Galaxy Seven

Galaxy Seven

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Galaxy Seven is a hip-hop supergroup that consists of several groups and solo artists with music that ranges from hip-hop to r&b to reggae to spoken word. Our music a mix of hardcore conscious vibes over the hottest beats guaranteed to get the party started and enlighten your minds.


What sets us apart from other groups of the like are that we have people from all four regions of the US representing at one time. This alone puts us on the level of a lot of majors. By being from these different regions we have groups that can create music that a particular demographic is accustomed to as well as still be able to market and promote through these other various markets through our artists that reside there. Another interesting fact is that we are basically all family which is unheard of for a group of so many people. We are influenced by good music from any genre and have been compared mostly to that of Wu-Tang which is a compliment due to what they were able to accomplish. Our group consists of artists and producers with true skills and a genuine love for hip-hop music.


So far we have released one full length album and several mix cds. The name of our first album was "The Eloheem". Each group and/or solo artist has an album coming as well. The name of one of the current mix cd's out is "Seriously My Brova" , with featuring Re Die Rectin Energeez, with "Season of Growth" slated to drop late May.

Set List

Our set list depends on the particular artist we have at the venue and the region we are in. A typical set is approximately 30 min and we go through various songs, some just a verse or so and some whole songs.