 : Korean Alternative/Rock Album of the Year (Honorable Mention)
2012 Hankyoreh News : Korean Artist of the Year (#5)
2011 Korean Music Awards (Musician of the Year)
2011 Korean Music Awards (Rock Album of the Year - Nominee)
2011 Korean Music Awards (Rock Song of the Year - Nominee)
2010 Top 100 Korean Albums of the Decade (#22 Noise on Fire)
2009 Korean Music Awards (Rock Album of the Year)
2009 Korean Music Awards (Rock Song of the Year - Nominee)
2009 Korean Music Awards (Musician of the Year - Nominee)


2014 SXSW South By Southwest (USA)
2013 Liverpool Sound City (UK)
2013 The Valley of the Vapors Independent Music Festival (USA)
2013 SXSW South By Southwest (USA)
2012 The Valley of the Vapors Independent Music Festival (USA)
2012 SXSW South By Southwest (USA)
2011 Summer Sonic (JAPAN)
2011 Pentaport Rock Festival (KOREA)
2011 Seoulsonic North American Tour (USA)
2011 SXSW South By Southwest (USA)
2011 CMW Canadian Music Week (CANADA)
2010 Intel & Vice 'The Creators Project' (Korea)
2010 Jisan Valley Rock Festival (Korea)
2010 Pentaport Rock Festival (Korea)
2010 Music Matters Asia (Hong Kong)
2009 Le Fete de la Musique (France)
2009 Rockn Taichung (Taiwan)
2009 Pentaport Rock Festival (Korea)
2008 Pentaport Rock Festival (Korea)


2010 Wild 30 : Making an Album in 30 Days - Blog (



2012 Galaxy Express [LP]
2011 Noise on Fire (Remastered Version) [LP]
2011 ???? Naughty Boy [EP]
2010 Wild Days [LP]
2009 Come On & Get Up! [EP]
2008 Noise on Fire [LP]
2007 Ramble Around [EP]
2007 To the Galaxy EP


2012 ??? ?? ?? ? Turn It Up to 11 Part 2 (Rockumentary)
2010 ??? ?? ?? ? Turn It Up to 11 (Rockumentary)
2009 PiFan Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (Fujifilm Eterna Award - Best Korean Independent Feature Film)
2009 Seoul Independent Film Festival (Audience Award)

Set List

- Come On & Get Up!
- Dogs These Days Don't Bark
- Tonight With You
- Where Am I Going
- Naughty Boy (Sanwoolim)
- Really Want You
- Daybreak Snowfield
- Dawn
- Jungle the Black
- Bye Bye Planet + Rock Medley